SUNDAY, August 1, 2010 — Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "You Are My Punshine" — Puns on familiar phrases where the resulting phrase contains SUMMER.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 17A: "It's gonna be a hot one," e.g.? (SUMMERY JUDGMENT).
  • 22A: Hot product guide? (CONSUMMER REPORTS).
  • 47A: How students with the hottest grades graduate? (SUMMER CUM LAUDE).
  • 55A / 80A: Hot song from "The Wizard of Oz"? (SUMMER OVER / THE RAINBOW).
  • 66A: Like the puns in this puzzle? (mostly the latter) (SUMMER GOOD SUMMER BAD).
  • 89A: Taken the wrong way in a heated argument? (MISSUMMERSTOOD).
  • 117A: Perfect wear for a hot day? (MEXICAN SUMMERERO).
  • 122A: Hot-running navy vessel? (ATOMIC SUMMERINE).
Everything Else — 1A: "Adip" add-on (-OSE); 4A: Familia member (MADRE); 9A: Feng ___ (SHUI); 13A: Award-winning Ward (SELA); 21A: Terrible one (IVAN); 23A: Twiggy abode (NEST); 24A: Former (OLD); 25A: Nuit preceder (SOIR); 26A: Like some hygiene (ORAL); 27A: Little ones (INFANTS); 29A: Lion, e.g. (BEAST); 31A: Ulu user: abbr. (ESK.); 33A: Become extinct (DIE OUT); 35A: Julia's role in "Ocean's Eleven" (TESS); 37A: California peak (LASSEN); 41A: Contract info (TERMS); 44A: Elbow grease (EFFORT); 50A: Cordelia's dad (LEAR); 51A: Open mike night candidate (AMATEUR); 53A: Guitar pioneer Paul (LES); 54A: Toothy tool (SAW); 57A: Police target (VICE); 60A: Goddess of victory (NIKE); 61A: Commotion (ADO); 62A: Ancient Greek walkway (STOA); 63A: Art follower (DECO); 64A: Old airline (BOAC); 72A: Rafael Nadal ranking (SEED); 73A: Closes (ENDS); 74A: Soccer ___ (MOMS); 75A: Burning (LIT); 77A: Tart flavor (TANG); 79A: "Aha!" ("I SEE!"); 83A: Vein contents (ORE); 84A: Intro to "Girl Friday," movie-wise (HIS); 86A: Went weak in the knees (SWOONED); 88A: It has a four-ring logo (AUDI); 93A: Smarts (ACUMEN); 95A: Stars, in Kansas' motto (ASTRA); 96A: Scarcity (DEARTH); 97A: Shape of the board in Chinese checkers (STAR); 98A: Revealing, as a dress (LOW-CUT); 100A: "Criminy!" in Germany ("ACH!"); 102A: Oscar-winning actress Rainer (LUISE); 106A: Words after "word" (OF HONOR); 109A: She played Gilda (RITA); 113A: Iranian coin (RIAL); 115A: Oil facility (RIG); 116A: Baseball's Moises (ALOU); 121A: Spelling of television (TORI); 123A: Nest-egg protectors (HENS); 124A: Modernists, slangily (NEOS); 125A: Sandwich chain (ARBY'S); 126A: First name at the Fed (BEN); 1D: "___ mio ..." (O SOLE); 2D: Java's island chain (SUNDA); 3D: Old printing units (EMS); 4D: It's going around the office (MEMO); 5D: Legions (ARMIES); 6D: They add color (DYERS); 7D: Cookie giant, ___ Nabisco (RJR); 8D: Drachma replacer (EURO); 9D: Fires may do it (SMOLDER); 10D: That girl (HER); 11D: Free of knots (UNTIE); 12D: Innocence claim (ITS NOT ME); 13D: Farrow's first husband (SINATRA); 14D: Smooth (EVEN); 15D: Stand the test of time (LAST); 16D: Kitchen-space invaders (ANTS); 18D: Summon up (MUSTER); 19D: German article (DER); 20D: 4.0 is a great one: abbr. (GPA); 22D: Part of an ear? (COB); 28D: Stokes (FUELS); 30D: WNBA team in Seattle (STORM); 32D: Fonda-Sutherland film (KLUTE); 34D: Business abbr. (INC.); 36D: Got rolling (STARTED); 38D: U.S.-born: abbr. (AMER.); 39D: Dallas sch. (SMU); 40D: Does one's duty (SERVES); 42D: CD precursor (MUSIC ALBUM); 43D: Wounded Knee's st. (S. DAK.); 44D: Ms. Lanchester (ELSA); 45D: Clan clashes (FEUDS); 46D: Amos's condition? (FAMOUSNESS); 47D: Uncivilized folk (SAVAGES); 48D: Nod add-on (-ULE); 49D: Ram's date (EWE); 52D: Peaty wasteland (MOOR); 56D: The farmer's wife in "Babe" (ESME); 58D: Hosp. area (ICU); 59D: Congratulate (COMMEND); 60D: Pinch, so to speak (NAB); 63D: Dental deg. (DDS); 64D: Hold a grudge against (BE MAD AT); 65D: Bears, to Bertolucci (ORSI); 67D: "Little Women" sister (MEG); 68D: Night stand opening? (ONE-); 69D: City near Midland, Tex. (ODESSA); 70D: Hog's mantra (MORE); 71D: Part of LED (DIODE); 76D: Look-alike (TWIN); 77D: Arnold of "True Lies" (TOM); 78D: La Scala highlight (ARIA); 79D: Slangy belief (ISM); 80D: Whistle sound (TOOT); 81D: Hullabaloo (HOO-HA); 82D: Tiny Pacific republic (NAURU); 84D: Saginaw Bay's lake (HURON); 85D: Maria Muldaur hit of 1975 (I'M A WOMAN); 87D: Author: abbr. (WTR.); 90D: "The Gateway to the West" (ST. LOUIS); 91D: Dot follower on campus (EDU); 92D: Cuts again, as a beard (RETRIMS); 94D: Cell user (CALLER); 97D: Wiggling dance (SHIMMY); 99D: Minotaur's home (CRETE); 101D: Tiny morsel (CRUMB); 103D: Adler who outwitted Sherlock Holmes (IRENE); 104D: Engine sound? (SIREN); 105D: ___ trip (EGO); 106D: Solemn vow (OATH); 107D: Ice chunk (FLOE); 108D: Triceratops feature (HORN); 110D: Here, in Haiti (ICI); 111D: Washington's Sea-___ Airport (TAC); 112D: Vase handle (ANSA); 114D: Iowa State home (AMES); 118D: Losing line in a game (XOO); 119D: California's Big ___ (SUR); 120D: Spare body part? (RIB).


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