S U N D A Y   August 29, 2010 — Doug Peterson (syndicated)

Theme: "El Week" — F is changed to FL in familiar phrases.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Automatic whipper? (FLOG MACHINE).
  • 29A: Early-week occasion for wearing sensible footwear? (FLAT TUESDAY).
  • 43A: Country with the tastiest cuisine? (MOST FLAVORED NATION).
  • 67A: Some food fighters? (CHICKEN FLINGERS).
  • 95A: Line in an admiral's pep talk? (FLEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW).
  • 111A: Where legendary firefighters are honored? (HALL OF FLAME).
  • 119A: Quartet of couch potatoes? (THE FLAB FOUR).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 25A: Gas brand in Canada (ESSO).
  • 48A: Showy lily (SEGO).
  • 90A: Polynesian paste (POI).
  • 118A: Lena of Tinseltown (OLIN).
  • 126A: "Only Time" singer (ENYA).
  • 127A: Units of work (ERGS).
  • 14D: Jesus of '60s-'70s baseball (ALOU).
  • 70D: "It's dandy for your teeth" toothpaste (IPANA).
  • 113D: Blues legend James (ETTA).
Everything Else — 1A: Kids' game for car trips (I SPY); 5A: River through British Columbia (FRASER); 11A: Michael of "Juno" (CERA); 15A: Hebrew prophet (AMOS); 19A: Big Apple neighborhood near Greenwich Village (NOHO); 20A: Gun, to a hood (ROSCOE); 21A: Truck (HAUL); 22A: Actress Gershon (GINA); 26A: Shangri-la (EDEN); 27A: Iconic WWII riveter (ROSIE); 28A: "Rock and Roll, Hoochie __": 1974 hit (KOO); 32A: Slithery Egyptian (ASP); 33A: Tack on (APPEND); 36A: Colorado natives (UTES); 37A: __ Cup: chocolate candy (MALLO); 38A: Language of India (HINDI); 40A: Yard neatener (EDGER); 42A: Sources of wisdom (SAGES); 47A: Where the source of the Amazon is (PERU); 49A: Words before a kiss (I DO); 50A: Opposite of bien (MAL); 51A: Level just below the majors (AAA); 54A: Political surprise (U-TURN); 56A: Subway barrier (STILE); 58A: It's a gas (NEON); 60A: Home bodies? (UMPS); 61A: Euro predecessor (PESETA); 63A: No-goodniks (CADS); 65A: Business mag (INC.); 66A: Go after (SEEK); 72A: Sixth Greek letter (ZETA); 75A: Louis XIV, par exemple (ROI); 76A: Golf clinic subject (GRIP); 77A: Shrubs with small, reddish fruit (SUMACS); 81A: Dietary need (IRON); 82A: A8 automaker (AUDI); 84A: Amherst sch. (U. MASS.); 87A: Tiny South Pacific nation (NAURU); 88A: Jenna's "The Office" role (PAM); 89A: TiVo precursor (VCR); 92A: Final Four letters (NCAA); 94A: News squib (ITEM); 100A: Increases sharply (SOARS); 101A: Viz. relative (ID EST); 102A: NFL Network sportscaster Rich (EISEN); 103A: Fowl quarters (COOPS); 104A: Grandmotherly nickname (NANA); 105A: Room for brooms (CLOSET); 108A: Photo __ (OPS); 114A: 1040EZ issuer (IRS); 115A: Set one's sights on (AIM AT); 117A: Maker of Karlstad living room furniture (IKEA); 122A: Motocross surface (DIRT); 123A: City with many pits (RENO); 124A: Set the dial to (TUNE IN); 125A: Toni Morrison novel (SULA); 128A: __ Fables (AESOP'S); 129A: Anthem opener (O SAY); 1D: Red leader? (INFRA-); 2D: Individual efforts (SOLOS); 3D: Matchmaker's supply (PHOSPHORUS); 4D: Teammate of Mickey and Whitey (YOGI); 5D: Monastic title (FRA); 6D: Heaps at a quarry (ROCK PILES); 7D: "... who lived in __" (A SHOE); 8D: Descendant (SCION); 9D: Long, long time (EON); 10D: Yachting hazard (REEF); 11D: Was unfaithful to (CHEATED ON); 12D: Ohio's time zone (EASTERN); 13D: Autumn colors (RUSTS); 15D: In olden days (AGES AGO); 16D: Hussein in the White House? (MIDDLE NAME); 17D: "Paper Moon" co-stars (O'NEALS); 18D: 2009 Panasonic acquisition (SANYO); 24D: Had in mind (MEANT); 30D: Competed on a sled (LUGED); 31D: Send with a click (EMAIL); 34D: Some 31-Down attachments (PDF'S); 35D: __ volente: God willing (DEO); 39D: Confident words (I SURE CAN); 41D: Trail mix tidbits (DRIED FRUITS); 42D: Golf clinic subjects (STANCES); 43D: Apportion (METE); 44D: Maxwell Smart's occ. (AGT.); 45D: Mel Blanc's meal ticket (VOICE); 46D: Together with (AMONG); 47D: Small seal (PUP); 52D: Goon (APE); 53D: Say "What?" (ASK); 55D: Ultimate (NTH); 57D: "Metropolis" director Fritz (LANG); 59D: Augsburg article (EIN); 60D: 1898 sinker (U.S.S. MAINE); 62D: Stars in the sky? (AIR ACES); 64D: Like some chances (SLIM); 68D: Squash venue (COURT); 69D: Poke fun at (KID); 71D: Be on the ticket (RUN); 72D: USPS acronym (ZIP); 73D: Time in history (ERA); 74D: Shenanigans (TOMFOOLERY); 78D: Self-directed (AUTONOMOUS); 79D: Rowers (CREW); 80D: Adder's target (SUM); 83D: Portable music players (IPOD NANOS); 85D: Course with a fair: Abbr. (SCI.); 86D: Register printout (SALES SLIP); 89D: Left-hand page (VERSO); 91D: Graveyard shift hr. (ONE A.M.); 93D: Lille lady friend (AMIE); 96D: Capital of Buenos Aires Province (LA PLATA); 97D: Ringing up, old-style (DIALING); 98D: Consumer protection agcy. (FTC); 99D: Pub sign abbr. (ESTAB.); 100D: Absorb deeply (SOAK IN); 103D: Wag a finger at (CHIDE); 104D: Panther, Jaguar, or Lion, briefly (NFL'ER); 106D: Debt securities (LIENS); 107D: Monteverdi title character (ORFEO); 109D: Longtime "Idol" name (PAULA); 110D: Dogcatcher's pickup (STRAY); 112D: Duck call? (FORE); 116D: In that case (IF SO); 120D: Coloration (HUE); 121D: Ques. response (ANS.).



Very nice puzzle. Lots of fun clues. I'm not a big fan of drop-a-letter/add-a-letter themes, but this one tickled me. Solved it quickly because once you catch on to the theme method and the puns, it flows easily top to bottom.

Learned a few new words: NAURU, Michael CERA, Rich EISEN, ORFEO and SULA.

Mel Blanc did the VOICE of many cartoon characters, but he will be most remembered for his Porky Pig's "That's All Folks!"

Rock and Roll Hoochie KOO with Johnny Winter. for a Sunday morning perk up!
Aren't you glad I spared you from an ENYA clip?

Very nice work, Doug.


And for those of you who live in parts of the country where you're not blessed with the beautiful RUST-colored leaves of the SUMAC shrub, here's a photo of those small, reddish fruits.

backbiter said...

I'm either getting faster or this puzzle was easy breezy. I'm not getting faster, it was the latter. Damn, I know the LAT isn't all that big on difficulty, but this is ridiculous. It's Sunday, right? FLEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW was the best damned answer in the grid. And I liked the golf clue/answers. Way better than baseball clue/answers. Other than that I shall not remember one thing from this tomorrow.

Tinbeni said...

Great Sunday Doug.

I like everything FL.
Hmmm, maybe that's because I live in FL.

Anonymous said...

I loved this puzzle! You had me at "fleet don't fail me now"!

Steve said...

I'm bummed that the LA Times posted the wrong puzzle again. This one in the paper was really tough. I finally finished and looking forward to seeing your posting of it.

dsolver said...

This puzzle ain’t gettin’ enough respect! Duck Call! Home bodies! This is FUNNY stuff! Then we get into the theme entries: the Foo(d) Fighters, aka Chicken Flingers! I could visualize a live chicken fight at the Beta house. “The Flab Four” as a new comedy show next season ... 4 obese dock-worker crime fighters! And “Fleet don’t fail me now”!? I did a spit-take at the breakfast table! This is one clever, fun and entertaining puzzle! Thanks, Doug.