SUNDAY, May 30, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn

Theme: "Come and Get It" — Theme answers are familiar phrases that begin with the words come or get it.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 38A: GET IT --- (OFF YOUR CHEST).
  • 61A: GET IT --- (INTO YOUR HEAD).
  • 76A: COME --- (OUT IN THE WASH).
  • 100A: COME --- (AS NO SURPRISE).
  • 116A: GET IT --- (OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM).
Everything Else — 1A: Gala garb, often (BLACK TIE); 9A: SWAT specialist (SNIPER); 15A: Stick it out (STAY); 19A: Candelabra-shaped cactuses (SAGUAROS); 20A: Ring figure (TORERO); 21A: "--- broad stripes and bright ..." (WHOSE); 24A: D-Day beach (OMAHA); 25A: Darth's daughter (LEIA); 26A: Scrap (ORT); 27A: Innovative stylist Vidal (SASSOON); 29A: Collar (ARREST); 32A: Heads-up (ALERT); 34A: Gwen Stefani's group (NO DOUBT); 37A: Tim of "WKRP in Cincinnati" (REID); 42A: Fed. med. org. (NIH); 43A: Accent on food? (MSG); 44A: Univ. VIP (PROF.); 45A: Cheshire Cat, notably (SMILER); 46A: Country's Oak --- Boys (RIDGE); 48A: Playwright Fugard (ATHOL); 50A: Some coll. degrees (BAS); 52A: Equal footing (PAR); 53A: Soda buys (LITERS); 54A: So-so (NOT BAD); 56A: Some old Saturns (IONS); 59A: MacDonald-Eddy Mountie musical (ROSE MARIE); 64A: "Agnus" --- (DEI); 65A: Koop and Elders, for short (SGS); 66A: Track events (HEATS); 67A: Sock synthetic (ORLON); 69A: Lace tip (AGLET); 72A: "How Can --- Sure" (I BE); 74A: Shatner's sci-fi drug (TEK); 80A: Setting of many a teen movie scene (CAFETERIA); 84A: Wiltern Theatre's style (DECO); 85A: River of song (SWANEE); 86A: Skipped over in speech (ELIDED); 87A: TiVo, e.g. (DVR); 89A: Cold War org. (KGB); 91A: Large lemur (INDRI); 92A: Ohio rubber city (AKRON); 93A: Knuckleheads (IDIOTS); 96A: Moxie (GUTS); 98A: AOL chats (IMS); 99A: It makes the van go (GAS); 103A: Macrame unit (KNOT); 104A: Tempts (ENTICES); 106A: City on the Po (TURIN); 107A: Trues up (ALIGNS); 109A: Microblogging service (TWITTER); 112A: Sch. staff (FAC.); 113A: Greek war god (ARES); 114A: "I need to go on ---!" (A DIET); 122A: "My car" anagram (CAMRY); 123A: Like Antoine's cuisine (CREOLE); 124A: Semisweet wine (SAUTERNE); 125A: Monkey puzzle, for one (TREE); 126A: On the up and up (KOSHER); 127A: A cut above (SUPERIOR); 1D: Troop gp. (BSA); 2D: Child support? (LAP); 3D: Turkish title (AGA); 4D: Made waves? (CURLED); 5D: Hudson and Winslet (KATES); 6D: Quisling (TRAITOR); 7D: Letter after theta (IOTA); 8D: Round fig. (EST.); 9D: Sound systems (STEREOS); 10D: Quack cure-all (NOSTRUM); 11D: Fury (IRE); 12D: Gregor Mendel research subjects (PEAS); 13D: Humorist Bombeck (ERMA); 14D: "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" author Judith (ROSSNER); 15D: "Li'l Abner" critter (SHMOO); 17D: Campout fallout (ASH); 18D: Pro vote (YEA); 21D: Finish work, in carpentry (WOOD TRIM); 23D: Sacred (HOLY); 28D: Brillo shelfmate (SOS); 29D: Giorgio with an "emporio" (ARMANI); 30D: Planned Virginia community (RESTON); 32D: Tabloid fodder (AFFAIR); 33D: Junket (TRIP); 35D: Eighteen-wheeler (BIG RIG); 36D: Martin Luther nailed 95 of them (THESES); 39D: Watch pocket (FOB); 40D: Reed instr. (CLAR.); 41D: Biblical king (HEROD); 44D: "Costa" kin (PLAYA); 47D: Señor suffix (-ITA); 49D: Bassoon kin (OBOE); 51D: TriBeCa neighbor (SOHO); 53D: Janet and Jennifer Jason (LEIGHS); 55D: Like some lines (DOTTED); 57D: "I, Claudius" character (NERO); 58D: Toast of "la ciudad" (SALUD); 60D: Usher (SEAT); 62D: Tech support seeker (USER); 63D: Lavish affection (DOTE); 68D: Make the cut? (NICK); 70D: Dawnn of "A Different World" (LEWIS); 71D: McGregor of "Moulin Rouge" (EWAN); 72D: Cold time (ICE AGE); 73D: Albania's --- Peninsula (BALKAN); 75D: Slangy address (KIDDO); 77D: Noodle (NOGGIN); 78D: Talk in church (SERMON); 79D: Hauls of mazuma (HEISTS); 81D: Old Tokyo (EDO); 82D: Doggedness (TENACITY); 83D: Dollar competitor (AVIS); 88D: Drubbing (ROUT); 90D: Clear tables (BUS); 93D: Available for sale (IN STOCK); 94D: See's treat (TRUFFLE); 95D: Hose attachment (SPRAYER); 97D: Shreds (TEARS UP); 101D: Moviemaker's milieu (SET); 102D: Wealthy, in Oaxaca (RICO); 103D: Mug (KISSER); 105D: "If --- a Carpenter" (I WERE); 108D: Gulf in a 1944 battle (LEYTE); 110D: Greece note (EURO); 111D: Hwys. (RTES.); 113D: "Like Water for Chocolate" director Alfonso (ARAU); 114D: Stop stalling (ACT); 115D: --- es Salaam (DAR); 117D: "Impressive!" ("OOH!"); 118D: Ship inits. (USS); 119D: Cycle starter (TRI-); 120D: Rocker Brian (ENO); 121D: Sea, to Simenon (MER).

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