Brief Crosswords LA recap

PuzzleGirl and Rex are both in Los Angeles for today's Crosswords LA tournament. PuzzleGirl was competing and placed 15th out of 78—top 20%! Well done, PG. (Detailed standings are here.) And Rex was in the judging room, scoring contestants' puzzles and being an upstanding member of the crossword community. Our bloggers may have more to say on the tournament when they're done carousing in L.A. (Or perhaps what happens in L.A. stays in L.A.)

The preliminary scores posted at this writing have an error because Eric Maddy not only made the finals by scoring in the top 3, he eked out a narrow victory over runners-up John Beck and Jon Berman, raising his hand a mere three seconds earlier. Congratulations to everyone, especially the three finalists!

I have Eric's recap at my other blog.


mac said...

I was surprised to see they had to do 5 puzzles - that is a lot on one day for a smaller tournament. Those poor people must be exhausted! At least they don't have to behave and stay in shape for a next day puzzle and final. They're probably all partying in LA!

Eric Maddy said...

It's actually a lighter load than the ACPT -- five puzzles in one day instead of six, and in this case all 15s, rather than the larger puzzles you'd see in some rounds in Brooklyn.

If anyone it's a lot for anyone, it is the judges/scorers, but Elissa surrounded herself with a group that was sizable, competent, and efficient.