S U N D A Y   October 3, 2010
Arthur S. Verdesca (syndicated)

Theme: "Argot" — An R is added to the beginning of a word creating a new wacky word clued "?"-style.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Width of a freeway exit? (RAMPLITUDE).
  • 25A: Collection of complaints? (RANTHOLOGY).
  • 39A: Apartment party? (RENTERTAINMENT).
  • 50A: "I slept about eight hours"? (RESTIMATE).
  • 53A: Indifference to Dr. Dre? (RAPATHY).
  • 69A: Mai tai decoration? (RUMBRELLA).
  • 89A: Slam dunk component? (RIMPACT).
  • 92A: CBer's handle? (RIDENTITY).
  • 99A: Like permissive dog owners? (ROVER INDULGENT).
  • 121A: Lazy time for Huck Finn? (RAFTERNOON).
  • 123A: Idiot driving a semi? (RIGNORAMUS).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 49A: Bradley in uniform (OMAR).
  • 94A: Qatar bigwig (EMIR).
  • 96A: Wine opener? (OENO-).
  • 129A: Remnants (ORTS).
  • 11D: Disappearing sea (ARAL).
  • 52D: Party cheese (EDAM).
  • 71D: 1939 Garland co-star (LAHR).
  • 110D: Alice's chronicler (ARLO).
  • 116D: Architectural S-curve (OGEE).
  • 122D: Long on screen (NIA).
Everything Else — 1A: Tot's call (MOMMY); 6A: LAX listings (ARRS.); 10A: Cabbage with crinkly, curled leaves (SAVOY); 15A: Knopf, e.g.: Abbr. (PUBL.); 19A: Domingo solos (ARIAS); 20A: No, to Nureyev (NYET); 21A: Adler who outwitted Sherlock Holmes (IRENE); 22A: Capital on Upolu island (APIA); 27A: Ad writer's award (CLIO); 28A: Treacherous place (MINEFIELD); 30A: Flips (UPENDS); 31A: Potentially offensive, in a way (UN-PC); 33A: TV chef Martin (YAN); 34A: Venerable one (ELDER); 36A: Movie buff's collectible (POSTER); 45A: Covert maritime org. (ONI); 46A: Use a towel on (WIPE); 48A: Old pros (VETS); 56A: "O patria __": "Aida" aria (MIA); 57A: Bamboozled (TAKEN IN); 58A: Deck out (DRESS); 60A: No more than (MERELY); 62A: Seine views (ILES); 63A: Navigable connection (STRAIT); 65A: In concert (AS ONE); 67A: Measure out (ALLOT); 72A: Scroogean look (SCOWL); 76A: Former jockey Smith who was married to Fred Astaire in the '80s (ROBYN); 78A: Online exchange (EMAILS); 80A: Surveyor's measure (AREA); 81A: Writer Leonard (ELMORE); 84A: Below, in verse (NEATH); 86A: Finished (AT AN END); 88A: Damone of song (VIC); 97A: Listening to every word (RAPT); 98A: Completed (DID); 105A: Historic Honolulu palace (IOLANI); 107A: Sri __ (LANKA); 108A: Latin word of affection (AMO); 109A: Author __ Morrow Lindbergh (ANNE); 110A: Andean beast (ALPACA); 113A: Removed with a chisel (GOUGED OUT); 117A: Generational disconnects (GAPS); 125A: Long sentence (LIFE); 126A: Force (MIGHT); 127A: "Law & Order: SVU" actor (ICE-T); 128A: Oak-to-be (ACORN); 130A: Final word (SAY SO); 131A: Vat sediment (LEES); 132A: Kids (TYKES); 1D: French grape-skin brandy (MARC); 2D: Hard exam (ORAL); 3D: "La Bohème" heroine (MIMI); 4D: Plan (MAP OUT); 5D: Maker of the fragrance Opium (YSL); 6D: Silly bit (ANTIC); 7D: Record-setting miler Jim (RYUN); 8D: Aptly named flight (REDEYE); 9D: Edberg of tennis (STEFAN); 10D: Paddock parent (SIRE); 12D: Family feud (VENDETTA); 13D: N.Y. neighbor (ONT.); 14D: Violinist Menuhin (YEHUDI); 15D: Sicilian seaport (PALERMO); 16D: Soon after (UPON); 17D: Cowboys' city, familiarly (BIG D); 18D: Attacks, with "into" (LAYS); 24D: In the first place (IMPRIMIS); 26D: In full bloom (OPEN); 29D: Mtge. payment part (INT.); 32D: __ town: recently arrived (NEW IN); 35D: Make it (LAST); 36D: "The quality of mercy is not strained" speaker (PORTIA); 37D: Common soccer score (ONE-ALL); 38D: Ebert's longtime co-host (SISKEL); 39D: On a pension: Abbr. (RET.); 40D: Gabor and others (EVAS); 41D: Exercise units (REPS); 42D: Single-named supermodel (EMME); 43D: Get the goods on (NAIL); 44D: Cafeteria staple (TRAY); 47D: Storage site (PANTRY); 51D: Pizarro's treasure (TESORO); 53D: Back off (RETREAT); 54D: Med. care provider (HMO); 55D: Hungers (YENS); 59D: Pick on (RIB); 61D: Eat one's words (RECANT); 64D: Clear out (RUN); 65D: Boxing biopic (ALI); 66D: Lipton alternative (SALADA); 68D: Unit of pressure (TORR); 70D: Hwy. mishap respondent (EMT); 73D: Steam n' Mash maker (ORE-IDA); 74D: Entered (WENT IN); 75D: Bride of July '81 (LADY DI); 77D: "__ Mir Bist Du Schoen": 1937 hit (BEI); 79D: Fill, as another's shoes (STEP INTO); 81D: Sometime (EVER); 82D: Oscar night rental (LIMO); 83D: Twice DLII (MCIV); 84D: TV alien's word (NANU); 85D: Green's sci. (ECOL.); 87D: Composer Bruckner (ANTON); 90D: Abbey resident (MONK); 91D: Teaching (PEDAGOGY); 93D: First NYC subway (IRT); 95D: Tells (RELATES); 100D: Streak (RACE); 101D: Up __: indignant (IN ARMS); 102D: Skit part (GAG); 103D: "Farm to Fork" author (EMERIL); 104D: Curt refusal (NO DICE); 106D: What you will (LEGACY); 109D: Pittypat and Polly (AUNTS); 111D: Cub's place (LAIR); 112D: Up-in-smoke sound (PFFT); 114D: Shows amazement (OOHS); 115D: "Do __ others ..." (UNTO); 118D: Crazily (AMOK); 119D: Unadulterated (PURE); 120D: Office IDs (SSN'S); 124D: Stinker (RAT).


DR John H said...

I found it quite difficult in the nature of too many difficult proper nouns for me -- honolulu palace indeed. I had to get help on the net

loved the theme once I go it, I was helped.

I am a NY times Mon-Wed guy and usually complete this saturday one on my own.

Cleo said...

Too difficult for me too.

Van55 said...

Only two comments this week. Shame.

Pretty decent puzzle which gave me just the right amount of a struggle.

There are a couple of quibbles. I never like SSNS, SSTS, etc.

Don't know TORR. Is it an abbreviation?

I don't like "Clear out" as the clue for RUN. I think the clue should be a little bit more nearly interchangeable, especially on a Sunday. "Operate" perhaps or "Flee".

I also didn't like the clue "Soon after" for UPON for much the same reason and for the additional reason that UPON I think something that happens "UPON" the occurrence of something else is simultaneous with it, rather than after it.