S U N D A Y   October 10, 2010
Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "Call Me Irres-pun-sible" Puns!

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Deli item that always tastes a little rubbery? (GOODYEAR BLINTZ).
  • 33A: What Menotti's Wise Men left? (AMAHL SHOOKUP).
  • 36A: Type of loop that hurts when you tie it? (WINCER KNOT).
  • 50A: Religious folks who like to toss ideas back and forth? (FRISBEETERIANS).
  • 69A: Novel about a kid who looks just like Orville Redenbacher? (THE PRINCE AND THE POPPER).
  • 83A: Patrick McGoohan's old TV series about Buddha? (SACRED ASIAN MAN).
  • 100A: What mice are part of? (EEKOSYSTEM).
  • 102A: Composer of "The Unfinished Dessert"? (FRANZ SHERBET).
  • 117A: Flat, like photos of stately houses? (TUDOR MANSIONAL).
Everything Else — 1A: Vial relatives (AMPULES); 8A: Deadly African snake (MAMBA); 13A: Bit of wisdom (PEARL); 18A: Abandon (FORSAKE); 19A: Double-check, in a way (REREAD); 20A: Make lovable (ENDEAR); 24A: Energy shortage? (ANEMIA); 25A: Anatomical duct (VAS); 26A: Law, in French (LOI); 27A: The Trojans, briefly (USC); 28A: Poli ___ (SCI); 29A: Spam, mostly (ADS); 30A: L.A. movie org. with a Life Achievement Award (AFI); 32A: Italian possessive (MIA); 40A: Giant slugger (OTT); 41A: Livens (up) (PEPS); 42A: René who won two Wimbledon singles titles (LACOSTE); 43A: Sneaker bottoms (TREADS); 47A: Pack animal? (RAT); 49A: Surgeon's insertion (STENT); 55A: Peruvian port (anagram of A LOCAL) (CALLAO); 58A: Cycle starter (TRI-); 59A: Doc of the bay? (VET); 60A: Space (GAP); 61A: "It's comin' right ___!" (AT ME); 64A: Actor Kilmer (VAL); 65A: Crows (BOASTS); 67A: City near Kobe (OSAKA); 73A: "You ___ be there" (HAD TO); 74A: Lassie, for one (COLLIE); 75A: Like many cold meds (OTC); 76A: Some wines (REDS); 77A: "Sail ___ Ship of State!" (ON O); 78A: It precedes juin (MAI); 80A: Reggae relative (SKA); 81A: Crewman under Capt. Kirk (MR. SULU); 87A: Sharp-smelling (ACRID); 91A: Surreal ending? (-ISM); 92A: Got tight (TENSED); 93A: Second tries, in cards (REDEALS); 95A: Lilith portrayer on "Cheers" (BEBE); 98A: Like some stares (ICY); 107A: Poetic paean (ODE); 108A: Nametags, briefly (ID'S); 109A: Novelist Deighton (LEN); 110A: Uncommon sense? (ESP); 111A: Boathouse prop (OAR); 112A: Pub order (ALE); 113A: Eb's wife? (FLO); 115A: "Somebody Up There Likes Me" co-star Pier (ANGELI); 122A: Gloria Steinem's Ohio birthplace (TOLEDO); 123A: Exhausted (USED UP); 124A: Weight of a sort (TONNAGE); 125A: "___ Work It Out" (WE CAN); 126A: Principle (TENET); 127A: ___ bar (SINGLES); 1D: Pak. neighbor, to the IOC (AFG.); 2D: Pasture sound (MOO); 3D: Alberta, for one (PROVINCE); 4D: Meat marking (USDA); 5D: Brand of chips (LAYS); 6D: Duke Ellington's inits. (EKE); 7D: Resembling the Baltic, e.g. (SEALIKE); 8D: See 40 Across (MEL); 9D: Planet ending (-ARIUM); 10D: High-IQ crew (MENSA); 11D: Cookie quantity (BATCH); 12D: Wood-shaping tool (ADZ); 13D: Georgia symbol (PEACH TREE); 14D: Composer Morricone (ENNIO); 15D: Lime drink (ADE); 16D: "3:10 to Yuma," for one (REMAKE); 17D: Ailing (LAID UP); 19D: Diamond stat (RBI); 21D: Coarse sounds (RASPS); 23D: Stable color? (ROAN); 28D: Jet Set jet, once (SST); 30D: Piercing tools (AWLS); 31D: Royal decree (FIAT); 32D: "I pity the fool" utterer (MR. T); 33D: Longfellow's bell town (ATRI); 34D: Get checkmated (LOSE); 35D: Eye opening? (OPTI-); 37D: Idea (CONCEPT); 38D: This, in Tijuana (ESTA); 39D: Other, in Tijuana (OTRO); 44D: Former Soviets (ESTONIANS); 45D: Wear by rubbing (ABRADE); 46D: Believer of a sort (DEIST); 48D: Cinema droid (ARTOO); 50D: Actress Edie (FALCO); 51D: Boob tubes (TV SETS); 52D: Awestruck (AGAPE); 53D: Defenseless (NAKED); 54D: Practices with a pug (SPARS); 56D: CXII halved (LVI); 57D: Italian racecar (LANCIA); 61D: Dumas dueler (ATHOS); 62D: "Meaner ___ junkyard dog" (THAN A); 63D: French wine (MEDOC); 65D: Bulgarian, e.g. (BALKAN); 66D: Side issue? (THORN); 68D: Tidies (up) (SPRUCES); 70D: Some apples (ROMES); 71D: Beast of Borden? (ELSIE); 72D: 1994 campus comedy (PCU); 79D: Letting-in or letting-on (ADMISSION); 81D: Arrived in time for (MADE); 82D: Disney dog (LADY); 84D: Not even un sou (RIEN); 85D: Eyelid woe (STYE); 86D: Say hi to (MEET); 88D: Thinking (RATIONAL); 89D: "Kiss Me, Kate" tune, "Where Is the Life That Late ___?" (I LED); 90D: Mil. awards (DSM'S); 93D: Squirrels, e.g. (RODENTS); 94D: Language ender (-ESE); 95D: Neighbor of A (B FLAT); 96D: Heretofore, to poets (ERE NOW); 97D: Slip-on bracelet (BANGLE); 99D: John Q. Law on I-5 (CHP); 101D: Caffeine-laden nut (KOLA); 103D: F. Scott's wife (ZELDA); 104D: Shake awake (ROUSE); 105D: Austrian spa town (BADEN); 106D: Vanish over time (ERODE); 112D: Rock booster (AMP); 113D: Twain protagonist (FINN); 114D: Like Rip's beard (LONG); 116D: Common Market inits. (EEC); 117D: Palindromic king (TUT); 118D: Bad place to be stuck (RUT); 119D: "Or ___ thought" (SO I); 120D: Candle total, perhaps (AGE); 121D: Guitarist Paul (LES).


mikem said...

Why is "practices with a pug" SPARS? I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

Pug is slang for prize fighter and a practice session is SPARRING. Shame on Merl for FRIBEETERIAN. We left grade school long ago!

JIMMIE said...

Lots of nutty stuff here, but all gettable by crosses. Took a little longer, but good fun. Last entry was GOODYEARBLINTZ.

Thanks, PG, for the writeup.

mikem said...

Thanks for the pug explanation!

hmj said...

I can't relate these clues nor the answers to anything close to a pun.
It's more like some mixed up goofy questions with mixed up goofier answers. If these are puns, then chickens have lips!