Hello, Strangers!

I just wanted to stop in and say hi and I miss you guys! As you might know, I started a full-time job last week. It requires me to get up much earlier than I'm inclined to, plus when I get home I'm completely exhausted ... so I just haven't been able to wait up for the puzzle to come out. I've been solving the puzzle on my lunch hour and then checking in on the blog in the afternoon. And I do follow along with the comments even when I don't comment myself.

Big thanks to Amy and SethG for holding down the fort the last couple of days! I've got another (brand new) guest-blogger for you all tomorrow who I'm sure you'll enjoy. With any luck, I'll get used to this pace and be back to blogging very soon!


PurpleGuy said...

Glad your job is going well. Amy and Seth are the best, but not quite the same here without you.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's guest-blogger.

Happy Wednesday !!

Shanti -

Tinbeni said...

After a couple of weeks you'll make the adjustment and be just fine.

I agree with PurpleGuy, Amy and SethG are great ... but you have this panache, a personal style ...

Glad to hear it is going good so far.

CrazyCatLady said...

I missed out on hearing about your new job last week. Congrats and I know it's got to be exhausting what with the kiddos and all. SethG and Amy have been wonderful guest hosts, but it's not the same as having our PG here every morning. I'm sure after a couple of weeks you'll get into a routine again. Just being a working mom is a lot to deal with, not to mention being an esteemed blog host as well. Come back soon.

hazel said...

Hang in there, PG!

Let us know if we need to get after the Puzzle Husband. To get him to pick up the slack in the Puzzle Household so that you can return to blogging!!