S U N D A Y   October 24, 2010
John Lampkin (syndicated)

Theme: "Country Kitchen" — Three-letter country codes are hidden inside theme answers, which are all food items.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Lunch box item (BOLOGNA SANDWICH). [Bolivia / Andorra]
  • 41A: Sautéed fish entrée (PAN-FRIED TROUT). [Panama / Romania]
  • 48A: Cup-shaped breakfast fare (BRAN MUFFIN). [Brazil / Finland]
  • 77A: Basil-based topper (PESTO SAUCE). [Estonia / Saudi Arabia]
  • 85A: Honey-coated dish (GLAZED CHICKEN). [Azerbaijan / Kenya]
  • 103A: Tangy confection (PEPPERMINT CANDY). [Peru / Canada]
  • 16D: It's milder than yellowfin (ALBACORE TUNA). [Albania / Tunisia]
  • 58D: Some links (SWEET SAUSAGE). [Sweden / United States]
  • 54D: Country __: used by the org. in 65-Across, there are 16 circled in this puzzle (CODES).
  • 65A: Oct. 24, every year (U.N. DAY).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 28A: One-named Irish singer (ENYA).
  • 47A: Tech sch. near Albany (RPI).
  • 71A: Take-out order? (DELE).
  • 81A: Gp. from which Cuba was suspended from 1962 to 2009 (OAS).
  • 113A: "Puppy Love" singer (ANKA).
  • 24D: First hair remover to be marketed in cream form (NEET).
  • 65D: River to the Caspian (URAL).
  • 97D: Racketeer busters (G-MEN).
  • 99D: Slobbering comics dog (ODIE).
Everything Else — 1A: Breakfast-on-the-run choice (BAGEL); 6A: On the way (SENT); 10A: Competed in a triathlon (SWAM); 14A: Moves with the music (SWAYS); 19A: Building on a 1936 centennial stamp (ALAMO); 20A: Speed (PACE); 21A: Plane starter? (AERO-); 22A: Plane starter (PILOT); 26A: Ready to bloom (IN BUD); 27A: Shout (YELL); 29A: Its formula includes a plus or minus (ION); 30A: Mattress giant (SERTA); 32A: Archimedes' shout (EUREKA); 34A: They may be behind pictures (SAFES); 36A: People in trees, perhaps (NIECES); 39A: So-called autobiographer of "Before You Leap" (KERMIT); 43A: Dvorák contemporary (GRIEG); 44A: Aegean region where an architectural order began (IONIA); 46A: False-sounding soap components (LYES); 50A: Prying tool (LEVER); 52A: Glassmaker's oven (LEHR); 53A: Holes a gimme (TAPS IN); 54A: Made 7 into 343, say (CUBED); 55A: __-Rooter (ROTO); 56A: Rm. coolers (ACS); 59A: One of two in a Frost poem (ROAD); 60A: Ping maker (SONAR); 61A: Bolt down (SECURE); 63A: Herder's equine (COWPONY); 66A: Waxy-flowered plant (BEGONIA); 67A: Louisiana language (CREOLE); 68A: Bygone news medium (CRIER); 69A: Lewd look (LEER); 70A: Do one's part (ACT); 72A: Crabber and cutter (BOATS); 73A: Court clown (JESTER); 75A: Partner of starts (FITS); 76A: Heavy hammers (MAULS); 82A: Phone call (RING); 83A: __ clown (CLASS); 84A: Cranial recess (SINUS); 89A: Streetcar name? (DESIRE); 90A: Rocketeer gear (G-SUITS); 91A: Netlike hair wear (SNOOD); 92A: Tiny sandwich (SLIDER); 94A: Ill will (SPITE); 96A: Early riser? (SUN); 97A: Jubilance (GLEE); 98A: Hip (COOL); 101A: Jumped (LEAPT); 107A: Heavenly body? (ANGEL); 108A: One with many fans (IDOL); 109A: Say no to (DENY); 110A: '60s protest (LIE-IN); 111A: Name on a mower (DEERE); 112A: Puppylike (CUTE); 114A: List in the back (INDEX); 1D: Labor day output? (BABY); 2D: Soothing balm (ALOE); 3D: Shopping mecca (GALLERIA); 4D: Compensation for labor (EMOLUMENT); 5D: Turtle's basking spot (LOG); 6D: Punish, in a way (SPANK); 7D: Hardly a tough course (EASY A); 8D: Sweet Sixteen org. (NCAA); 9D: Pin in the back (TEN); 10D: Prune (SAW OFF); 11D: "Mad Men" creator Matthew (WEINER); 12D: Episodic story line (ARC); 13D: Mineralogist with a scale (MOHS); 14D: Apparitions (SPIRITS); 15D: Concerto in Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" (WINTER); 17D: Word said while pointing (YOU); 18D: Not irr. (STD.); 25D: Roman goddess of the hunt (DIANA); 31D: Rear-__ (ENDER); 33D: Tediously detailed process (RIGMAROLE); 34D: Three-time All-Star pitcher Johnny who threw the first major league pitch to Jackie Robinson (SAIN); 35D: Dinnerware (SILVER); 37D: Deliriously happy (EUPHORIC); 38D: Recipe instruction (STIR); 39D: CIA rival, once (KGB); 40D: Lose money on "Jeopardy!" (ERR); 41D: Nabokov novel (PNIN); 42D: Looked at (EYED); 44D: "Suppose ..." ("IF, SAY ..."); 45D: "The Wizard __" (OF ID); 49D: Barely winning (UP ONE); 50D: Like some eclipses (LUNAR); 51D: 24/7 auction site (EBAY); 52D: Crackers (LOCO); 55D: Backslid (REGRESSED); 56D: Blue Devils' gp. (ACC); 57D: Liqueurs (CORDIALS); 60D: Piques (SNITS); 61D: Take care of (SEE TO); 62D: Bolt down (EAT); 64D: D.C. insiders (POLS); 66D: Defeats (BESTS); 68D: Hacks (COUGHS); 69D: On sale, say (LESS); 72D: Judicial seat (BANC); 73D: Author Auel (JEAN); 74D: Run riot (RAISE CAIN); 75D: Verne's traveler (FOGG); 76D: Heart (MIDST); 77D: Appealed (PLED); 78D: Having a pressing need? (UNIRONED); 79D: Contemptible one (CUR); 80D: Peking add-on (-ESE); 82D: Do an editor's task, perhaps (RETITLE); 83D: Unisex designer cologne (CK ONE); 86D: It may be under a fly (ZIPPER); 87D: Hip location? (IN SPOT); 88D: Link (COUPLE); 89D: You probably need a scale to tell if it's working (DIET); 92D: Move furtively (SLINK); 93D: Singer of many Weill songs (LENYA); 95D: "Paradise Lost," e.g. (EPIC); 100D: Forest cat (LYNX); 101D: Little shaver (LAD); 102D: 67.5 deg. (ENE); 104D: Campus URL ending (EDU); 105D: Old vitamin bottle abbr. (RDA); 106D: Caesar's 151 (CLI).


Tinbeni said...

Theme was OK, I guess.
Now if that BOLOGNA SANDWICH was first made in both BOLivia / ANDorra then I would have been impressed.

All-in-all, I thought this was a FUN romp for a Sunday.

Circles were on my newspaper puzzle.
Didn't add or take away from my solving experience, which in a way is a BIG PLUS!
(FYI ... I normally hate "circle puzzles" and they come up often in the NYT).

Fave to me was the Frost poem, ROAD not taken. Admit I'm not much of a poetry fan, but that poem is my life motto.

They say (whoever "they" are) "When it rains, it pours"
(Ok, I'm stuck in a Morton Salt Ad).

My Gal-Pal, Kris, who's brother died on Oct.15, has her other brother in the hospital with leukemia. Prospects ... not good.

Puts a perspective on the meaning of life and all our diversions.

Mokus said...

Getting ENYA and LENYA in was very nice for this fan. It was a fun puzzle with clever misdirection on a number clues.