MONDAY, July 19, 2010 - Gareth Bain

Hello everybody. This is Jeffrey, filling in for PuzzleGirl, who is off, I'm guessing, on some secret spy mission. You do know daily crossword blogger is just a cover for spy, right?

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Theme: Happy Birthday, David Segui!

Theme answers:
18A. [Sure thing] - CAKE WALK
23A. [Official political philosophy] - PARTY LINE
36A. [Now, with "the"] - PRESENT MOMENT
52A. [Deck marker, maybe] - CARD SHARP
58A. [Event for the first parts of 18-, 23-, 36- and 52-Across] - BIRTHDAY

David Segui, born July 19, 1966, is a former Major League Baseball player who played for eight teams, including the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays. He was on the Hall of Fame ballot this year and just missed being elected, falling only 404 votes shy of the 405 required. (Note - Gareth may deny that he has ever heard of David Segui. It's just part of the whole hush-hush secret spy stuff.)

Other stuff:
11A. [Taylor Swift received its 2009 Entertainer of the Yr. award] - CMA

15A. [Emmy winner Falco] - EDIE. Crosswordese. Also Adams, Brickell, Gorme and Amin.
45A. [Use Listerine, e.g.] - GARGLE. I like the word gargle. Please use it in conversation today.
1D. [Its yolk is used in mayonnaise] - EGG. You had me at yolk.
6D. [Third-Sunday-in-June honoree] - DAD/34D. [Busy co. on Mother's Day] - FTD. So who is busy on Father's Day?
12D. ["I approve," Tarzan-style] - ME LIKE. Me don't like.
26A. [Donald Duck, e.g.] - DRAKE. There are those who would claim that Donald Duck is merely a cartoon character. They are wrong. I know. I've met Donald Duck in person.

46D. [Composer __ Lloyd Webber] - ANDREW

56D. [Dame who's a man] - EDNA

(I used to live by the Cavendish Mall)

This puzzle has a lot of A's:

41A. [Energizer size] - AAA
60A. [Peace, in Arabic] - SALAAM
37D. [Galsworthy's "The Forsyte __"] - SAGA

A worthy Monday effort. I'll be back tomorrow.

Everything else:

1A. [Corrected, as text] - EDITED
7A. [Hunger symptom] - PANG
14A. [Swiss convention city] - GENEVA
16A. [Stimpy's pal] - REN
17A. [Won a game without knocking] - GINNED
20A. [Slim fish] - EEL
21A. [Salary] - WAGE
22A. [Devil's work] - EVIL
27A. [Blackjack need] - ACE
28A. [Mute assent] - NOD
29A. [Jeanne d'Arc, par exemple] - SAINTE
31A. [__-purpose: serving two functions] - DUAL
33A. [Penalty caller] - REF
35A. ["__, humbug!"] - BAH
42A. [1988 film noir remake] - DOA
43A. [Civil rights icon Parks] - ROSA
48A. [Nest egg initials] - IRA
50A. [Highland hat] - TAM
51A. [Skater Henie] - SONJA
55A. [Ye __ Shoppe] - OLDE
56A. [Site of Napoleon's exile] - ELBA
57A. [Give in to gravity] - SAG
63A. [Night before] - EVE
64A. [Les Etats-__] - UNIS
65A. [Lubricating] - OILING
66A. [Tape deck button letters] - REW
67A. [Red planet] - MARS
68A. [Mixes smoothly] - BLENDS
2D. [Agnus __] - DEI
3D. [Cochlea location] - INNER EAR
4D. [Church doctrine] - TENET
5D. [Author Waugh] - EVELYN
7D. [Pie nut] - PECAN
8D. [Old saws] - ADAGES
9D. [Reebok rival] - NIKE
10D. ["__ whiz!"] - GEE
11D. [Necktie] - CRAVAT
13D. [Often twisted body part] - ANKLE
19D. [Rocket scientist Von Braun] - WERNHER
21D. [Add lanes to] - WIDEN
23D. [Note taker's need] - PAD
24D. ["We'll tak __ o' kindness yet": Burns] - A CUP
25D. [French cosmetics giant] - L'OREAL
26D. [Circle meas.] - DIAM
30D. [On deck] - ABOARD
32D. [VIP's aircraft] - LEAR JET
38D. [Ballerina Shearer] - MOIRA
39D. ["Why does this keep happening to me?!"] - NOT AGAIN
40D. [Winter Palace ruler] - TSAR
44D. [Load for a roadie] - AMP
45D. [Start using a successfully tested system] - GO LIVE
47D. [Cream-filled treat] - ECLAIR
49D. [Lay into] - ASSAIL
51D. [Like a teetotaler] - SOBER
53D. [Deep chasm] - ABYSS
54D. [Oscar winner Berry] - HALLE
59D. [Sing with one's mouth shut] - HUM
60D. [Cry out loud] - SOB
61D. ["Then what?"] - AND
62D. [Classic Brit. sports cars] - MGS


CartBoy said...

Funny, your 42A was a film remake clue, mine was "Record needles". Go figure...


WOW! We go from a booger (yesterday) to a CAKE WALK today. How refreshing.
Having said that, I just realized that this puzzle was done by our own Gareth Bain. Nice job, Gareth!

Maybe I like it because, as a former mathematician and rocket scientist, I like seeing clues like 19D, “Rocket scientist Von Braun” (WERNHER).
Or maybe it’s that Chocolate ÉCLAIR that I’m drooling over. I always thought éclairs were custard-filled and crème-puffs were cream-filled… oh well.

It’s always good to see the CW101 word MOIRA in a puzzle. It reminds me of that wonderful movie “The Red Shoes” in which she stars magnificently as a love-torn ballerina.
“You are the One, Miss Page”

Glad to see that A-CUP was clued as Burnsian and not as a bra size.

I had CARD SHARK before I rewrote CARD SHARP… anyone else do that?

Now for some good Monday giggles (or is it guffaws?).
DAME Edna Everage made me snort out my coffee just now. Must be a guffaw!

Anonymous said...

Yeah CartBoy, my paper had "Record Needles" too for 42A. I sure hope somebody checks in with a sensible explanation of how that clue relates to DOA. Come on Gareth Bain or Rich Norris, let us know what it means.


If you're not into rap music, DOA and record needles won't make any sense.

Sfingi said...

I Googled for spelling of SALAAM.

I wanted "gorge" for ABBYS.

There were 2 things I just didn't understand. (I'm 65): GOLIVE and DOA.
The "record needles" explanation, I'll have to believe you. That's the one our paper had. The film remake, I still don't get. There was a film named DOA, and then a remake?

Anyway, explain GOLIVE, someone.

So, I love that Dame EDNA, Burns and PECAN pie.

Ratty said...

WERNHER von Braun spelled with an h! Who knew?


Tinbeni said...

When they write software, first they Beta test it to see if it works correctly. Then they "GO LIVE" with the results ... which they soon learn has some bugs that need to be fixed. Think new versions of MicroSoft or Apple iPhone antennas.

My St.Pete. Times had 42a as 'Record needles' so the 'O' in DOA was from my guess that the Ballerina Shearer was MOIRA.
(Seems to me I saw this name in a TV show over the weekend).

ME LIKE the CRAVAT that I no longer wear everyday. Fun fact, the necktie was first worn in 17th century Croatia.

Least fave, SOBER. The Avatar hates this clue/answer.

Stefania said...

@ Sfingi

Go Live is tech-speak for when you are done testing a system. When web pages are being developed they don't go live until someone tests all the links or other "click here" content to make sure it works.

Enjoyed the puzzle. Also wanted Card Shark and tried Present Company...errrr.

Started playing Gin Rummy after work recently and was pleased to see the Knocking clue.

ddbmc said...

My paper had 42A Record Needles, too. I'm guessing it means they are really no longer used (except by RAP artists, who do "scratching?") Most music is digital and downloaded. I started the puzzle in the paper, but then finished on line, between what I'm supposed to be doing! (Shhh!)

Don't watch the music award shows, so had MTV in for Taylor Swift's award,--I think she won just about every award this past season-but then couldn't get NECKTIE. CRAVAT always makes me think of GAVOTTE, as in Carly Simon's song, "You're so Vain." You're So Vain

Had CARDSHARK first, too.
Saw "Dame Edna" aka Barry Humphries, a few years back, on BW. Funny and bawdy.

Same thought on Von Braun, with an H, really?

No complaints for a Monday. Thanks, Jeff, for filling in for our "Secret Spy on a Mission," Puzzle Girl!

NJ Irish said...

Okay my age is showing, 42A 1988 Film noir remake brought Edmond O'Brian to mind and DOA was a gimme. Not fond of rap so never heard of Dogs on Acid. The NY Post also has record needles.

Got a chuckle out of the birthday theme since mine is tomorrow, very timely.

Can you have blackjack without an ace? Any cards that equal 21? I'm no CARD SHARP!

Rosa Parks was in a cw I did yesterday.

@JNH I worked in a bakery thru high school and you're right about Eclairs being filled with custard and cream puffs filled with whipped cream

Nice Monday puzzle. Thanks Jeff for filling in for PG, hope her mission is successful.

Tinbeni said...

@NJ Irish
Blackjack is when TWO cards equal 21. Therefore you must have an ACE.
The additional ten can be any of the "Face" cards or the Ten.
If three or more cards add up to 21 you still win, or "push" (tie) if the dealer's cards also equal 21, but it isn't called a Blackjack.

Oh, and Happy Birthday a day early.

NJ Irish said...

@tibeni, thank you, maybe I'll try my luck at AC ;

And thank you again, 41 years ago tomorrow I know where I was....
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Where were you?

Tinbeni said...

NJ Irish
I was in Paris, France with my Dad who took me to the Moulin Rouge.
Pretty cool stuff for an almost 17 year old.
We got up early to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.
This is always funny because when asked what date he did it I always say July 21st, 1969.
Well, in Paris it was, with the time differential. (add 6 hours)

NJ Irish said...

@tinbeni: I had to go to Cape Kennedy to find things with the right date. The newspapers are dated 7/21/69. Got to see the actual Lem.

chefwen said...

@jeffery - Thanks for filling for PG, very funny write up and the videos were great.

Did the puzzle waiting for a Dr. appointment, he was running a little behind (what else is new) so I twiddled my thumbs for 10 extra minutes. Should have brought a back up. Easy puzzle with a cute theme, only write over was ECLAIR apparently I had a spelling lapse, spelled it like the girls name. DOH!

CrazyCatLady said...

@ Jeffrey Thanks for taking over for PG. Your write up was great.

I did this puzzle insomniac style at 3:30 am. I can't remember anything about it except that it was easy and by Gareth B. Oh and ECLAIR made me want one. Fortunately I went back to sleep and had plain yogurt and peaches in the morning while I did the NYT. Speaking of insomniacs - does anyone know what happened to Lit.doc?

chefwen said...

@Crazycat - I have been wondering the same thing, I miss his late night bantering.

capcha - blessec his little heart

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear there is a "cardshark." I read sharp in a book or two recently and thought I've gotten it wrong over the years. Mother-in-law & I even discussed it over pizza and couldn't decide if there's a right or wrong....

McNulty said...

I can't believe I didn't know that funny looking lady was a man!?