SUNDAY, June 27, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Rock of '80s" — Familiar phrases clued as if one of the words is the rock group of that name.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 27A: Romantic rock group? (SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY).
  • 44A: "Big Deal" rock star's address? (MADONNA STREET).
  • 59A: "Histrionics? These rockers!"? (DRAMA QUEEN).
  • 71A: Rock group's featured billing? (AND TOTO TOO).
  • 87A: Rock group's volume? (BOOK OF GENESIS).
  • 102A: Become a rock group's fan? (JOIN THE POLICE FORCE).
  • 33D: Rock group around the fire? (HEART WARMING).
  • 38D: Wine à la a rock star? (PORT AU PRINCE).
Everything Else — 1A: Primary (BASAL); 6A: Capacitance unit (FARAD); 11A: Long follower (AGO); 14A: Addis --- (ABABA); 19A: Bonus (EXTRA); 20A: Salah ad Din denizen (IRAQI); 21A: Explorer, e.g. (SUV); 22A: First name in rap (TUPAC); 23A: Stuck together (GLUED); 24A: Drink like a dog (LAP UP); 25A: Spruced-up abode? (TREEHOUSE); 30A: Mind (HEED); 31A: Hammer and sickle (TOOLS); 32A: Hindu divinity (VISHNU); 36A: Meal (REPAST); 39A: Black Sea peninsula (CRIMEA); 41A: "It's in --- Kiss" (HIS); 42A: Ages and ages (EON); 43A: "Do Ya" rock gp. (ELO); 47A: Folk rocker DiFranco (ANI); 48A: Italy's largest lake (GARDA); 50A: QED center (ERAT); 51A: "It's the Same --- Song" (OLD); 52A: Canter kin (TROT); 53A: Concertgoer (ATTENDEE); 55A: --- Oyster Cult (BLUE); 57A: Pretentious (ARTSY); 58A: Meadowlands (LEAS); 63A: Swerve off course (YAW); 64A: Draws forth (EDUCES); 66A: Have --- for life (A LUST); 67A: State with Sparks (NEVADA); 70A: --- Shop Boys (PET); 75A: War god (ARES); 76A: French department (MARNE); 78A: Numskull (DODO); 79A: Frequently (OFTTIMES); 81A: Like fans (AVID); 82A: Rocker Ronnie James (DIO); 83A: Gang land (TURF); 85A: Say "c'est," say (ELIDE); 86A: Rockers --- at Work (MEN); 92A: Old video game inits. (NES); 93A: Winwood's "--- of a Diver" (ARC); 94A: DDE opponent (AES); 95A: "Spirit in the Sky" rocker Greenbaum (NORMAN); 96A: Puts on shows (STAGES); 98A: Braces (oneself) (STEELS); 100A: Bacon bit (STRIP); 101A: Gaffe (SLIP); 109A: Escapade (ADVENTURE); 112A: Skater Slutskaya (IRINA); 113A: "What do --- like to you?" (I LOOK); 114A: Steve Perry asset (VOICE); 115A: Grooved on (DUG); 116A: Finger pointer (NAMER); 117A: Sorbonne student (ELEVE); 118A: Jackson Browne's "Running on ---" (EMPTY); 119A: Freudian factor (EGO); 120A: Sugarcoat (GLAZE); 121A: Venetian rulers of yore (DOGES); 1D: Importunes (BEGS); 2D: Wheel support (AXLE); 3D: Dazzle (STUN); 4D: First name in soul (ARETHA); 5D: Don Juan (LADIES' MAN); 6D: Groomed nails (FILED); 7D: Islands off Ireland (ARAN); 8D: Engrossed (RAPT); 9D: Etching method (AQUATINT); 10D: Sheepskin (DIPLOMA); 11D: Whence lily maid Elaine (ASTOLAT); 12D: Mentors (GURUS); 13D: "Don't Make Me ---" (OVER); 14D: Nonbeliever (ATHEIST); 15D: Lifts, as spirits (BUOYS); 16D: "The Simpsons" storekeeper (APU); 17D: Some degs. (BA'S); 18D: Kiss rocker Frehley (ACE); 26D: Coveted (ENVIED); 28D: Physical intro (META-); 29D: Rockers Strummer and Cocker (JOES); 34D: Taboos (NO-NOS); 35D: Harmony (UNITY); 36D: Entertain lavishly (REGALE); 37D: Jubilant (ELATED); 39D: Chick of jazz (COREA); 40D: Bio class ltrs. (RNA); 41D: Wings' "--- Wheels" (HELEN); 45D: A few bucks? (DEER); 46D: Rakehell (ROUE); 49D: Get down (DESCEND); 52D: Drudgery (TRAVAIL); 54D: ADA member (DDS); 55D: Failure (BUST); 56D: Actor Jared (LETO); 57D: "Yes, captain!" ("AYE!"); 60D: Road safety org. (MADD); 61D: Robert Plant, vocally (ALTO); 62D: Status follower (QUO); 65D: Tours season (ÉTÉ); 67D: Zombies' "She's --- There" (NOT); 68D: One of rock's Ramones (DEEDEE); 69D: Rate (ASSESS); 71D: Parting "palabra" (ADIOS); 72D: Corner (NOOK); 73D: Bogart's "Sirocco" costar Marta (TOREN); 74D: Rubs out (OFFS); 76D: Michelle and Cass (MAMAS); 77D: Turn aside (AVERT); 80D: Took the stand (TESTIFIED); 82D: "Nobody --- Better" (DOES IT); 83D: Fleeting (TEMPORAL); 84D: Merkel of the movies (UNA); 87D: "Horsefeathers!" ("BALONEY!"); 88D: Very active (ON THE GO); 89D: Fairway warning (FORE); 90D: Kvetching (GRIPING); 91D: Wight, for one (ISLE); 97D: Harlem music hall (APOLLO); 99D: Bounce (EJECT); 100D: Gymnast Kerri (STRUG); 101D: Startle (SCARE); 103D: In the altogether (NUDE); 104D: Toledo neighbor (LIMA); 105D: Don Juan's mother (INEZ); 106D: "Performance" director Nicolas (ROEG); 107D: Safe harbor (COVE); 108D: Squeezes (out) (EKES); 109D: St. crosser (AVE.); 110D: Monk's title (DOM); 111D: Biggie (VIP).


JIMMIE said...

I liked it. Didn't know DEEDEE crossing with NES, but the rest was fun. Thanks PG, as always.

John Wolfenden said...

Clever theme and puns and hardly a clunker to be found. Nicely done, Sylvia.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can anybody explain the answer to 105 Down's "Ham's "gotcha" "..Roger,

Any help would be appreciated,


Margaret said...

A ham radio operator would reply ROGER rather than "gotcha" (I understand.)