SUNDAY, April 25, 2010 — Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "Blueprint for Danger" — An homage to the L.A. Times Festival of Books and the TCM Classic Film Festival, which both wrap up today. Oh, and home repair.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 22A: "The second she walked in, I ___ ..." (WAS FLOORED).
  • 24A: "She had long fingers and ___ ..." (GREAT NAILS).
  • 31A: "I was getting a strange vibe from her, but ___ ..." (NOTHING CONCRETE).
  • 52A: "She was thirsty, so I fixed her ___ ..." (A SCREWDRIVER).
  • 58A: "Pretty soon we were ___ ..." (BOTH PLASTERED).
  • 74A: "When I woke up, all my ___! ..." (FILES WERE GONE).
  • 81A: "I told the cops a dame got the better of me. One of them said, '___' ..." (THAT'S A SWITCH).
  • 101A: "Then another cop said, 'Awright, tough guy, ___, let's go' ..." (YOU KNOW THE DRILL).
  • 111A: "They knew I'd ___, but they took me downtown anyway ..." (BEEN FRAMED).
  • 114A: "Some days it just doesn't pay to be ___" (MIKE HAMMER).
Everything Else — 1A: Describe (LIMN); 5A: Squelched (SAT ON); 10A: "Out to launch" org. (NASA); 14A: Design problem (FLAW); 18A: Psych finish (-OSIS); 19A: Carbon copy (CLONE); 20A: Em et al. (AUNTS); 21A: Art movement (DADA); 26A: Expensive pages (ADS); 27A: Birds of a region (ORNIS); 28A: DDE opponent (AES); 29A: To boot (TOO); 30A: Grammy category (RAP); 35A: Sahara stop (OASIS); 37A: Olive and Kelly (GREENS); 38A: WWII women (WACS); 39A: "American Beauty" author Ball et al. (ALANS); 41A: Reindeer raiser (LAPP); 42A: Veda venerator (HINDU); 44A: Happy (GLAD); 45A: Burial place (TOMB); 49A: Lion's tail? (-ESS); 50A: Ninny (TWIT); 55A: Flies high (SOARS); 56A: Historic times (ERAS); 57A: Rio Grande city (LAREDO); 63A: President pro ___ (TEM); 64A: Start of a dog (RIN); 65A: Rose Parade sight (FLOAT); 66A: State of mind (MOOD); 67A: Come together (MESH); 69A: Angry with (MAD AT); 71A: Victory ___ (LAP); 72A: Hard wasser (EIS); 77A: Acropolis locale (ATHENS); 79A: Shell or Bell preceder (TACO); 80A: Astrologer Sydney (OMARR); 84A: Rules partner (REGS); 85A: Tut's cousin? (TSK); 88A: Actor Green or Rogen (SETH); 89A: Off-base? (AWOL); 90A: Joanna of "Growing Pains" (KERNS); 92A: Publicity (FAME); 93A: Cuzco-related (INCAN); 95A: "Your Majesty" ("SIRE"); 96A: Russell's "Gladiator" director (RIDLEY); 98A: Room (SPACE); 105A: Humerus location (ARM); 106A: Catch (RUB); 108A: Earth-___ (aardvark, literally) (PIG); 109A: Poker move (RAISE); 110A: Abbr. in '74 headlines (SLA); 116A: Author of a book with "chin" in its title (LENO); 117A: Elvis and Marilyn, e.g. (ICONS); 118A: "SNL" alumna Cheri (OTERI); 119A: Actress Helgenberger (MARG); 120A: Airs its final episode (ENDS); 121A: Agenda, for short (SKED); 122A: Noted moralist (AESOP); 123A: ___ many words (IN SO); 1D: Ground-level shot (LOW ANGLE); 2D: Ms. Duncan et al. (ISADORAS); 3D: Errors (MISSTEPS); 4D: It might fund a research proj. (NSF); 5D: Disdains (SCORNS); 6D: Word after sing or string (ALONG); 7D: Donut-shaped (TORIC); 8D: On ___ (out of the nest) (ONE'S OWN); 9D: Actor Beatty (NED); 10D: Temperature taker (NURSE); 11D: Meth finish (-ANE); 12D: Highway Patrol's purview (STATE LAW); 13D: Concerning (AS TO); 14D: Testing org. (FDA); 15D: Hideouts (LAIRS); 16D: Part of 28 Across (ADLAI); 17D: Stingers (WASPS); 20D: Golden ___ (seniors) (AGERS); 23D: Meat buy (LOIN); 25D: High time (NOON); 28D: Finger pointer (ACCUSER); 32D: With it, once (HEP); 33D: Nothing (NADA); 34D: Chaucer collection (TALES); 36D: Out of the sack (ASTIR); 40D: Confuse (ADDLE); 42D: Fong and Walker (HIRAMS); 43D: "___ nice to see you" (IT'S SO); 44D: Does a teacher's job (GRADES); 46D: Go too far with (OVERDO); 47D: Middle of the road? (MEDIAN); 48D: Rochester's creator (BRONTE); 50D: Popular lists (TOP TENS); 51D: ___-Mart (WAL); 53D: Cookie filling (CREME); 54D: Butters (RAMMERS); 55D: ___ Na Na (SHA); 58D: Notes next to A's (B FLATS); 59D: Kansas city (OLATHE); 60D: Astaire headwear (TOPHAT); 61D: 2009 Andrew Ross Sorkin book, "Too Big ___" (TO FAIL); 62D: Fiat (EDICT); 63D: Motifs (THEMES); 68D: Like testimony (SWORN); 70D: Cabinet dept. (AGR.); 73D: Son of Sarah (ISAAC); 75D: Securing, in a way (LOCKING); 76D: Tatter (RAG); 78D: Work ___ (ETHIC); 79D: Bridge bid (TWO NO); 82D: Saggy horse (SWAYBACK); 83D: Medal winner (HERO); 85D: Amulet (TALISMAN); 86D: Noses (SMELLERS); 87D: Bogart-Robinson classic (KEY LARGO); 91D: Do over, as a chapter (REWRITE); 92D: Yalta visitor, 1945 (FDR); 94D: Soft ball material (NERF); 95D: Slides (SKIDS); 96D: Send anew (RESHIP); 97D: Brainstorm (IDEA); 98D: Weasellike animal (SABLE); 99D: Fuss over oneself (PREEN); 100D: Change (a will) (AMEND); 102D: Flip (UPEND); 103D: Confiscates (TAKES); 104D: Glyphics opener (HIERO-); 107D: "Mila 18" author (URIS); 112D: Directory data: abbr. (NOS.); 113D: Slapper in shorts (MOE); 114D: Extinct bird (MOA); 115D: Kvbrick opvs? (MMI).


Margaret said...

We are lucky enough to get a Merl Reagle every Sunday in the SF Chronicle; however, this is not the Merl that ran today in my paper. Sigh. Syndication timing issues, I guess.

JIMMIE said...

A nice puzzle to do while watching the Dodgers lose again. Did not know LIMN,OTERI,MOA,or OMARR, but the rest was OK. Thanks for the work, PG.

Orange said...

Actually, Margaret, this here puzzle was a special, LA Times–only puzzle Merl made to tie in with the L.A Times Festival of Books and TCM's Classic Film Festival, as Angela mentioned. The puzzle in the Chronicle is the one syndicated in numerous papers nationwide. Usually Merl uses his syndicated puzzle in the LAT, but sometimes he gets a wild hair and mixes things up for the LAT.

Margaret said...

Orange, thanks for setting me straight! I assumed Merl = Merl, but no.

mac said...

I loved this one, had me laughing out loud!

captcha is so complicated, it must know that I'm having a glass of wine.


*David* said...

I really like when Merl does these type of puzzles. He did one like this in two parts a couple of months ago. The story aspect with a theme really appeals to me and doesn't feel like a hackneyed concept. It also allows for lots of variants which make this fertile ground for future puzzles.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the butters/rammers clue. If you google it, this blog comes up!