SUNDAY, April 18, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Last Dance" — The last word of each theme answer is a type of dance.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: First in John Wayne's "Cavalry Trilogy" (FORT APACHE).
  • 25A: Cooler in the attic (EXHAUST FAN).
  • 57A: James Taylor classic (FIRE AND RAIN).
  • 77A: Academic interlude (SPRING BREAK).
  • 112A: Racer's goal (FINISH LINE).
  • 114A: Recitation competition (POETRY SLAM).
  • 3D: "Jabberwocky" weapon (VORPAL SWORD).
  • 38D: Moscow landmark (RED SQUARE).
  • 53D: Bar sign (BEER ON TAP).
  • 69D: Coward (YELLOW BELLY).
Everything Else — 1A: Vacillate (WAVER); 6A: Gin fizz flavor (SLOE); 10A: Self-righteous (SMUG); 14A: Corday stabbed him in the bath (MARAT); 19A: "Oh, give me --- ..." (A HOME); 20A: Shuttle setting (LOOM); 21A: Canterbury cans (TINS); 22A: Grenoble's department (ISERE); 27A: Foremost (TOP); 28A: Gangly (LANK); 29A: Tybalt's dispatcher (ROMEO); 31A: Shadows (TRAILS); 32A: Mounting a play (STAGING); 34A: Schoolboy (LAD); 35A: Perez or O'Donnell (ROSIE); 37A: Schleps (LUGS); 38A: School tool (RULER); 40A: "The Gods Must Be Crazy" locale (KALAHARI); 45A: "Ghosts" writer (IBSEN); 47A: Hands-free accessory (HEADSET); 49A: Chopper to the ER (MEDEVAC); 50A: Fiddle sticks (BOWS); 51A: MO's first (MODUS); 52A: High throws (LOBS); 54A: La Scala star (DIVA); 55A: Feats of conceit (EGO TRIPS); 60A: Make public (AIR); 61A: "ER" actor La 120A (ERIQ); 62A: Minotaur's island (CRETE); 63A: Pique (IRE); 64A: Famed Florentine family (MEDICI); 66A: Against the current (UPRIVER); 68A: Benedict or Franklin (CANYON); 72A: Wood of the Stones (RON); 73A: Turned up (AROSE); 74A: Mind (OBEY); 76A: Benz ender (-ENE); 81A: Retailer's revenue (NET SALES); 83A: Baseball's Tiant (LUIS); 84A: Be a stinker (REEK); 85A: Didn't get involved (SAT BY); 87A: Pump kin (FLAT); 88A: Dunk (IMMERSE); 91A: Space clouds (NEBULAE); 93A: Itty bits (ATOMS); 94A: Fervid feelings (PASSIONS); 96A: Root out (DIG UP); 97A: Word with day or job (SNOW); 98A: Medvedev's predecessor (PUTIN); 100A: Water stopper (DAM); 101A: Simple seat (BEANBAG); 104A: Like some clocks (ANALOG); 108A: One who works in seams (MINER); 110A: Get better (HEAL); 111A: Writer LeShan (EDA); 117A: Skyward (ALOFT); 118A: TV's Trebek (ALEX); 119A: Woes (ILLS); 120A: See 61A (SALLE); 121A: Oscar winner Zellweger (RENEE); 122A: Left on a map (WEST); 123A: Water whirl (EDDY); 124A: Fiddled (with) (TOYED); 1D: Floats on the breeze (WAFTS); 2D: "I don't give ---!" (A HOOT); 4D: 911 responder (EMT); 5D: Set straight again (REALIGN); 6D: Village idiom? (SLANG); 7D: Canal feature (LOCK); 8D: La-la lead-in (OOH); 9D: Colombian exports (EMERALDS); 10D: Flower feature (STEM); 11D: Audio engineer (MIXER); 12D: Detach, in a way (UNHOOK); 13D: Fed. property agcy. (GSA); 14D: See saw as say, say (MISREAD); 15D: Dog of whodunits (ASTA); 16D: Get a new loan, briefly (REFI); 17D: Asian inland sea (ARAL); 18D: Till section (TENS); 24D: Gold seekers' gear (PANS); 26D: Serviceable (UTILE); 30D: Pindar pieces (ODES); 33D: Invitee (GUEST); 34D: Waikiki cookout (LUAU); 36D: Kafka character Gregor (SAMSA); 39D: Soothe (RELIEVE); 41D: "The Birds"' Tippi (HEDREN); 42D: Reebok rival (AVIA); 43D: Norah's father (RAVI); 44D: "--- Get It for You Wholesale" (I CAN); 45D: Construction girder (I-BEAM); 46D: "High Sierra" star, familiarly (BOGIE); 47D: Arizona tribe (HOPI); 48D: Rich cake (TORTE); 51D: Getting stuck in the mud (MIRING); 56D: Mil. mission (RECON); 57D: Pat down a perp (FRISK); 58D: Fine point (NICETY); 59D: Sturdy carts (DRAYS); 62D: Sounded like a frog (CROAKED); 65D: Van Gogh bloomers (IRISES); 67D: Fuss with feathers (PREEN); 70D: Wee hr. (ONE A.M.); 71D: Chicks' hangouts (NESTS); 75D: Tony winner Neuwirth (BEBE); 77D: Faux pas (SLIP); 78D: Reebok rival (PUMA); 79D: Lens holders (RIMS); 80D: Musberger or Spiner (BRENT); 82D: Burns stream (AFTON); 85D: Endearment in a Four Tops tune (SUGAR PIE); 86D: Grad (ALUM); 89D: Clever comeback (RIPOSTE); 90D: Rustle like the surf (SOUGH); 92D: Wait (BIDE); 93D: Shrink (ANALYST); 95D: Metaphor kin (SIMILE); 97D: Char (SEAR); 99D: Baseball teams (NINES); 101D: Ross of fame (BETSY); 102D: Allan- --- (ADALE); 103D: Played in Vegas (GAMED); 104D: Way off (AFAR); 105D: Blue or White waterway (NILE); 106D: Partner for ever (ANON); 107D: Vitality (LIFE); 109D: Soon to be served (NEXT); 110D: Believed (HELD); 113D: Allred's area (LAW); 115D: Former (OLD); 116D: --- Paulo (SAO).

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Anonymous said...

I have recently gotten hooked on crossword and discovered this blog soon thereafter. I've enjoyed reading the various reactions to each day's puzzle. I share in much of the pleasure and frustration. I'm surprised not to find any comments today. I would be interested to know how many folks came up with a few alternatives to give a "hoot" and did anyone else enter Asic instead of Avia for 42D before discovering it didn't work? Thank you for this blog and for everyone's comments.