SUNDAY, April 11, 2010 — Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "Sounds Like Somebody I Know" — Theme answers are words clued as if they are people's names.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Your florist? (PHIL O'DENDRON).
  • 31A: Your lawn guy? (DAN DELION)
  • 56A: Your Spanish tour guide? (PAM PLONA).
  • 59A: Your old car dealer? (STU DEBAKER).
  • 69A: Your eggman? (AL BUMEN).
  • 83A: Your car-finisher? (SIMON IZING).
  • 85A: Your Italian waiter? (CAL AMARI).
  • 106A: Your music teacher? (SOL FEGGIO).
  • 118A: Conventional type? (DEL EGATE).
  • 120A: Your neighbor who won't let you borrow anything? (NORA LENDERBE).
  • 17D: Your uncle, the recluse? (STAN DALONE).
  • 74D: Your food inspector? (SAL MONELLA).
Everything Else — 1A: Goes on (LASTS); 6A: Mail attachments (STAMPS); 12A: Workout wear (SWEATS); 18A: Jellied dish (ASPIC); 19A: Author ___ de Balzac (HONORE); 20A: Bugs grub (CARROTS); 24A: Where the main characters meet in a 1951 Hitchcock classic (ON A TRAIN); 26A: Compromise (SETTLE); 27A: NOW cause of the '70s (ERA); 28A: Has a gambling problem? (OWES); 29A: ___-European (INDO); 30A: Chemical ending (-ENE); 35A: P.D. rank (DET.); 37A: Jay's intro? (DEE); 38A: Balmy getaway (ISLE); 39A: Frames (SETS UP); 41A: Manufacturer's woe (RECALL); 43A: Lyricist Sammy (CAHN); 46A: Old airline (TWA); 48A: Do a yard job (RESOD); 50A: ___ me tangere (NOLI); 51A: Do ___ (wash clothes) (A LOAD); 53A: Hot and damp (MUGGY); 61A: "A bit of ___ is always walcum" (Ogden Nash) (TALCUM); 63A: Blackmailer's orig. (NEG.); 64A: Early Muslim (SARACEN); 65A: Bequests (LEGACIES); 67A: Design anew (REDO); 68A: Lightning sound, in comics (ZOT); 70A: Creator of Atticus Finch (LEE); 72A: Mantel piece? (VASE); 75A: Went wildly (CAREENED); 77A: Stays (GIRDLES); 81A: Collectibles suffix (-ANA); 82A: Bakes in little dishes (SHIRRS); 87A: Weasel's kin (OTTER); 88A: Monet influencer (COROT); 89A: Anarchist Goldman (EMMA); 90A: Perrier rival (EVIAN); 93A: Bk. depository (LIB.); 95A: Capone chaser (NESS); 96A: Cooks on direct heat (BROILS); 98A: Make beloved (ENDEAR); 101A: Where a pain in the neck might be (NAPE); 103A: Wood of the Rolling Stones (RON); 104A: Actor Ayres (LEW); 108A: Vehicle in a barn (BUS); 111A: Help pull a job (ABET); 113A: Floater of a sort (RAFT); 115A: Call ___ day (IT A); 116A: See 128 Across (ROBERT); 123A: Unexpected hit (SLEEPER); 124A: Grated (RASPED); 125A: W. Beatty played one in "Heaven Can Wait" (L.A. RAM); 126A: To the rear (ASTERN); 127A: Bear witness (ATTEST); 128A: Paramount chief during the "Chinatown" and "Godfather" years (EVANS); 1D: Minor error (LAPSE); 2D: Pale (ASHEN); 3D: Meanness (SPITE); 4D: Contest (TILT); 5D: Viragos (SCOLDS); 6D: That yacht (SHE); 7D: Firmed, as abs (TONED); 8D: Guitarist Segovia (ANDRES); 9D: Captain's concern (MORALE); 10D: NFLer, e.g. (PRO); 11D: D.C. abbr. (SEN.); 12D: Barge (SCOW); 13D: Decreased (WANED); 14D: Goof remover (ERASER); 15D: With 52 Down, a 1930s look (ART); 16D: Aaron's daughter (TORI); 21D: Taken out of a game (SIDELINED); 23D: Gave a hand? (DEALT); 25D: "The First ___" (NOEL); 28D: Burden (ONUS); 32D: Word said by Seinfeld in disgust (NEWMAN); 33D: Exerter's words (I TRY); 34D: Verb ending? (-OSE); 36D: Bedtime for some (TEN P.M.); 38D: Disoriented (IN A DAZE); 40D: Raincoat fabric (POPLIN); 42D: Newspaper section?: abbr. (COL.); 43D: Singer Elliott (CASS); 44D: Utah ski area (ALTA); 45D: Time (HOUR); 47D: Arctic sea bird (AUK); 49D: Fish made of music notes (DACE); 52D: See 15 Down (DECO); 54D: Spoon bender of note (GELLER); 55D: Diving birds (GREBES); 57D: Sheet fabric (MUSLIN); 58D: Opposite of "in the future" (AGO); 60D: "You ___!" (emphatic assent) (BETCHA); 61D: Least exciting (TAMEST); 62D: Passed (a test) with ease (ACED IT); 66D: Howitzer, e.g. (GUN); 67D: Part of a temperature gauge (RED ZONE); 69D: Make it (ARRIVE); 71D: Actor Stoltz (ERIC); 72D: Suction suffix (VAC); 73D: Microorganisms that don't need oxygen (ANAEROBES); 76D: Half a dog? (AIRE); 77D: Butch of NHL fame (GORING); 78D: Roman dough, once (LIRE); 79D: Space chimp (ENOS); 80D: Topkicks: abbr. (SGTS.); 82D: Modest (SMALL); 84D: Fictional diner owner (MEL); 86D: Rouen buddy (AMI); 87D: Turow's law school memoir (ONE-L); 91D: MIT, e.g. (INST.); 92D: Commotion (ADO); 94D: Scot's kid (BAIRN); 96D: Mr. Pitt (BRAD); 97D: Juan's warmer (SERAPE); 99D: Never been done before (A FIRST); 100D: Fix anew, perhaps (RETAPE); 102D: Sculpted dog (POODLE); 105D: Dog-bowl refill (WATER); 107D: Some winds (GALES); 108D: English-mangling Yankee (BERRA); 109D: City (URBAN); 110D: Plant parts (STEMS); 112D: Country club buys (TEES); 114D: Lobby plant (FERN); 117D: Young Cleaver, familiarly (BEAV); 119D: Retrieve (GET); 120D: New Deal agcy. (NRA); 121D: Meal preceder (OAT); 122D: Change that used to occur (EDT).


Anonymous said...

Help! I got a different puzzle in my Sunday LA Times today. It is by Merl REagle but is titled - The Snausages Made Me Do It. Did anyone else get this one?

Orange said...

The Merl puzzle everyone else in the country got this weekend was the one PuzzleGirl did. Folks who got their Merl fix from the L.A. Times (Calendar section or online) got the "Snausages' one, which will be the puzzle everyone else gets next weekend. So don't give away the answers, Anonymous! (…And I hope you weren't coming here looking for help with the answers, because we won't have 'em for a week!)

*David* said...

I did the Snausages puzzle today, it is relatively easy and typically punny. The puns didn't bother me as much as usual they seemed more common snese and I didn't need tons of crosses to figure them out.

CrazyCat said...

Me too for Snausages. Fun puzzle! It was way more enjoyable than the syndicated one which was soooo tedious.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn said,
Well at least now we know. Going crazy looking for the puzzle answers. So I guess we have to wait for a week, eh?

Anonymous said...

What is collar-wearing Flip wilson character?