SUNDAY, April 4, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Now We S-Q" — The letter W is replaced with the letters SQU in familiar phrases.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Shakespeare play about myopia? (THE SQUINTER'S TALE).
  • 38A: Compulsion to waste stuff? (SQUANDER LUST).
  • 54A: Internal storm? (HEART SQUALL).
  • 75A: Crash pad in Cambodia? (ANGKOR SQUAT).
  • 89A: Treasury Department staff? (SQUAD OF MONEY).
  • 107A: Wrecking yard prop? (SQUASHING MACHINE).
  • 16D: Robotic escort? (ELECTRICAL SQUIRE).
  • 37D: Result of botched joint surgery? (SQUEAK IN THE KNEES).
Everything Else — 1A: Half cracked? (AJAR); 5A: Brit sitcom, briefly (AB FAB); 10A: "Sister Act" attire (HABIT); 15A: They fought the Blues (REBS); 19A: "Farewell to Manzanar"'s McCarthy (NOBU); 20A: Pickling potion (BRINE); 21A: Heep of literature (URIAH); 22A: North Carolina campus (ELON); 26A: Parcel (out) (METE); 27A: Psych up (ENTHUSE); 28A: Mandolins' kin (LUTES); 29A: Mouth, to Marceau (BOUCHE); 31A: Break ground (HOE); 32A: Hawker's pitch (SPIEL); 34A: Big chicken (ROASTER); 35A: Part of UTEP (PASO); 42A: Monopoly 4some (RRS); 43A: Water under the "ponte" (ACQUA); 45A: Prompt (URGE); 46A: Good listeners (EARS); 47A: PX patrons (GIS); 48A: Hearing setting (COURT); 49A: Width ltrs. (EEE); 50A: Banjoist Fleck (BELA); 51A: City on the Ocmulgee (MACON); 53A: Byron's "before" (ERE); 58A: "... and goes out like ---" (A LAMB); 59A: "CSI" concern (DNA); 60A: Dawn deity (EOS); 61A: Make tracks (HURRY); 62A: Spring bloomer (AZALEA); 63A: Music's Rankin or Rogers (KENNY); 65A: Hold the throne (REIGN); 66A: Sanctify (BLESS); 67A: Underworld figure (OSIRIS); 69A: Rooms at the inn (SUITE); 70A: Feel off (AIL); 71A: Fiscal yr. pt. (QTR.); 74A: White on "Wheel ..." (VANNA); 78A: Jarry's "roi" (UBU); 79A: --- self-defense (ACT IN); 80A: Pins in pants (LEGS); 81A: Stout server (PUB); 82A: Bellatrix's constellation (ORION); 84A: "Evita" role (CHE); 85A: Golfer Ballesteros (SEVE); 86A: Terra farma? (SOIL); 87A: Fogg's creator (VERNE); 88A: That girl (SHE); 93A: Ang and Spike (LEES); 94A: Moveable feast? (TAKE-OUT); 96A: Herman's Hermits frontman (NOONE); 97A: Jeremy's "Entourage" role (ARI); 99A: Verdi opera (ERNANI); 100A: Coop call (CLUCK); 102A: Spielberg title ship (AMISTAD); 106A: Berth place (PIER); 111A: Turow title (ONE-L); 112A: "Amadeus" star (HULCE); 113A: Grammy winner Jones (NORAH); 114A: Nod neighbor (EDEN); 115A: Tender ender (NESS); 116A: "Omigosh!" ("YIPES!"); 117A: Garbo (GRETA); 118A: Like a lawn at dawn (DEWY); 1D: Play money (ANTE); 2D: Candy or McCain (JOHN); 3D: Aid in illegality (ABET); 4D: Drive time (RUSH HOUR); 5D: Mishandles (ABUSES); 6D: Camembert kin (BRIE); 7D: Fish feature (FIN); 8D: Tiny toiler (ANT); 9D: Straight route (BEE LINE); 10D: Disco dance (HUSTLE); 11D: Works in the Uffizi (ARTE); 12D: Leaning (BIAS); 13D: Different ending? (-IAL); 14D: Springsteen sobriquet (THE BOSS); 15D: Twin of Romulus (REMUS); 17D: Vexatious (BOTHERSOME); 18D: Scornful looks (SNEERS); 24D: It goes after status (QUO); 25D: Felt sorry about (RUED); 30D: Feedbag bit (OAT); 32D: More likely (SURER); 33D: Brewster of "Criminal Minds" (PAGET); 34D: Bucolic (RURAL); 35D: Walked the floor (PACED); 36D: Potential oak (ACORN); 39D: Sickish (QUEASY); 40D: Gain back, as trust (RE-EARN); 41D: Journalist Weymouth (LALLY); 44D: Plato, for one (ATHENIAN); 47D: Fundraising fetes (GALAS); 50D: In-N-Out offering (BURGER); 51D: Jewish wedding words (MAZEL TOV); 52D: Hoops gp. (NBA); 55D: Ages on end (EONS); 56D: VIPs of the desert (SHEIKS); 57D: Ecuador's capital (QUITO); 62D: "Inter" --- (ALIA); 64D: TV pioneer Kovacs (ERNIE); 65D: Craggy (RUGGED); 66D: Gewgaw (BAUBLE); 67D: Eggs (OVA); 68D: Mawkish (SACCHARINE); 69D: Indy champ Tom (SNEVA); 72D: Steak cut (T-BONE); 73D: Ancient characters (RUNES); 75D: Native Alaskan (ALEUT); 76D: Runaway of rhyme (SPOON); 77D: "Bell, Book and Candle" director Richard (QUINE); 83D: Enjoyed with zest (RELISHED); 85D: Spongelike (SQUISHY); 86D: Having a Havana (SMOKING); 88D: Walk over (STEP ON); 89D: Icarus, to Daedalus (SON); 90D: Burdens (ONUSES); 91D: Nina of "I Love a Mystery" (FOCH); 92D: Kawasaki competitor (YAMAHA); 95D: Some nobles (EARLS); 98D: The Cars' Ocasek (RIC); 100D: Cosby's "I Spy" costar (CULP); 101D: Do up an Adidas (LACE); 102D: "I --- the end of my rope" (AM AT); 103D: Motion of the ocean (TIDE); 104D: From the top (ANEW); 105D: Say it isn't so (DENY); 108D: Who, to Camus (QUI); 109D: Scand. land (NOR.); 110D: Coll. sr.'s test (GRE).


JIMMIE said...

It was fun to do this while watching the Laker's game. But I did not like SNEVA crossing with SEVE, nor NOONE with FOCH, not knowing these people.

Thanks, PG, for your effort.

DH in Reno said...

Sylvia ~ Having spent the best part of two days on this puzzle, your remarks in today's column are irritating at best. Your smugness does not serve you well. There are some of us folks who obviously are not nearly as expert as yourself. Perhaps you need to find some other hobby with which you can be equally superior and we dilettantes can struggle on without your self-congratulatory comments.

*David* said...

Not too difficult I don't understand why SQU becomes W why not SQI or SQA. The names in this puzzle are noteworthy since they are about as esoteric as you get LALLY a magazine correspondent, NOONE crossing QUINE and FOCH, and ERNIE Kovacs hmmm. Need to rework the puzzle on those parts, pretty crappy.

*David* said...

That should be SQUI or SQUA...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why LA Times Calendar and/or the LA Times Magazine puzzles sometimes don't change for weeks? It only bugs me because I paid for the membership and was supposed to gain access to a bunch of puzzles. The puzzles I do not like to "play" are there, but the crosswords are the only ones I like to do and when they don't change, I am not happy. Anyone know the reason?