04.24 Sun (calendar)

April 24, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Easter Egg Hunt" — The word EGG is hidden throughout the grid.

Theme answers:

  • 11A: Beer bash (KEGGER).
  • 23A: Actress in "The Collector" (SAMANTHA EGGAR).
  • 34A: Cyborg portrayer (SCHWARZENEGGER).
  • 42A: Expecting, in England (PREGGERS).
  • 46A: Connecticut resident (NUTMEGGER).
  • 57A: Be unwanted (GO BEGGING).
  • 74A: Walking: slang (LEGGING IT).
  • 90A: German philosopher Martin (HEIDEGGER).
  • 94A: 1960s game-show regular (PEGGY CASS).
  • 104A: Swiss composer (ARTHUR HONEGGER).
  • 118A: Former editorial page editor of The Washington Post and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for Newsweek (MEG GREENFIELD).
  • 123A: Marley's music (REGGAE).
  • 3D: A.m. order (HAM AND EGGS).
  • 8D: Waffle-ad words (MY EGGO).
  • 12D: Deli drink (EGG CREAM).
  • 16D: Decent person (GOOD EGG).
  • 29D: Omelet need, often (THREE EGGS).
  • 48D: Moussaka need (EGGPLANT).
  • 52D: Savings (NEST EGGS).
  • 61D: Bomb (LAY AN EGG).
  • 75D: Zeroes (GOOSE EGGS).
  • 91D: Helicopters: slang (EGGBEATERS).
  • 105D: Audience missiles (RAW EGGS).
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Everything Else 1A: AIn (AT HOME); 7A: Its main ingredient is ozone (SMOG); 15A: Stare at (OGLE); 19A: Sniggering MTV teen (BEAVIS); 20A: Covergirl Banks (TYRA); 21A: Where Pooh lives, Hundred ___ Wood (ACRE); 22A: Atlas line (ROAD); 25A: London stroller (PRAM); 26A: CD selection (SONG); 27A: Acted like acid (ATE); 28A: "Bed-In" participant of 1969 (ONO); 29A: "Little piggie" (TOE); 30A: Sidestep (DODGE); 31A: Candy shape (CANE); 33A: Arabian-tale avian (ROC); 38A: Sound: abbr. (AUD.); 39A: Mitchum or De Niro film (CAPE FEAR); 41A: Faucet brand (MOEN); 44A: Bard work (SONNET); 51A: Attach, in a way (PASTE ON); 53A: Fertilizer ingredients (NITERS); 55A: Doorknob freebie (SAMPLE); 56A: "Take this" ("HERE"); 59A: Mrs. Munster et al. (LILYS); 60A: Utah ski area (ALTA); 63A: "This ___ stickup!" (IS A); 65A: Bring back (RESTORE); 67A: "Right you ___" (ARE); 68A: Place for an egg roll (LAWN); 69A: Jet trackers in towers: abbr. (ATCS); 71A: Well-drawn character? (TOON); 72A: Bad mood (SNIT); 73A: Caustic stuff (LYE); 78A: Expressed (PUT); 79A: Greek letters (ETAS); 80A: Positive, as an attitude (CAN-DO); 83A: Turned up one's nose at (SNOOTED); 85A: Apple or berry lead-in (CRAN-); 87A: Marc of distinction (ANTONY); 89A: Suspicious, as a dog (GROWLY); 96A: Big Sur institute (ESALEN); 98A: Good for growing (ARABLE); 99A: Call's mate (BECK); 101A: Dirksen and Sloane (EVERETTS); 103A: Outback sight (EMU); 109A: "There once" follower (WAS); 110A: It stings (WASP); 111A: Metro city (PARIS); 112A: Some advice (DO'S); 113A: It may smear (INK); 114A: Took a rest or a test (SAT); 115A: Kool-Aid ad container (EWER); 116A: ___ accompli (FAIT); 124A: LSAT, for one (EXAM); 125A: Crowd noise? (BOOS); 126A: Batman's butler (ALFRED); 127A: Fast fliers, once (SST'S); 128A: Bert's role in Kansas, not Oz (ZEKE); 129A: Blyth and Sothern (ANNS); 130A: Okays (PASSES); 1D: Infomercial muscles (ABS); 2D: British East India Co. monopoly (TEA); 4D: Egg-shaped (OVATE); 5D: Silver container? (MINE); 6D: Founded: abbr. (EST.); 7D: Positions (STANCES); 9D: "... good witch ___ bad witch?" (OR A); 10D: Elongated fish (GAR); 11D: Gunshot sound, in the comics (KAPOW); 13D: Geologist's span (ERA); 14D: Sleep-clinic study (REM); 15D: Screen Bean (ORSON); 17D: "Tootsie" co-star (LANGE); 18D: Trimming tool (EDGER); 24D: Hula helper? (HOOP); 30D: Of canines? (DENTAL); 31D: Yokum family artist (CAPP); 32D: Halo (AURA); 33D: Scratching the ground, as chickens (RASORIAL); 34D: Grad-to-be (SENIOR); 35D: "Impossible!" ("CAN'T BE!"); 36D: Richie portrayer on "Happy Days" (RON); 37D: Chief Olympian (ZEUS); 39D: Language whence "pemmican" came (CREE); 40D: Hawaii's Hiram (FONG); 43D: Ira Allen's brother (ETHAN); 45D: Singer Travis (TRITT); 47D: Copyright year on "A Beautiful Mind" (MMI); 49D: City near Cleveland (ELYRIA); 50D: Turns to 000 (RESETS); 54D: Pry (SNOOP); 58D: Curmudgeon (GROUCH); 60D: Uppercase only, to eds. (ALL CAP); 62D: Double sawbuck (TWENTY); 64D: Doing easily (ACING); 66D: Implores (ENTREATS); 70D: Dozer's din (SNORE); 72D: ___ message (SEND A); 76D: "Long may ___" (IT WAVE); 77D: Penn pal (TELLER); 81D: "How is he?" addressee (DOC); 82D: Patronizing Greyhound, e.g. (ON A BUS); 84D: Colorist (DYER); 86D: Televises (AIRS); 88D: Belgian river (YSER); 92D: Shady group? (ELMS); 93D: Enlist again (RE-UP); 95D: MIT, e.g. (SCH.); 97D: Novelty (NEWNESS); 100D: Type of bear (KODIAK); 102D: Tolerate (TAKE); 104D: They mimic (APERS); 106D: Sundae, e.g. (TREAT); 107D: Employs (HIRES); 108D: Terse denial (NOT ME); 110D: Oliver Twist et al. (WAIFS); 113D: Pressing need? (IRON); 114D: Everglades location, in gazetteers (SFLA); 116D: Shriner topper (FEZ); 117D: Tree feller (AXE); 118D: George W.'s degree (MBA); 119D: Incite (EON); 120D: Tot's break (NAP); 121D: Spider-Man's creator (LEE); 122D: License to drill?: abbr. (DDS).

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