04.03 Sun (calendar)

April 3, 2011 (calendar)
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Infomercially Yours" — Each theme answer is a portmanteau word — a word created from blending two other words.

Theme answers:

  • 13A: War fare? * (SPAM).
  • 29A: 2004 Tea Leoni film * (SPANGLISH).
  • 31A: "Great!" * (FANTABULOUS).
  • 37A: Its rules are "sketchy" * (PICTIONARY).
  • 56A: Client-sponsored article * (ADVERTORIAL).
  • 60A: A steady increase in prices and unemployment * (STAGFLATION).
  • 70A: Radio-and-TV event * (SIMULCAST).
  • 73A: Video buy * (CAMCORDER).
  • 89A: Middle-of-the-road type? * (REPUBLICRAT).
  • 92A: "Sesame Street," e.g. * (EDUTAINMENT).
  • 102A: Lover of Godiva * (CHOCOHOLIC).
  • 113A: Starbucks offering * (FRAPPUCCINO).
  • 117A: Cajun dish involving three types of poultry (and pretty high on the list of "worst food names ever") * (TURDUCKEN).
  • 127A: That letdown feeling after the hype * (ANTICIPOINTMENT).
  • 135A: EPA concern * (SMOG).
  • 22A: Term for each of the 15 asterisked theme answers in this puzzle (PORTMANTEAU WORD).
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Everything Else 1A: Cine or cyclo ending (-RAMA); 5A: Final farewell of a sort (OBIT); 9A: Stage-door Johnny? (DEPP); 17A: "___ your side" (I'M ON); 18A: Patna princesses (RANIS); 20A: Venetian arch feature (OGEE); 21A: Famed Memphis street (BEALE); 25A: Butz and Scruggs (EARLS); 26A: Magnetite, e.g. (ORE); 27A: Deli fave (BLT); 28A: Auth. who died in Samoa (RLS); 34A: "Ask ___ ..." (NOT); 35A: Slice of ice (FLOE); 36A: August hrs., in Augusta (EDT); 44A: Premiere (DEBUT); 48A: Astrologer Sydney (OMARR); 50A: "Not guilty," e.g. (PLEA); 51A: Continuing story line (ARC); 54A: Foul-smelling (FETID); 63A: Drop like a roc? (SWOOP); 64A: A crowd, in Cremona? (TRE); 65A: Of punishment (PENAL); 66A: 1950s toothpaste brand (IPANA); 68A: Street activity: abbr. (TRAF.); 78A: High-quality salad topping, in Rachael Ray shorthand (E.V.O.O.); 79A: Silent movie star? (HARPO); 81A: Foursome for a Ford (TIRES); 83A: One of three zanies (MOE); 86A: Secret (INNER); 95A: Loses it (SNAPS); 96A: Bug someone, e.g. (SPY); 97A: ___ avis (RARA); 98A: Asleep, perhaps (IN BED); 100A: One of the senses (TASTE); 106A: Aussie avian (EMU); 108A: ___ carpet (SHAG); 112A: Cone-bearer (FIR); 123A: Lid for a lad (CAP); 124A: In the style of (ALA); 125A: Banned spray (DDT); 126A: "___ the loneliest ..." (ONE IS); 131A: Cocoon contents (PUPAE); 132A: "___ lay me down ..." (NOW I); 133A: Mrs. Helmsley (LEONA); 134A: Bird-filled comic strip created by Jeff MacNelly (SHOE); 136A: Bygone flyers (SST'S); 137A: They're often connected (DOTS); 138A: Opening outfit (GOWN); 1D: Way-overpriced item (RIP-OFF); 2D: Ethically neutral (AMORAL); 3D: Versatile Rita (MORENO); 4D: Lizard's snack (ANT); 5D: Toothbrush brand (ORAL-B); 6D: It includes Zulu (BANTU); 7D: QB's worry: abbr. (INT.); 8D: Steering-system part (TIE ROD); 9D: It precedes Jones (DOW); 10D: Some bruise easily (EGOS); 11D: Cop's collar (PERP); 12D: Dogmatic one (PEDANT); 13D: Close tightly (SEAL); 14D: ___-mutuel betting (PARI); 15D: "___ well that ..." (ALL'S); 16D: Fit together (MESH); 19D: Greeting, to Guido (anagram of L.A.'S OUT) (SALUTO); 21D: "I ___ differ" (BEG TO); 23D: Wharton prize (MBA); 24D: Liner letters (USS); 30D: "___ said!" (mom's warning) (NO I); 32D: Turner of TV channels (TED); 33D: Manners maven Baldrige (LETITIA); 37D: Launch site (PAD); 38D: The car repair shop in 134 Across (IRV'S); 39D: Craft staff (CREW); 40D: Clear Channel alternative (NPR); 41D: Landed (ALIT); 42D: Aft area (REAR); 43D: Clinton's alma mater (YALE); 45D: Noxious vapors (EFFLUVIA); 46D: ___ canto (BEL); 47D: Acting teacher Hagen (UTA); 49D: Herbie of jazz (MANN); 51D: Nile viper (ASP); 52D: Blvds., e.g. (RTES.); 53D: "How ___ help?" (CAN I); 55D: Party platter items (DIPS); 57D: Part of Colin Powell's coll. experience (ROTC); 58D: Riding-mower brand (TORO); 59D: Creator of eye-bending designs (OP ARTIST); 61D: Willing to try it (GAME); 62D: Sacred promise (OATH); 67D: Land unit (ACRE); 69D: Bank-window abbr. (FDIC); 71D: Actress Anderson (LONI); 72D: Loc. of 43 Down (CONN.); 74D: iPad software (APPS); 75D: Hop on a horse (MOUNT UP); 76D: Goes astray (ERRS); 77D: Cut the crop (REAP); 80D: Commedia dell'___ (ARTE); 82D: Hog heaven, perhaps (STY); 83D: Car make, for short (MERC); 84D: Harem room (ODAH); 85D: Peseta replacer (EURO); 87D: Pianist Gilels (EMIL); 88D: Actor Santoni (RENI); 90D: Ovine sound (BAA); 91D: CD preceders (LP'S); 93D: Middle of a game (TAC); 94D: Sarnoff's startup, 1926 (NBC); 99D: Knock off-track (DERAIL); 101D: Keypad key (ESC); 103D: Helpful (OF USE); 104D: Popular juice drink (HI-C); 105D: Beings from Mork's planet (ORKANS); 107D: Charted (MAPPED); 109D: Cab Calloway catchphrase (HI-DE-HO); 110D: Here ___ (AND NOW); 111D: Obtained (GOTTEN); 113D: Org. that once closely monitored Howard Stern (FCC); 114D: Coat material? (PAINT); 115D: Arm bones (ULNAS); 116D: Milk lover (CAT); 117D: Spinning toys (TOPS); 118D: Word on a coin (UNUM); 119D: Seized vehicle (REPO); 120D: How bishops move: abbr. (DIAG.); 121D: Grandson of Adam (ENOS); 122D: Abbr. on a cereal box (NT. WT.); 128D: Sue Grafton's "___ for Innocent" (I IS); 129D: Hugs, in letters (OOO); 130D: Flavor enhancer (MSG).


CarolC said...

@PG, thanks for posting this. I successfully finished it but didn't know what a PORTMANTEAU word was so I appreciate the explanation.

JN said...

Also never heard of a portmanteau word but went with the floe and was able to finish it. We were invited for a turducken dinner but the host canceled at the last minute.

StudioCitySteve said...

I dunno. Merl Reagle has a big fan club, but I'm not one of them - I thought this one was full of ugly fill - way too many ____'s and two-fers (I think that's what they're called ... e.g. BEGTO) and three-letter abbreviations.

I guess ANTICIPOINTMENT sums it up pretty well for me ..

JTH said...

I have to agree with Steve. The concept of the puzzle was good and that aspect was well done. Did not know Portmanteau word - so I learned something there. But that's where it ends - the rest of the puzzle has way too many abbreviations and double words. I've become used to that with Merl's puzzles but I have to say I still find it somewhat annoying. Traf and diag? Come on!
Still missing Sylvia and it would be good to find somebody to alternate this Sunday crossword as before.

hmj said...

Merle Reagle seems to make up his own rules to fit any particular puzzle he creates! It usually sucks.