04.10 Sun (calendar)

April 10, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Sweet Music" — Songs and musicians with names of fruit in their names/titles.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: Sweet hit of 1956 (BLUEBERRY HILL).
  • 28A: Sweet group that sang "Cruel Summer" (BANANARAMA).
  • 30A: Sweet group that sang "Green Tambourine" (THE LEMON PIPERS).
  • 53A: Sweet group that did the score for "Risky Business" (TANGERINE DREAM).
  • 58A/70A: Sweet hit of 1968 (I HEARD IT / THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE).
  • 88A: Sweet hit by Prince (RASPBERRY BERET).
  • 110A: Sweet soul duo of the 1960s (PEACHES AND HERB).
  • 115A/122A: Sweet hit of 1967 (STRAWBERRY / FIELDS FOREVER).
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Everything Else 1A: High-tech system on recon planes (AWACS); 6A: St. ___ Girl (PAULI); 11A: Cover some ground? (SOD); 14A: On the ___ (LAM); 17A: Pollute (BEFOUL); 19A: Swallow up (ENGULF); 21A: Bishop, for one (PRELATE); 25A: Now-computerized library feature (CATALOG); 26A: CIA precursor (OSS); 27A: Kin of "scat!" ("SHOO!"); 35A: Jazz job (GIG); 36A: ___ angle (AT AN); 37A: Carousing (ON A TEAR); 39A: Comedian Denis (LEARY); 43A: One-name singer of the 1960s (LULU); 46A: "SNL" alumnus (NEALON); 48A: Maugham's "Cakes and ___" (ALE); 50A: Green veggie (PEA); 51A: The end of ___ (AN ERA); 61A: Appearance (LOOKS); 62A: Inserts (ADDS); 63A: Little spasm (TIC); 64A: Hair color: abbr. (BRN.); 65A: "Judy's smile was ___" (from "Judy's Turn To Cry") (SO MEAN); 68A: Johnny Rivers hit, "Seventh ___" (SON); 76A: Pitching power (ARM); 77A: Music's Gibb and White (BARRYS); 78A: " ... ___ yellow submarine" (IN A); 79A: Controversial ability (ESP); 81A: Judge (DEEM); 84A: Wolfgang Puck's flagship restaurant (SPAGO); 86A: Sweet hit by Floyd Cramer (LAST DATE); 93A: Had lunch (EATEN); 94A: Venomous snake (ASP); 95A: Ear prefix (OTO-); 96A: VW model (PASSAT); 99A: "Cheers" co-star's first name (RHEA); 100A: "Cheers" co-star's last name (WENDT); 102A: McCartney, as a Beatle (BASSIST); 106A: Miami team (HEAT); 108A: Metric opener (ISO-); 119A: Chorus girl? (ALTO); 120A: "Is That All There Is" singer (LEE); 121A: Clipper's target (TOENAIL); 127A: Starts a paragraph (INDENTS); 128A: Slowpokes (SNAILS); 129A: Most innovative (NEWEST); 130A: River, to Rivera (RIO); 131A: Solid/rock insert (AS A); 132A: Bold (GUTSY); 133A: Challenges (DARES); 1D: Monk's main man (ABBOT); 2D: Like Tom Jones, by birth (WELSH); 3D: Blow ___ (flip out) (A FUSE); 4D: Olympic runner Sebastian (COE); 5D: Group within a group (SUBSET); 6D: Two-time Argentine president (PERÓN); 7D: "___ luck?" (ANY); 8D: Kin of "yuck" ("UGH"); 9D: Him, in Nimes (LUI); 10D: Skeptic's comeback (I'LL BET); 11D: Adoption agcy. of a sort (SPCA); 12D: Shaggy simian (ORANG); 13D: Intricate (DETAILED); 14D: In ___-land (LALA); 15D: Energy source (ATOM); 16D: Merger intro (MEGA); 18D: Former finance giant, ___ Brothers (LEHMAN); 20D: Burst of light (FLARE); 22D: Generous (LARGE); 24D: Late TV exec's first name (ROONE); 29D: Covert org. (NSA); 31D: Michelle's D.C. predecessor (LAURA); 32D: Silents star Negri (POLA); 33D: Break ___ (interrupt) (IN ON); 34D: Ache of a sort (PANG); 38D: Soldier's datum (RANK); 40D: Imitated (APED); 41D: Take in the paper (READ); 42D: Thanksgiving treats (YAMS); 43D: Milk, to Mimi (LAIT); 44D: Not struck (UNHIT); 45D: Parasite (LEECH); 47D: Try: abbr. (ATT.); 49D: Diminishes (LESSENS); 52D: Tree-shaded place (ARBOR); 54D: Poem of lament (ELEGY); 55D: Laughs loudly (ROARS); 56D: College in New Rochelle (IONA); 57D: Delhi princess (RANI); 59D: Band buy (DRUM SET); 60D: End to end? (-ING); 65D: Not natural, as theater (STAGY); 66D: Signature plaintive cry from "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (OH ROB); 67D: Sea, to Simone (MER); 69D: Egg-shaped (OVATE); 71D: Freeway access (RAMP); 72D: Girder type (H-BAR); 73D: Ms. Zadora (PIA); 74D: Under, to a poet (NEATH); 75D: First name in cosmetics (ESTEE); 80D: Alejandro or Tony of baseball (PEÑA); 81D: Lure (DRAW); 82D: Alleviate (EASE); 83D: Game network (ESPN); 85D: Math. assignment (PROB); 86D: Some mil. grads (LTS.); 87D: Luke's nemesis (DARTH); 89D: Zimbabwe neighbor (BOTSWANA); 90D: "Gilgamesh," for one (EPIC); 91D: Reckless (RASH); 92D: Cousin of norte (ESTE); 97D: Time and ___ (A HALF); 98D: Like some trucks (TEN-TON); 101D: TV's Sawyer (DIANE); 103D: Time to pay?: abbr. (APR.); 104D: Indentured ones (SERFS); 105D: Adage (SAYING); 107D: Thought the world of (ADORED); 109D: Late news? (OBITS); 111D: Pert (SASSY); 112D: Young eel (ELVER); 113D: Dodgers Hall of Famer (REESE); 114D: Parks and others (BERTS); 115D: Commotion (STIR); 116D: Singer Tennille (TONI); 117D: Design over (REDO); 118D: "Born Free" lion (ELSA); 123D: Evian water? (EAU); 124D: Tipsy (LIT); 125D: Injury rosters, in baseball: abbr. (DL'S); 126D: Aulin who played Candy in "Candy" (EWA).

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