S U N D A Y   November 7, 2010
Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "That's "Enter"-tainment Theme answers involve "entering" and the clues involve entertainment.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 20A: 1940 Glenn Miller hit or 1997 Matthew Perry film (FOOLS RUSH IN).
  • 22A: 1960s rock quartet (THE DOORS).
  • 29A: 1952 Monroe-Widmark drama (DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK).
  • 40A: Hollywood tryout (SCREEN TEST).
  • 50A: Notorious flop of 1980 (HEAVEN'S GATE).
  • 62A: Aptly named TV show about ENTER-tainment (ACCESS HOLLYWOOD).
  • 78A: 1942 Ladd-Lake drama (THE GLASS KEY).
  • 85A: Popeye's command to his spinach can in a 1937 Ali Baba cartoon (OPEN SAYS ME).
  • 92A: One way to please a studio (COME IN UNDER BUDGET).
  • 104A: Durable 1960s game show (PASSWORD).
  • 107A: "Bronco Billy" co-star (wait, what is SHE doing in this puzzle?) (SONDRA LOCKE).
Everything Else — 1A: Chrysler, for ex. (CORP.); 5A: It's a gift (GAB); 8A: La ___, Bolivia (PAZ); 11A: Grifter's forte (SCAM); 15A: Vietnamese VIP until 1975 (THIEU); 16A: A first for Dinesen? (ISAK); 18A: Face on a fin (ABE); 19A: The Dixie Chicks, e.g. (TRIO); 24A: Dinosaur evidence (FOSSILS); 25A: Gallery print, briefly (LITHO); 27A: Galeón treasure (ORO); 28A: Draft pick? (ALE); 36A: On the ___ vive (QUI); 37A: Shake awake (ROUSE); 38A: Startled cries (OHS); 39A: Big guns in D.C.? (NRA); 44A: Milan's La ___ (SCALA); 47A: Actor McGregor (EWAN); 48A: Satchmo (LOUIS); 49A: Alt. to "play" or "stop" (REC); 52A: Opposing position (ANTI); 53A: Old five-iron (MASHIE); 55A: Terrier tender (VET); 56A: Shrek, for one (OGRE); 57A: Proposal reaction (YES); 58A: Blue (SAD); 59A: Natural talent (FLAIR); 61A: Pointless gift, in Florida (SLED); 66A: In-favor-of arguments (PROS); 67A: Sharpens (WHETS); 68A: Du Maurier's "Jamaica ___" (INN); 69A: F. Scott's Gatsby (JAY); 72A: Unfreeze (THAW); 73A: Architects' org. (AIA); 74A: Doctors make them (ROUNDS); 77A: "Oh, very funny" (HO HO); 81A: San Francisco's ___ Valley (NOE); 82A: Charles of "Gaslight" (BOYER); 83A: Russo of "Ransom" (RENE); 84A: Disinfectant brand (LYSOL); 87A: A while ___ (AGO); 88A: "Kiss my grits" utterer (FLO); 89A: Reindeer's name (VIXEN); 91A: Fla. clock setting (EST); 97A: "Understand?" ("DIG?"); 100A: "She Hate Me" director (LEE); 101A: Art supporter? (EASEL); 102A: Gastronome (EPICURE); 110A: Neuf preceder (HUIT); 111A: Netflix offering (DVD); 112A: Warty sort (TOAD); 113A: Vegas attractions (SLOTS); 114A: Brainstorm (IDEA); 115A: Actress Susan (DEY); 116A: Anagram of 115 Across (DYE); 117A: Melanie in "Working Girl" (TESS); 1D: Opted (CHOSE); 2D: Olive and others (OILS); 3D: Chemical leftovers (RESIDUES); 4D: Steal (PURLOIN); 5D: PX patrons (GIS); 6D: Forehead smudge (ASH); 7D: TARP was one (BAILOUT); 8D: Newsreel inventor (PATHE); 9D: Detest (ABHOR); 10D: Liz Taylor film, "X, Y, and ___" (ZEE); 11D: Baby birds? (STORKS); 12D: Emulate Crosby (CROON); 13D: Broadcast (AIR); 14D: Yearly doz. (MOS.); 15D: Awl, for one (TOOL); 17D: Makes bootees (KNITS); 20D: Plowers-to-be: abbr. (FFA); 21D: JFK joined it (USN); 23D: James who played Scotty on "Star Trek" (DOOHAN); 26D: The ones here (THESE); 30D: Apple and cherry, e.g. (TREES); 31D: "Garden of Earthly Delights" painter (BOSCH); 32D: Rental sign (TO LET); 33D: "Let's keep moving" (ONWARD); 34D: Banana-boat box (CRATE); 35D: Welles role (KANE); 36D: Ocean liner, briefly (QE II); 40D: Vanquish, as a dragon (SLAY); 41D: Retina receptor (CONE); 42D: Road furrows (RUTS); 43D: Baseball transaction (TRADE); 45D: Quibble (about) (CAVIL); 46D: NYC's ___ Fisher Hall (AVERY); 47D: Ova-threw? (EGGED); 50D: Serfdom (HELOTRY); 51D: Athenian lawgiver (SOLON); 53D: Some computers (MACS); 54D: "Mame" song, "___ Walked Into My Life" (IF HE); 58D: Meanie's look (SCOWL); 60D: In addition (ALSO); 61D: Some heirs (SONS); 62D: In ___ (furious) (A RAGE); 63D: Deli cheese (SWISS); 64D: Marching-band hat (SHAKO); 65D: Expand (WIDEN); 66D: Amazing up-and-comer (PHENOM); 69D: Pleasures (JOYS); 70D: "Excuse me" ("AHEM"); 71D: Time gone by (YORE); 72D: On ___ (busy) (THE GO); 73D: "___ Like It" (AS YOU); 75D: A little, in Lille (UN PEU); 76D: Constantly (NO END); 77D: Baseball's Wilhelm or music's Axton (HOYT); 78D: Ford's Explorer Sport ___ (TRAC); 79D: "Never before in print!" ("ALL NEW!"); 80D: Keebler's crew (ELVES); 82D: Prison destroyed in 1789 (BASTILLE); 85D: Deep red (OXBLOOD); 86D: Overlook, as one's faults (SEE PAST); 88D: Guadalajara gala (FIESTA); 90D: "___ my case" (I REST); 93D: Cow on a label (ELSIE); 94D: Audacity (NERVE); 95D: Santa Claus, often (DADDY); 96D: From Frankfurt: abbr. (GER.); 97D: Tear carriers (DUCTS); 98D: Annoys (IRKS); 99D: "___, yer swell!" (GEE); 103D: Dove sounds (COOS); 104D: ___ Beta Kappa (PHI); 105D: Vid. counterpart (AUD.); 106D: Quirky (ODD); 108D: Ix follower? (NAY); 109D: "Crusade in Europe" auth. (DDE).


*David* said...

There was another crossword in the LAT Magazine by Merl that was a tribute to Liz Taylor and her movies. I think with this one and that one I'm all movied out.

hmj said...

When this guy gets on a kick he just stays on it. It's either puns or stuff like this.