S U N D A Y   November 14, 2010
Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "No More" The letters NO are inserted into familiar phrases.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Puck, perhaps? (KITCHEN NOTABLE).
  • 34A: Rookie fleet head? (NOVICE ADMIRAL).
  • 54A: Prize-winning song? (NOBEL CANTO).
  • 74A: Wanderers' wherewithal? (NOMAD MONEY).
  • 92A: Bamboozler who rules? (KING OF SNOWING).
  • 109A: Pick up wine on the way? (MAKE A PINOT STOP).
  • 15D: Where golfer Lee serves sundaes? (TREVINO FOUNTAIN).
  • 40D: Cheers for singer Jones? (NORAH NORAH NORAH).
Everything Else — 1A: Alicante appetizers (TAPAS); 6A: Pro bono TV ad (PSA); 9A: Deli loaf (RYE); 12A: Frost lines? (POETRY); 18A: Consolation (SOLACE); 19A: Pantomimes (ACTS OUT); 21A: Admittance (ENTREE); 24A: Brewer of music (TERESA); 25A: Berkeley's county (ALAMEDA); 26A: River of Memphis (NILE); 27A: Laments (GRIEVES); 28A: Prominent periods (ERAS); 29A: Bangladesh capital (DACCA); 31A: Winter air (CAROL); 33A: Acct. amt. (INT.); 37A: Rooney or Roddick (ANDY); 38A: Barley beard (AWN); 41A: DEA agents (NARCS); 42A: Indiana pol Bayh (EVAN); 43A: --- -mo (SLO); 44A: "November" author (HOOD); 46A: Reverse of NNW (SSE); 47A: "Isn't it rich? Are we ---?" (A PAIR); 49A: Edberg of tennis (STEFAN); 52A: Show up (ARRIVE); 57A: "Livin' --- Prayer" (ON A); 58A: "High Noon" marshal (KANE); 59A: Flight segment (STAIR); 60A: Crying need? (TEAR DUCT); 62A: Dickinson's home (AMHERST); 64A: Circus prop (STILT); 67A: Apprentice (TRAINEE); 68A: Ordered (MANDATED); 70A: Exploits (DEEDS); 72A: Goons' guns (GATS); 73A: DDE's command (ETO); 77A: Empathize (RELATE); 79A: "Passions and Impressions" penner Pablo (NERUDA); 81A: Rodeo rope (RIATA); 82A: Campus URL ending (EDU); 84A: Gentlemen (SIRS); 85A: Quick --- 86A (AS A); 86A: See 85A (WINK); 87A: "Run Runaway" rockers (SLADE); 89A: MoMA's home (NYC); 90A: Dept. of Labor arm (OSHA); 96A: Scout group (DEN); 97A: "Scent of a Woman" dance (TANGO); 98A: "--- how I roll" (THAT'S); 99A: Soviet news agency (TASS); 102A: Wedding on the run (ELOPING); 104A: Sow chow (SLOP); 105A: Paper art (ORIGAMI); 108A: String of things (SERIES); 112A: Justice Antonin (SCALIA); 113A: Sent via Twitter (TWEETED); 114A: Conceals (CLOAKS); 115A: Acropolis locale (ATHENS); 116A: Cat call (MEW); 117A: 1960s activist org. (SDS); 118A: Chesney or G (KENNY); 1D: Decorative linen (TOILE); 2D: Rite place (ALTAR); 3D: Arcade classic (PACMAN); 4D: Dean in Truman's cabinet (ACHESON); 5D: Bit of finch food (SEED); 6D: Wok, for one (PAN); 7D: Wall brackets (SCONCES); 8D: Theseus' land (ATTICA); 9D: Choir attire (ROBE); 10D: "Taras Bulba"'s Brynner (YUL); 11D: Time before "automne" (ÉTÉ); 12D: Glastonbury gas (PETROL); 13D: Newsman Roger (O'NEIL); 14D: To be, in Burgundy (ÊTRE); 16D: E-mail again (RESEND); 17D: Zestful (YEASTY); 18D: Reggae kin (SKA); 20D: Soup alternative (SALAD); 23D: Lowest points (NADIRS); 27D: "--- Torino" (GRAN); 30D: Highlight (ACCENT); 31D: Palindromic kind of pride (CIVIC); 32D: Peak in the Bible (ARARAT); 35D: Ming thing (VASE); 36D: Square thing (MEAL); 37D: Pub suds (ALE); 38D: "Eureka!" ("AHA!"); 39D: Associate on the job (WORKMATE); 43D: Trunk function (STORAGE); 45D: Took a few courses (DINED); 47D: Slightly (A BIT); 48D: August birthstone (PERIDOT); 49D: Sky light (STAR); 50D: Tree line? (ANCESTRY); 51D: Interior designer Berkus (NATE); 53D: Portico kin (VERANDA); 55D: Western treaty grp. (OAS); 56D: Garden State hoopsters (NETS); 59D: Pipe part (STEM); 61D: Uses an old phone (DIALS); 62D: "You said it!" ("AMEN!"); 63D: Greek colonnade (STOA); 65D: Singer Horne (LENA); 66D: Kickoff aid (TEE); 69D: Intrepid (DARING); 71D: Same-vat yarn batch (DYE LOT); 75D: Down Under dog (DINGO); 76D: Shark variety (MAKO); 77D: Designer Gernreich (RUDI); 78D: PC bailout key (ESC); 80D: MA, IN, LA, ND, etc. (USA); 83D: First "Family Feud" host (DAWSON); 86D: Long arm of the daw? (WING); 87D: Flipped out (SNAPPED); 88D: Authorize (ENTITLE); 90D: Texas oil town (ODESSA); 91D: Take your pick (SELECT); 92D: "Dust in the Wind" group (KANSAS); 93D: NJ town (FT. LEE); 94D: Little pigs (SHOATS); 95D: Has difficulty swallowing (GAGS ON); 97D: Marketing ploy (TIE-IN); 100D: Rosemary's baby-daddy (SATAN); 101D: Great --- Mountains (SMOKY); 103D: Stack (PILE); 104D: Distort (SKEW); 106D: Word with salt or solid (ROCK); 107D: Tape speed meas. (IPS); 109D: "Lou Grant" production co. (MTM); 110D: Blow away (AWE); 111D: Psyche segments (IDS).


Anonymous said...

Again, Bursztyn takes punning a step too far (i.e. "..a pinot stop" without "noir", this is a wine drinker's heresy). Further, Sylvia, I couldn't find one definition for YEASTY that gave it a positive "zesty" connotation - only turbulency - something your puzzles often have. Please stop being so cutesy with your constructions.

Eric said...

Sounds like @SethG is the KING OF SNOWING -- or at least, was the king of shoveling yesterday :-)

CIVIC -- like my ancient palindromic car :-)

105A was an ORIgimme :-)

*David* said...

My fastest Sunday LAT ever, there was no resistance anywhere. Any fill I did not know was easily covered by the crosses. The Lou Grant production company stuck out as the oddest clue is that Majeskanesque?

JIMMIE said...

Not one of Sylvia's best, esp the SE corner, epitomized by MAKEAPINOTSTOP.

But thanks for the blog, PG.

Eric said...

@David: "Majeskanesque"? What's the reference?
That clue didn't strike me as odd. My first thought was "give me a break!", but then my second thought came along: Lou Grant was a spinoff from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the latter was produced by MTM. It makes sense that Lou Grant was too. So that's what I guessed.
Why is MTM memorable even for the Mary Tyler Moore Show? For me, it's partly because it's the same initials (Moore's own company, I presume), but mostly for their brilliant spoof of the MGM logo clip, with the cat MEWing instead of a lion roaring. (I just now noticed that MTM crosses MEW in the puzzle. Cute!)