S U N D A Y   November 28, 2010
Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Trial Run" Legal puns.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 20A: Movie about an unruly judge? (THE WILD BENCH).
  • 37A: Certain board member's memoir? (THAT'S HOW I PAROLE).
  • 56A: Slippery plea to a higher court? (BANANA APPEAL).
  • 72A: Acquittal for Adam and Eve? (PARDON OF EDEN).
  • 85A: Docket clerk's dilemma? (WHICH CLAIM FIRST).
  • 109A: Taking candy from a baby? (NURSERY CRIME).
  • 1D: Request for an attorney's argument? (WHERE'S THE BRIEF).
  • 52D: Shoring up the accused's case? (DEFENSE MENDING).
Everything Else — 1A: Finish filming (WRAP); 5A: Pianist Rubinstein (ARTUR); 10A: Goodies (TREATS); 16A: SeaWorld symbol (SHAMU); 17A: Portland's state (MAINE); 18A: Rules often in red (RUBRICS); 22A: Longing (for) (YEARNING); 24A: Hospital unit (WARD); 25A: Measly amount (SOU); 26A: Carrier to Tel Aviv (EL AL); 28A: Stir-fry veggie (SNOWPEA); 29A: Concept (IDEA); 30A: Ultimatum's end (ELSE); 32A: --- were (AS IT); 34A: With glee (GAILY); 35A: Settles in (NESTS); 41A: Skin pics (TATS); 43A: Upset (TIP); 44A: Mindless (INANE); 45A: Dash fig. (MPH); 47A: Rouse (AWAKEN); 50A: Naturally bright (SUNLIT); 52A: Indian lentil dish (DAL); 55A: Forty-niner's find (ORE); 58A: Stubbs of the Four Tops (LEVI); 59A: Power to progress (MOBILITY); 61A: Twosomes (DUOS); 62A: Bistros (CAFES); 63A: Overloads (BURDENS); 64A: Fleeced (SHORN); 66A: Top lines (HEADERS); 68A: Chihuahua "ciao" (ADIOS); 69A: Subpar (POOR); 70A: Campania town (SORRENTO); 71A: Witnesses (SEES); 76A: Divinity sch. (SEM,); 77A: Strip bark (ARF); 78A: Most chilly, as weather (RAWEST); 79A: Threat (MENACE); 80A: Arnhem neighbor (EDE); 81A: Asian antelope (SEROW); 82A: Based --- true story (ON A); 83A: Coal porter (TRAM); 92A: Old Olds (ALERO); 95A: Memorable skater Sonja (HENIE); 96A: Coral line (REEF); 97A: Polish partner (SPIT); 99A: Smooch, in Surrey (SNOG); 100A: Trials (ORDEALS); 103A: Streak (RACE); 105A: Profit add-on (-EER); 106A: Nose tickler (ODOR); 107A: More tapered at the tip (POINTIER); 112A: Respectable behavior (DECENCY); 113A: "Have --- You Lately" (I TOLD); 114A: Crosses over (SPANS); 115A: Unruffled (SEDATE); 116A: Prose piece (ESSAY); 117A: Piquancy (TANG); 2D: Grist for analysis (RAW DATA); 3D: "--- Blue?" (AM I); 4D: Heart throb (PULSE); 5D: Sneak attack (AMBUSH); 6D: "Norma" --- (RAE); 7D: Fork feature (TINE); 8D: Remove, as a bracelet (UNCLASP); 9D: Work over (REHASH); 10D: Adjudicate (TRY); 11D: Nice streets (RUES); 12D: Abba of Israel (EBAN); 13D: Haughty (ARROGANT); 14D: Some metalwork (TINWARE); 15D: Victor over Hannibal (SCIPIO); 16D: Lamp cover (SHADE); 19D: Fishhook holder (SNELL); 20D: Romulus or Remus (TWIN); 21D: Nitwit (DOLT); 23D: Marvin of Motown (GAYE); 27D: Mark Tatulli's comic strip (LIO); 31D: Consumed (EATEN); 33D: Winds like ivy (TWINES); 36D: Livestock stalls (STABLES); 38D: Fey of "30 Rock" (TINA); 39D: "To Live and Die ---" (IN L.A.); 40D: Prop for Jack and Jill (PAIL); 42D: Beau (SWAIN); 45D: Kenyan port city (MOMBASA); 46D: More self-satisfied (PROUDER); 48D: Tiny hill dwellers (ANTS); 49D: Zales' competitor (KAY); 50D: Side track (SPUR); 51D: Drifters' "--- the Roof" (UPON); 53D: Staved off (AVERTED); 54D: Supple (LISSOME); 57D: Deck out (ADORN); 58D: Stow on board (LADE); 60D: Altar vows (I DO'S); 62D: Heavyweight champ Primo (CARNERA); 64D: Lays down the lawn (SODS); 65D: Laugh riot (HOOT); 66D: NBC's Kotb (HODA); 67D: Put up (ERECT); 69D: Antebellum (PREWAR); 70D: DC VIP (SEN.); 72D: Green spot in Grenoble (PARC); 73D: Mil. truant (AWOL); 74D: Potent opener (OMNI-); 75D: Phobias (FEARS); 78D: Warmed in the 'wave (REHEATED); 81D: Word with rocket or earth (SCIENCE); 82D: Paper or fabric remnants (OFFCUTS); 84D: Nonwinner (ALSO-RAN); 85D: Smack hard (WHOP); 86D: Judean king (HEROD); 87D: Nonstudio movies (INDIES); 88D: Court add-on (-IER); 89D: No-goodnik (MEANIE); 90D: Sixth Amendment adjective (SPEEDY); 91D: Arena level (TIER); 93D: Chambers (ROOMS); 94D: Grimm baddie (OGRE); 98D: Assignation (TRYST); 101D: Director Wertmüller (LINA); 102D: Breakaway group (SECT); 104D: Psyche's love (EROS); 108D: Loaf in a deli (RYE); 110D: Hearst kidnap gp. (SLA); 111D: Tax pro (CPA).

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