03.27 Sun

March 27, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Seeing the Country" — Country names are hidden in the theme answers.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: "This Old Man" lyric (GIVE A DOG A BONE).
  • 28A: Compliment to the pilot (NICE LANDING).
  • 36A: Long, careful study (THOROUGH ANALYSIS).
  • 55A: Arsonist's cousin (PYROMANIAC).
  • 59A: Amorous greeting (A HUG AND A KISS).
  • 66A: Wellness herb (ECHINACEA).
  • 74A: Chameleon's comment? (I CAN ADAPT).
  • 86A: Unseen indicator (HIDDEN MARKER).
  • 89A: Brezhnev, e.g. (SOVIET NAME).
  • 101A: A trifecta of severe winter weather (SLEET HAIL AND RAIN).
  • 111A: Primary illustration (MAIN DIAGRAM).
  • 123A: Mumps symptoms (and technically, this should be "Great Britain," but how often does one get a chance to put this answer in a puzzle?) (SWOLLEN GLANDS).
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Everything Else 1A: Dress part (HEMLINE); 8A: Introduction to structure (INFRA-); 13A: Beverage with burgers (POP); 16A: Worldwide phenomenon? (WEB); 19A: One who eschews (AVOIDER); 20A: Corrida critters (TOROS); 21A: Away, in a way (ON LEAVE); 25A: Hero worshipper? (LEANDER); 26A: Snow runner (SLED); 27A: Message in a bottle, maybe (SOS); 30A: High trains (ELS); 33A: Loch Ness local (SCOT); 35A: Nick of "Affliction" (NOLTE); 42A: GOP rivals (DEMS); 46A: Fabled flyer (ROC); 47A: Honey lover, in Honduras (OSO); 48A: Marlon's "On the Waterfront" director (ELIA); 49A: "Crime and Punishment" heroine (SONYA); 50A: Behold, to Brutus (ECCE); 52A: Roster of desirables (ALIST); 62A: Son of Rebekah (ESAU); 63A: A Cabinet Dept. (AGR.); 64A: Mournful melody (DIRGE); 65A: Chevalier tune (MIMI); 68A: Utah city (OREM); 71A: Of the kidneys (RENAL); 73A: Extra, for short (ADDL.); 78A: "... some kind of ___?" (A NUT); 80A: Gaucho's rope (REATA); 84A: Slinger's handful (MUD); 85A: Prong (TINE); 92A: Caruso was one (TENOR); 93A: Lose oomph (TIRE); 94A: Start of a college-fund slogan (A MIND); 95A: Other sock, say (MATE); 97A: Skater Babilonia (TAI); 99A: Cycle opening (TRI-); 100A: Blockhead (DOLT); 107A: Horse's tale (OATER); 109A: Ms. Bombeck (ERMA); 110A: Girl in the woods (DOE); 116A: Serengeti denizen (GNU); 118A: Farrow and Hamm (MIAS); 122A: Opens (UNSEALS); 127A: Cause to jump (STARTLE); 128A: Boatman's river (VOLGA); 129A: Sunken (DEEPSET); 130A: Important (KEY); 131A: Priest add-on (-ESS); 132A: "How do you ___?" (PLEAD); 133A: Prayers (ORISONS); 1D: Crones (HAGS); 2D: Not good (EVIL); 3D: Pick up and go or pack up and go (MOVE); 4D: Art songs (LIEDER); 5D: Ms. Lupino (IDA); 6D: Mick Jagger film, "___ Kelly" (NED); 7D: Love god (EROS); 8D: Minnesota lake (ITASCA); 9D: Head, slangily (NOB); 10D: Word with lobe or assault (FRONTAL); 11D: Noodle-___ (RONI); 12D: In ___ (shortly) (A SEC); 13D: Hoi follower (POLLOI); 14D: Shaq et al. (O'NEALS); 15D: Nursery buy (PLANT); 16D: African arroyo (WADI); 17D: Uniform (EVEN); 18D: Ice chunk (BERG); 22D: ___ a positive note (ENDED ON); 24D: Kid's cry (GOSH); 29D: USN rank (ENS.); 31D: UK WC (LOO); 32D: Ill-fated "Seinfeld" fiancee (SUSAN); 34D: Former (ONE-TIME); 36D: Step (TREAD); 37D: ___ Minh (HO CHI); 38D: Come to pass (OCCUR); 39D: Rush quest, often (GOLD); 40D: Gloss targets (LIPS); 41D: Palindromic cheer (YAY); 43D: Early computer (ENIAC); 44D: "At ___?" (senior's query) (MY AGE); 45D: Pelvic bones (SACRA); 49D: Actress Santiago of "Miami Vice" and "The Sopranos" (SAUNDRA); 51D: Encourage (EGG ON); 53D: "___ so sorry!" (I AM); 54D: Sidestep (SKIRT); 56D: Taping abbr. (REC.); 57D: Safety org. (OSHA); 58D: Hotel worker (MAID); 60D: Poked holes in, say (AERATED); 61D: Mideast peninsula (SINAI); 66D: Shake your tail? (ELUDE); 67D: On the qui vive (ALERT); 69D: Make changes in (EDIT); 70D: "Death in Venice" author (MANN); 72D: Wear ___ (AND TEAR); 74D: "When ___, you're a clown" (from "I Got You Babe") (I'M SAD); 75D: Ex-governor Mario (CUOMO); 76D: Ibuprofen brand (ADVIL); 77D: Shooter insert (PEA); 79D: Olympics ideal (TEN); 81D: Dog from Japan (AKITA); 82D: Country star Clark or Gibbs (TERRI); 83D: "The results ___" (ARE IN); 86D: Furnace output (HEAT); 87D: "___ problem" (NOT A); 88D: ___ Mrs. (MR. AND); 90D: Chanter (INTONER); 91D: French Mrs. (MME.); 96D: Reality game show once hosted by Anderson Cooper (THE MOLE); 98D: Promising words (I DO); 101D: Film photos (STILLS); 102D: Some car contracts (LEASES); 103D: Work unit (ERG); 104D: "That makes me happy!" ("I'M GLAD!"); 105D: Daily Planet reporter (LANE); 106D: Charts anew (REMAPS); 108D: On ___ (out with someone) (A DATE); 111D: Ox or rat preceder (MUSK); 112D: Game stake (ANTE); 113D: Brit's sentence starter (I SAY); 114D: Invitation notation (RSVP); 115D: Away sans OK (AWOL); 117D: Loosen, as laces (UNDO); 119D: ___ many words (IN SO); 120D: Mideast gulf (ADEN); 121D: Former flyers (SST'S); 124D: N.Y. airport, on tags (LGA); 125D: Lux. neighbor (GER.); 126D: Island souvenir (LEI).


StudioCitySteve said...

Pretty plain sailing, but I have to remind myself that there is a TRI cycle as well as a UNI cycle, and a VCR has a REC as well as a REW button.

I've decided to rate the weekend puzzles on a scale of how many screwdrivers it takes me to finish in my local bar - today's was a 2.5, yesterday was a 3

CarolC said...

@StudioCityStsvs, I do mine with coffee but your way sounds more fun! I fell for UNI first as well. Smooth solve for me also but I didn't get the theme until I saw it explained here.

JIMMIE said...

The 123a clue revealed the theme and made the rest easy. All in all a fun puzzle. Thanks, PG.