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March 6, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Heads of State" — U.S. State postal codes are tacked onto the beginning of familiar phrases.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: Origami? (PAPER FORMING).
  • 33A: Like some political scandals? (MISTRESS RELATED).
  • 53A: Advice to a cougher? (COVER MOUTH).
  • 60A: Eatery at an oasis? (CAMEL'S DINER).
  • 66A: Film about boastful jerks? (VAINGLOURIOUS BASTERDS).
  • 79A: Antoinette after hearing her fate? (MOROSE MARIE).
  • 89A: Answer to "What do you want on your BLT, Rocky?" (MAYO ADRIAN).
  • 102A: How you can tell where the candle was? (WAX MARKS THE SPOT).
  • 120A: "Jumble"-solvin' dude? (SCRAMBLIN' MAN).
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Everything Else 1A: Centers for dissenters (GULAGS); 7A: Beethoven's "___ Solemnis" (MISSA); 12A: Quick tempo (FAST PACE); 20A: Slow tempo (ADAGIO); 21A: Like some buckets or barrels (OAKEN); 22A: Science museum exhibits (DIORAMAS); 25A: Craft fair folks (ARTISANS); 26A: Some Chicago trains (ELS); 27A: He played a cat with no backbone (LAHR); 28A: Snitched (TOLD); 30A: "Fancy ___" (THAT); 31A: Whacked, old-style (SLEW); 39A: "Good ___!" (ONE); 42A: Director Kazan (ELIA); 43A: Overcooks (CHARS); 44A: Tool in "The Shining" (AXE); 45A: British college entrance exams (or parking-garage ground floors) (A LEVELS); 49A: Harried bus. owner's need (ASST.); 51A: Many a state name in D.C. (AVE.); 52A: Oversupply (GLUT); 55A: Gutter site (EAVE); 57A: Siphon off, as support (ERODE); 58A: What a graph may illustrate (TREND); 59A: Number of players on "La Ruota Della Fortuna" (TRE); 62A: You stay here (INN); 63A: Iffy stat in a storm (ETD); 64A: Peeved (SORE); 65A: Steady the arrow (AIM); 75A: Rag goo (OIL); 76A: Doing mess prep (ON K.P.); 77A: Apply (USE); 78A: Pizarro's prize (ORO); 84A: Ended up with (GOT); 85A: Buddy on TV (EBSEN); 87A: Lots (of) (A HOST); 88A: Adams and Grant (AMYS); 91A: Nascar's Yarborough (CALE); 92A: Gen.-turned-pres. (DDE); 93A: And others, briefly (ET AL.); 95A: Rascality (ROGUERY); 96A: "Facts ___ facts" (ARE); 97A: Good, to Garcia (BUENO); 99A: Speed Wagons, e.g. (REO'S); 101A: Author Auletta (KEN); 106A: Face-care brand (OLAY); 110A: Escape-route city, in "Casablanca" (ORAN); 111A: Just right (TO A T); 112A: Missay, as lines (MUFF); 115A: Drink on draught (ALE); 116A: "Heaven forbid!" ("I HOPE NOT!"); 123A: Requires more than one, as to tango (TAKES TWO); 124A: Try a get-hitched-quick scheme (ELOPE); 125A: Stand up for (oneself) (ASSERT); 126A: Wises (up) (SMARTENS); 127A: Vacations (RESTS); 128A: Big ___ (the drug industry) (PHARMA); 1D: Looks awed (GAPES); 2D: Mo or Stew of Arizona (UDALL); 3D: Oversight (LAPSE); 4D: Census datum (AGE); 5D: "You go, ___!" (GIRL); 6D: Tough item to get upstairs, typically (SOFA); 7D: "Tuesdays with ___" (MORRIE); 8D: Last words of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (I AM); 9D: Jumpy (SKITTISH); 10D: Ladies of Lima (SEƑORAS); 11D: Go fishing (ANGLE); 12D: ___ approved (FDA); 13D: Flying (AIR TRAVEL); 14D: "Hah!" ("SO THERE!"); 15D: Olympic hurdles? (TRIALS); 16D: Some bow ties (PASTA); 17D: Org. that does patient work (AMA); 18D: Pink-slip (CAN); 19D: Count addition (-ESS); 24D: Physicist Georg (OHM); 29D: Award for Sgt. York: abbr. (DSC); 32D: Interlaced (WOVEN); 34D: Candidate list (SLATE); 35D: Shower's partner (SHAVE); 36D: Limb gripper (TALON); 37D: Ooze out (EXUDE); 38D: Thwart (DETER); 40D: In-crowd outsider (NERD); 41D: Creepy cinema street (ELM); 45D: When Otello dies (ACT IV); 46D: Fictional Doone (LORNA); 47D: "___ can do it" (EVEN I); 48D: ___ voce (SOTTO); 50D: Rip to bits (TEAR UP); 52D: Pine-Sol target (GRIME); 54D: Language that gave us "thug" (URDU); 56D: Iowa college town (AMES); 57D: Clean up your language? (EDIT); 60D: Singer Sam (COOKE); 61D: RSVP enclosure (SASE); 63D: Palindromic magazine (ELLE); 64D: "CSI: NY" star (SINISE); 67D: Sue Grafton's "N" (NOOSE); 68D: Essence (GIST); 69D: "Motel Hell" star Calhoun (RORY); 70D: Floater for boaters (BUOY); 71D: Tycoon on the Titanic (ASTOR); 72D: Whoopi's predecessor on "The View" (ROSIE); 73D: Gloomy, to poets (DREAR); 74D: One of the Corleones (SONNY); 79D: Cockatoo's cousin (MACAW); 80D: Leigh's 1939 Oscar role (O'HARA); 81D: Cartier rival (ROLEX); 82D: Revealed (MADE KNOWN); 83D: Church chorus (AMENS); 84D: Dance related to a horse's gait (GALOP); 85D: Brink (EDGE); 86D: Magli of shoe fame (BRUNO); 89D: They know the score (MAESTROS); 90D: Fine and dandy (AOK); 92D: "Ha-cha-cha-cha-chaaaaaaa!" crier (DURANTE); 94D: Syrupy stuff (TREACLE); 97D: Absolutely minimal (BAREST); 98D: Giant who wore #4 (OTT); 100D: French verb with nous (SOMMES); 103D: Sulking sort (MOPER); 104D: Canadian chowderhead (HOSER); 105D: "Hot" place to chill (TUB); 107D: Debussy work (LAMER); 108D: Great perturbation (ALARM); 109D: Tale spreader (YENTA); 113D: Dust-up (FLAP); 114D: Creel contents (FISH); 116D: "___ official ..." (IT'S); 117D: Show-off (HAM); 118D: Volga tributary (OKA); 119D: Lean-___ (TO'S); 121D: Fitting (APT); 122D: Intel processor? (NSA).

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