03.13 Sun

March 13, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "The Fashion Police"

Theme answers:

  • 22A: INSP: "HEY PULL OVER! We're the Fashion Police!"
  • 28A: DESIGNER: "What'd I do, officers?" LIEUT: "You STOLE A PEEK at a competitor's designs."
  • 36A: DESIGNER: "But I'm innocent!" LIEUT: "Maybe so, but we have A MATERIAL WITNESS."
  • 48A: LIEUT: "He says you're PART OF A RING." DESIGNER: "That's not true!"
  • 60A: INSP: "Don't worry. You'll look good in STRIPES."
  • 66A: INSP: "Okay, lieutenant, SLAP THE BRACELETS ON HIM."
  • 78A: (((One Week Later))) LIEUT: "What happened? I thought we had him!" INSP: "He gave us THE SLIP."
  • 88A: INSP: "His attorney filed some LEGAL BRIEFS."
  • 95A: INSP: "And then his SUIT WAS THROWN OUT."
  • 108A: LIEUT: "GOOD COLLAR, though ..."
  • 120A: INSP: "Yeah, even if he was just AN ACCESSORY."
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Everything Else 1A: Vacation isle (BALI); 5A: Debt-free, perhaps (PAID-UP); 11A: Styling stuff (GEL); 14A: Fret and fume (STEW); 18A: Actor Rickman (ALAN); 19A: Esoteric (ARCANE); 20A: ___ big hurry (IN A); 21A: Practice piece (ETUDE); 24A: Cook, in a way (FRY); 25A: Ohio city (XENIA); 26A: Regions (AREAS); 27A: Most eligible, to the SSS (ONE-A); 30A: Anne ___ Lindbergh (MORROW); 32A: Refreshing place (SPA); 34A: Take it easy (LOLL); 35A: Mgr.'s helper (ASST.); 45A: Gaucho's rope (RIATA); 46A: Badly or hardly (ILL); 47A: Watch brand (SEIKO); 53A: Like a shot (FAST); 57A: Desertlike (ARID); 58A: Bring to bear (EXERT); 59A: African nation (MALI); 62A: Wiki conclusion (-PEDIA); 63A: ___ shoestring (ON A); 65A: Utter (SHEER); 75A: Belgian bucks, now (EUROS); 76A: 1970s pop-rock grp. (ELO); 77A: Racket (NOISE); 81A: Helen of Troy's mom (LEDA); 84A: Olivia's leading man, often (ERROL); 85A: Caprice (WHIM); 86A: Minus (LESS); 90A: Sized ___ (customized) (TO FIT); 92A: Site of "Oz" reruns (HBO); 94A: Adored ones (IDOLS); 100A: Salad-bowl wood (TEAK); 104A: Arch type (OGEE); 105A: Scratch (out) (EKE); 106A: Set aside (SHELVE); 113A: Remarkable times (ERAS); 117A: Hercules types (HE-MEN); 118A: Heart chambers (ATRIA); 119A: Toy shop employee (ELF); 122A: Beef on the hoof (STEER); 123A: Cartoon collectible (CEL); 124A: Campus VIP? (BIG MAN); 125A: Sky bear (URSA); 126A: Sentry's place (POST); 127A: Taste (TRY); 128A: E-mail again (RESEND); 129A: Hammer part (PEEN); 1D: Grand ___ Island (BAHAMA); 2D: Old Olds models (ALEROS); 3D: Strata (LAYERS); 4D: To a certain extent (IN PART); 5D: Buddy (PAL); 6D: Woody's son (ARLO); 7D: Image (ICON); 8D: Nighttime host (DAVE); 9D: Discomfort (UNEASE); 10D: For each (PER); 11D: Birthday buy (GIFT); 12D: Sign up (ENROLL); 13D: Incapacitate (LAY LOW); 14D: Put your foot down (STEP); 15D: Catchy item, perhaps (TUNE); 16D: Actress Falco (EDIE); 17D: Lacking oomph (WEAK); 21D: Venerates (EXALTS); 23D: R&R provider (USO); 28D: Ply the waves (SAIL); 29D: He played Calvera in "The Magnificent Seven" (ELI); 31D: Homeless child (WAIF); 33D: Bluenose (PRIG); 37D: "Yes, ___" (MA'AM); 38D: Gillette razor (ATRA); 39D: Alteration makers (TAILORS); 40D: TV alien (ALF); 41D: A tide (NEAP); 42D: Yeats's home (EIRE); 43D: Stowe gear (SKIS); 44D: Ground cover (SOD); 45D: Turns on an axis (ROTATES); 48D: Livens (up) (PEPS); 49D: Lipinski's leap (AXEL); 50D: Prynne's symbol (RED A); 51D: Voyage (TRIP); 52D: Famed Spanish ship (NI√ĎA); 54D: Tennis great (ASHE); 55D: Editor's note (STET); 56D: Chic modifier (TRES); 61D: Laundry workers (IRONERS); 64D: Expert (ACE); 65D: Fizz ingredient (SLOE GIN); 67D: Ship's frame (HULL); 68D: Pennsylvania port (ERIE); 69D: Hits on the head (BOPS); 70D: French pronoun (ELLE); 71D: Cousin of "Me, neither!" ("NOR I!"); 72D: Take on (HIRE); 73D: "Time ___ the essence" (IS OF); 74D: TV diner (MEL'S); 78D: Commandment start (THOU); 79D: LP player (HI-FI); 80D: Send out (EMIT); 82D: Carpentry groove (DADO); 83D: Baseball's Matty (ALOU); 85D: Lbs., etc. (WTS.); 87D: "Quiet!" ("SHH!"); 88D: "Check it out!" (LOOK); 89D: Deli orders (BLT'S); 91D: ___ garage (TWO-CAR); 93D: Uncle Remus's ___ Fox (BR'ER); 96D: In the past (AGO); 97D: Pick (SELECT); 98D: Money handler (TELLER); 99D: Roast need (WEENIE); 100D: Prepares to drive (TEES UP); 101D: Author Leonard (ELMORE); 102D: Loath (AVERSE); 103D: Somali neighbor (KENYAN); 107D: A Cabinet Dept. (HHS); 108D: ("I'm shocked!") (GASP); 109D: Bart and Lisa's bus driver (OTTO); 110D: Magnetite et al. (ORES); 111D: Atkins, for one (DIET); 112D: Wouldn't hurt ___ (A FLY); 114D: Pauper's garb (RAGS); 115D: Pinnacle (ACME); 116D: Read a bar code (SCAN); 120D: Like some dicts. (ABR.); 121D: Be over with (END).

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