S U N D A Y   August 8, 2010
Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "A Vine Thing" — Wine puns.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 21A: Wine studies? (BORDEAUX EDUCATION).
  • 35A: Rolling Stones' wine cellar? (GAMAY SHELTER).
  • 51A: Captain & Tennille's ode to wine? (MUSCAT LOVE).
  • 72A: Hall & Oates' winy expression? (SYRAH SMILE).
  • 87A: Opportunity for wine? (GRENACHE TIME).
  • 105A: Winy Shakespeare contemporary? (CHRISTOPHER MERLOT).
  • 15D: Ministered to wine? (TREATED CHABLIS).
  • 46D: Tempted with wine? (DANGLED A CLARET).
Everything Else — 1A: Most precious (CUTEST); 7A: Upgrade an old system (RETROFIT); 15A: Kitchen meas. (TSP.); 18A: Athena's Roman counterpart (MINERVA); 19A: Menu option (ALA CARTE); 20A: Stephen of "The Crying Game" (REA); 23A: Fast opposite (EAT); 24A: Sign of stress (ACCENT); 25A: Prop for Jack and Jill (PAIL); 26A: Final stage (ENDGAME); 28A: Nichelle Nichols role (UHURA); 29A: Too (ALSO); 30A: Music legend Joan (BAEZ); 33A: Ballet slipper fabric (SATIN); 34A: Bell and Kettle (MAS); 39A: Big swig (BELT); 40A: Strung along (LED ON); 41A: Bizet's "with" (AVEC); 42A: Multitudes (HORDES); 44A: Fresno neighbor (MADERA); 47A: More skilled (ABLER); 49A: B-complex's --- acid (FOLIC); 50A: "The Good Earth" mother (O-LAN); 55A: "The Merry Widow" composer (LEHAR); 58A: Radius mate (ULNA); 59A: Watchdog's warnings (SNARLS); 60A: "Restaurante" course (ENSALADA); 62A: Yule drink (NOG); 63A: Dropped down? (MOLTED); 64A: Actor Franz or Farina (DENNIS); 66A: ASCAP alternative (BMI); 67A: "Man of La Mancha" number (DULCINEA); 69A: Not on the level? (TILTED); 70A: Coasted (SLID); 71A: Iron setting (STEAM); 75A: Employ (HIRE); 76A: Plumbing problems (DRIPS); 78A: Baldwin and Waugh (ALECS); 79A: Entertained (AMUSED); 81A: Rare (SCARCE); 83A: Data entry acronym (GIGO); 84A: Philosopher Kierkegaard (SOREN); 86A: Ethel's partner in hijinks (LUCY); 91A: "Stand" band (REM); 94A: Lowest deck (ORLOP); 96A: "What --- can I say?" (ELSE); 97A: Like Obama's office (OVAL); 98A: Cutting-edge item (KNIFE); 100A: Wine-flavored Italian ice (GRANITA); 102A: Soccer success (GOAL); 103A: San --- State Beach (ONOFRE); 104A: Melody (AIR); 110A: Michelle Obama, --- Robinson (NÉE); 111A: Cut short (TRUNCATE); 112A: Perennial candidate Harold (STASSEN); 113A: Ret. jet (SST); 114A: Higher-ranking (SUPERIOR); 115A: Tightens (up) (TENSES); 1D: Ring setting (CIRCUS); 2D: Hypnotized (UNDER); 3D: Typical "Twilight" fan (TEENAGER); 4D: Latin 101 word (ERAT); 5D: "Law & Order: ---" (SVU); 6D: Candidate's platform part, often (TAX PLAN); 7D: Pioneer products (RADIOS); 8D: Month before Tishri (ELUL); 9D: Half a Washington airport? (TAC); 10D: Victrola co. (RCA); 11D: Feedbag bit (OAT); 12D: Band beneath the cornice (FRIEZE); 13D: Take --- the chin (IT ON); 14D: Looks after (TENDS); 16D: Maritime measure (SEA MILE); 17D: Edison held hundreds of them (PATENTS); 18D: Coffee-cocoa combo (MOCHA); 21D: Oz creator (BAUM); 22D: Trouble-free (EASY); 27D: "Sledgehammer" rocker Peter (GABRIEL); 29D: Latin 101 word (AMO); 30D: Cut at an angle (BEVEL); 31D: Bygone Olds (ALERO); 32D: "And so on ..." (ETC.); 36D: "Born Free" author Joy (ADAMSON); 37D: Heeds a sentry (HALTS); 38D: Letter after pi (RHO); 40D: Memorable Horne (LENA); 43D: Stewpots (OLLAS); 44D: Pitchers' places (MOUNDS); 45D: Full-blown (ALL-OUT); 47D: Wise add-on? (ACRE); 48D: Pie finisher? (-BALD); 49D: Parsley relative (FENNEL); 52D: Except if (UNLESS); 53D: Thai appetizer (SATAY); 54D: Starbucks size (VENTI); 56D: Think the world of (ADMIRE); 57D: Pillaged a village (RAIDED); 61D: Handgun (SIDEARM); 63D: Talk like (MIMIC); 64D: Frisbee, for one (DISC); 65D: O'Neill title trees (ELMS); 68D: Plane passenger's tote (CARRY-ON); 69D: Series set in So. Cal. (THE O.C.); 70D: Eschew (SHUN); 73D: "Casablanca"'s Claude (RAINS); 74D: Aquarium issue (ALGAE); 77D: Dowel (PEG); 80D: Compliance (MEEKNESS); 81D: Ad agency creations (SLOGANS); 82D: Grooms horses (CURRIES); 83D: Salon stuff (GEL); 84D: Most musty (STALEST); 85D: Mideast export (OIL); 88D: Show defiance (REAR UP); 89D: "Poltergeist" director Tobe (HOOPER); 90D: "Well, Did You ---?" (EVAH); 91D: Long guns (RIFLES); 92D: "High School Musical"'s Zac (EFRON); 93D: Bump into (MEET); 95D: Brits of old (PICTS); 99D: Like Vikings (NORSE); 101D: Drive- --- window (THRU); 102D: Attend (GO TO); 103D: Yemen neighbor (OMAN); 106D: Chor or chlor closer (-INE); 107D: Part of a CRT (SCR); 108D: It comes before chi (TAI); 109D: AAA info (RTE.).


ddbmc said...

As this wasn't available online, on 8/8,(nor in my paper) I got to solve this late, late on Monday.

Not being a wine connoiseur,I struggled a bit with the theme answers, but as always Ms. Bursztyn always provides delightful & clever clues. CHRISTOPHER MERLOT made me smile, as I recently re-watched "Shakespeare in Love."

Haven't heard Harold STASSEN's name in years!

JIMMIE said...

Another cute and fun Sunday puzzle to do while watching the Dodgers.

As a near miss, MADERA is almost Madeira, a fortified wine.

Thanks PG, once more.