SUNDAY, June 6, 2010 — Jim Page (syndicated)

Theme: "Taketh Away" — The letter string TH is removed from familiar phrases. Wackiness ensues.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 35A: Display a casual shirt? (SHOW ONE'S TEE[th]).
  • 53A: One who sings during meals? (MUSICAL [th]EATER).
  • 60A: Where to buy "Splitting Up For Dummies"? ([th]RIFT STORE).
  • 74A: Reaction to a New Year's Day birth? (JANUARY [th]AW).
  • 85A: Salamander coverage? ([th]EFT INSURANCE).
  • 97A: Defy a parent? (CROSS ONE'S PA[th]).
  • 109A: Corn that may or may not be eaten? (EAR[th] IN THE BALANCE).
  • 27A: Reason for a burglar to take aspirin? ([th]ROBBING HEADACHE).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 21A: Jazz giant, familiarly (ELLA).
  • 33A: Cassis cocktail (KIR).
  • 51A: Israeli arms (UZIS).
  • 71A: Hi-__ graphics (RES).
  • 92A: Seaside bird (ERN).
  • 1D: Actor Epps (OMAR).
  • 10D: Island off Tuscany (ELBA).
  • 48D: Floral perfume (ATTAR).
  • 50D: Some Deco works (ERTÉS).
  • 76D: Bridal page word (NÉE).
  • 80D: Swiss river (AAR).
  • 94D: Like the lama, but not the llama, in a Nash poem (ONE-L).
  • 99D: Giraffe cousins (OKAPIS).
Everything Else — 1A: GM line until 2004 (OLDS); 5A: "You're making __ mistake!" (A BIG); 9A: Coming-out parties (DEBS); 13A: Value (ESTEEM); 19A: Mariner or Mountaineer, briefly (MERC); 20A: Moon over Milano (LUNA); 22A: Annoyingly small (MEASLY); 23A: Lago filler (AGUA); 24A: Animated bug film (ANTZ); 25A: Cyberseller's site (EBAY); 26A: Like some champagne glasses (FLUTED); 31A: Joe Louis, e.g. (ARENA); 32A: "Gigi" author (COLETTE); 34A: "Bummer" ("SO SAD"); 39A: Checkup responses (AHS); 41A: What Forum addresses were in (LATIN); 42A: Mr. __!: old detective game (REE); 43A: Log opening (EPI-); 46A: Prepare pupils for an exam? (DILATE); 52A: Mama bear: Span. (OSA); 56A: "Me, __ & Irene": 2000 film (MYSELF); 58A: Noshed (SNACKED); 59A: "Take __ face value" (IT AT); 63A: Legal precedent (TEST CASE); 66A: Texter's "Lordy!" (OMG); 69A: Cagney's "Yankee Doodle Dandy" role (COHAN); 70A: '60s activist Bobby (SEALE); 72A: Trip acquisition (SOUVENIR); 78A: "Assuming that ..." ("IF SO …"); 79A: Net income earner? (E-TAILER); 81A: With hands on hips (AKIMBO); 88A: OED entries (WDS.); 90A: Arrow groove (NOCK); 91A: Got a little hoarse at the race, maybe (ROOTED); 93A: Moo goo __ pan (GAI); 94A: Take place (OCCUR); 95A: Buckeyes' sch. (OSU); 100A: Seat belt, e.g. (STRAP); 104A: Shakespeare contemporary (KYD); 107A: Funny DVD feature (OUTTAKE); 108A: "Love Story" author Segal (ERICH); 115A: Sailor with "muskles" (POPEYE); 117A: Jay's home (NEST); 118A: __ to one's neck (IN UP); 119A: Textile machine (LOOM); 120A: Fends off (AVERTS); 121A: Disney lioness (NALA); 122A: "__ fan tutte" (COSI); 123A: Coventry carriage (PRAM); 124A: Microscope parts (LENSES); 125A: Computer since 1998 (IMAC); 126A: Some Fr. martyrs (STES.); 127A: Like some feed (OATY); 2D: Versatile block (LEGO); 3D: Clobber (DRUB); 4D: Healing sign (SCAB); 5D: Family support group (AL-ANON); 6D: They botch jobs (BUNGLERS); 7D: Where there are too many fish, as per a 1964 hit (IN THE SEA); 8D: Newspaper name (GAZETTE); 9D: One of The Ramones (DEEDEE); 11D: __ belt (BLACK); 12D: Acknowledge a passerby (SAY HI); 13D: "Unbelievable" band (EMF); 14D: Ethiopian messiah (SELASSIE); 15D: Bullish start? (TAURO-); 16D: __ Park, Colorado (ESTES); 17D: "The Mask of Zorro" heroine (ELENA); 18D: 1962 Paul Petersen hit (MY DAD); 28D: Screen picture (ICON); 29D: Scarfed down (ATE); 30D: Horse and buggy __ (ERA); 35D: Run-down area (SLUM); 36D: Lacking clarity (HAZY); 37D: Bluesman Redding (OTIS); 38D: More erudite (WISER); 40D: "Good" cholesterol, briefly (HDL); 43D: Opal finish? (-ESCE); 44D: Water__: dental gadget (PIK); 45D: Picnic pitcherful (ICE TEA); 47D: Nonclerical (LAIC); 49D: Pull one's leg (TEASE); 52D: Go __ a tangent (OFF ON); 53D: 6 on a handset (MNO); 54D: Former Mideast org. (UAR); 55D: "Be __ ..." (A DEAR); 57D: Tiny parasites (LICE); 58D: D.C.'s Union, e.g. (STN.); 61D: Exiled South Vietnamese president (THIEU); 62D: ''Nausea'' novelist (SARTRE); 64D: __ a fox (SLY AS); 65D: Weather-resistant wood (TEAK); 66D: Basketmaking branch (OSIER); 67D: Diva Anna (MOFFO); 68D: Keen enjoyment (GUSTO); 70D: California's Big __ (SUR); 73D: Soccer ball brand (VOIT); 74D: Islamic spirit (JINN); 75D: Still product: Abbr. (ALC.); 77D: React to a shot, say (WINCE); 82D: Soft shoes (MOCS); 83D: Victoria's Secret spec (B-CUP); 84D: Cajun staple (OKRA); 86D: One starting out (NEOPHYTE); 87D: Radical campus gp. (SDS); 88D: Start of an adage about economy (WASTE NOT); 89D: Rid, as of false ideas (DISABUSE); 93D: Some Hawthorne works (GOTHICS); 96D: Lei wearer's strings (UKE); 97D: Cold relief caplet (CONTAC); 98D: Bad place to be stuck (RUT); 100D: Usually green flower part (SEPAL); 101D: Treasure hoard (TROVE); 102D: Go from green to red, often (RIPEN); 103D: Their service is impeccable (ACERS); 105D: One-named Greek singer (YANNI); 106D: Hope (DREAM); 110D: Mallorca, for one (ISLA); 111D: Kal Kan rival (ALPO); 112D: Director Ephron (NORA); 113D: You might wear it out (COAT); 114D: Award for Tina Fey (EMMY); 116D: Basic center? (ESS).


Tinbeni said...

The add a letter(s), take out a letter(s), themes I've grown tired of, especially when the remaining phrase's are so dull.
Today's take out "TH" were easy to solve, not very punny, and mostly got a groan.

AL ANON is for alcoholic's families, so I guess I should contact mine, damn.
ALC for Still product:Abbr. was my fave clue/answer.

Also like the DEBS, Coming-out parties. Mostly I remember them as yesterdays Hampshires.

GOTHICS plural?
IF SO, IT AT, IN UP = yuck!

MNO, 6 on a dial, if you are going to do a letter series this is the way to do it.

MOTTO & KYD were learning moments, A BIG plus.

lit.doc said...

Uniformly easy is pretty much the nicest thing I can say about this one. Oh yeah, good typing practice, too.

The only theme answer that made my teeth hurt was JANUARY AW, though I'm not at all sure why.

Fav theme clue was "Where to buy "Splitting UP For Dummies". I've got four copies in my library.

Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy probably holds the record for most people killed in an Elizabethan revenge tragedy.

KJGooster said...

Very easy Sunday puzzle. And yeah, again with the add/remove a letter or two thing. Sigh.