SUNDAY, June 13, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Initial Offering" — Theme answers are the names of famous people who are known by their initials.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 21A: Artist Escher (MAURITS CORNELIS).
  • 36A: Writer Hinton (SUSAN ELOISE).
  • 51A: Financier Hutton (EDWARD FRANCIS).
  • 73A: Showman Barnum (PHINEAS TAYLOR).
  • 91A: Singer lang (KATHRYN DAWN).
  • 108A: Psychologist Skinner (BURRHUS FREDERIC).
  • 15D: Writer Travers (PAMELA LYNDON).
  • 58D: Writer Barrie (JAMES MATTHEW).
Everything Else — 1A: News reporting (COVERAGE); 9A: Playwright G.B. (SHAW); 13A: Syrup source (MAPLE); 18A: Money manager (TREASURER); 19A: Take on (HIRE); 20A: "Encore!" ("AGAIN!"); 23A: Vagabond (NOMAD); 24A: TV plugs (ADS); 25A: Kabuki kin (NOH); 26A: "Casa" cooker (OLLA); 27A: Seraglios (HAREMS); 28A: Some cyberclutter (SPAM); 30A: Companion critter (PET); 32A: Spy plant (MOLE); 33A: Like some signs (VITAL); 34A: Sin city (SODOM); 39A: Tenn. neighbor (ALA.); 42A: Chargers count (ELEVEN); 44A: Dred Scott Chief Justice (TANEY); 45A: Opened, as envelopes (UNSEALED); 47A: Mock (DERIDE); 48A: Yoko from Tokyo (ONO); 49A: Confer closer (-ENCE); 50A: Taunt part (NYAH); 55A: Writer Rice (ANNE); 56A: Modifying wd. (ADJ.); 59A: Camera component (LENS); 60A: Buzzy abode (HIVE); 61A: Shoe brand Top- --- (SIDER); 62A: Goes places (TRAVELS); 64A: Commodious (ROOMY); 66A: Bette Midler classic (THE ROSE); 68A: Bar fruits (LIMES); 69A: "Sud"'s opposite (NORD); 70A: 2010 "The Karate Kid" costar (CHAN); 71A: PM times (NTS); 72A: Declare (AVER); 78A: It's a loch (NESS); 79A: Geraldine Chaplin's mother (OONA); 80A: Kal- --- (KAN); 81A: Persian Gulf peninsula (ARABIA); 85A: Programming opening (TIME SLOT); 87A: Bypass (SKIRT); 89A: Cosine's reciprocal (SECANT); 90A: "Wheel of Fortune" buy (AN A); 94A: Motor lead-in (SERVO); 95A: Many "Glee" fans (TEENS); 97A: "Les États- ---" (UNIS); 98A: Just about forever (EON); 100A: 2009 Miss America Katie (STAM); 101A: Odium (HATRED); 103A: Jazz and Bronze (AGES); 104A: Narrow inlet (RIA); 106A: Wallach of 2010's "Wall Street" (ELI); 107A: Have --- (converse) (A CHAT); 113A: "We hold --- truths to be ..." (THESE); 114A: Hitch (SNAG); 115A: Sought by petition (SOLICITED); 116A: Valjean escape route (SEWER); 117A: Trial fig. (ATTY.); 118A: Confined for privacy (CLOSETED); 1D: Activist for reform (CRUSADER); 2D: Donne's done (O'ER); 3D: Stuck-up (VAIN); 4D: Bar before the bench (ESTOP); 5D: Loses no time (RUSHES); 6D: Pendulum path (ARC); 7D: Old Metro maker (GEO); 8D: Slip (ERR); 9D: He wrote "To a Skylark" (SHELLEY); 10D: Early Talmudic sage (HILLEL); 11D: La Scala solo (ARIA); 12D: Horror maven Craven (WES); 13D: Dugong kin (MANATEE); 14D: Athens landmark (AGORA); 16D: "Nell"'s Neeson (LIAM); 17D: Goals (ENDS); 18D: Infant amphibian (TADPOLE); 21D: Gathered (MASSED); 22D: Alicia Keys hit (NO ONE); 27D: Snake sounds (HISSES); 29D: Reel thing (MOVIE); 31D: After-class coaches (TUTORS); 32D: --- "La Mancha" (MAN OF); 33D: Leonardo's birthplace (VINCI); 35D: Interferes (MEDDLES); 37D: Beach makeup (SAND); 38D: Pound fraction (OUNCE); 40D: Most meager (LEANEST); 41D: Sticks (ADHERES); 43D: Staircase support (NEWEL); 46D: Have --- of confidence (AN AIR); 49D: Begrudge (ENVY); 52D: RSVP (ANS.); 53D: Brenda Morgenstern's sister (RHODA); 54D: Goal (AIM); 56D: Home of the Braves (ATLANTA); 57D: Carhop setting (DRIVE-IN); 61D: Mexican misters (SEÑORES); 63D: Pound output (VERSE); 64D: Jaffe or Barrett (RONA); 65D: Miner concern (ORE); 66D: Quaker pronoun (THY); 67D: NFL cofounder George (HALAS); 69D: Final Beethoven symphony (NINTH); 70D: "Why --- Be Friends?" (CAN'T WE); 73D: Cracow's country (POLAND); 74D: Caterwauls (HOOTS); 75D: Slides sideways (SKIDS); 76D: Olympian Lipinski (TARA); 77D: Regattas (RACES); 82D: Like Smetana's bride (BARTERED); 83D: Baseless (INVALID); 84D: Energy type (ATOMIC); 86D: Bitty biter (SKEETER); 87D: Collaboration's intended bonus (SYNERGY); 88D: Potato-y deli specialty (KNISH); 92D: Toddler (RUGRAT); 93D: Martial arts actor Chuck (NORRIS); 96D: Wipe out (ERASE); 99D: Beatrice, to Prince Charles (NIECE); 101D: Panama and pillbox (HATS); 102D: Pang (ACHE); 103D: Rosemary Clooney, to George (AUNT); 105D: Mine access (ADIT); 108D: "Be Prepared" org. (BSA); 109D: L.A. campus (USC); 110D: Fa follower (SOL); 111D: Ziegfeld, familiarly (FLO); 112D: "Chaud" time (ÉTÉ).


Anonymous said...

A fair challenge for a Sunday and a theme I haven't seen before in my brief time as a puzzler. I knew most of the initials (BF Skinner, PT Barnum, MC Escher, EF Hutton) but none of their names. I just had to grind it out from the crosses.

A clever clue - - I wasn't thinking of Ezra for the first ten minutes I spent wondering about Pound Output (63D).

JIMMIE said...

Harder than most because of some unique names, such as BURRHUS and MAURITS, but nice to do as the Angels and Dodgers are playing.

Thanks PG, for your good work.

hmj said...

Another culturally biased piece by Massa Bursztyn.

DClady said...

PMtimes = nts ...???
Anyone help me understand this?
FYI, NY times had a crossword where PMtimes = afts