SUNDAY, June 20, 2010 — Julian Lim (syndicated)

Theme: "Course Humor" — Golf puns!

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Golfer's excuse for a bad chip shot? (IRON DEFICIENCY).
  • 29A: Golfer's shot into a water hazard? (STROKE OF MISFORTUNE).
  • 49A: Golfer's lament about failing to recognize different ball positions? (I CANNOT TELL A LIE).
  • 65A: What a golfer who's not playing well doesn't do? (GET IN THE SWING OF THINGS).
  • 84A: Mind-set for a golfer wary of sand? (BUNKER MENTALITY).
  • 109A: Golfer's admission after missing fairways? (I HAD A ROUGH TIME).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 52A: Digs up? (AERIE).
  • 71A: Greek marketplaces (AGORAE).
  • 80A: Indian nurses (AMAHS).
  • 90A: Long bones (ULNAE).
  • 57D: Muslim general (AGA).
  • 105D: 1847 novel set on Tahiti (OMOO).
  • 107D: Paris possessive (SES).
  • 114D: Craggy crest (TOR).
Everything Else — 1A: Some bars (BREW PUBS); 9A: Benjamin (C-SPOT); 14A: Political fugitive (ÉMIGRÉ); 20A: Communications collectible (RADIO SET); 21A: Overgrown tract (HEATH); 22A: Intolerant (NARROW); 25A: Swing one's hips (GYRATE); 26A: It's multifaceted (GEM); 27A: Bridge opening, for short (ONE NO); 28A: Checking line (REIN); 38A: Naval officer (ADMIRAL); 41A: Volume-control devices, in recording (FADERS); 42A: Scads (A LOT); 43A: Stared salaciously (LEERED); 44A: Where to get off: Abbr. (STA.); 47A: Categories (TYPES); 48A: Like Key lime pie (TART); 53A: Green light (NOD); 54A: Baseball great Combs (EARLE); 55A: Fills with cargo (LADES); 57A: Dols. and cts. (AMTS.); 59A: Start of a 1961 inaugural quote (ASK NOT); 60A: Religious rift (SCHISM); 72A: Got watery, in a way (TEARED); 73A: Thugs' pieces (GATS); 74A: Friendship bracelet items (BEADS); 78A: Drawn fawn (BAMBI); 79A: "Kung Fu" actor (AHN); 89A: __ of Silence: "Get Smart" security device (CONE); 91A: Melancholic (SAD); 92A: Mike user, maybe (ORATOR); 93A: Minuscule amount (IOTA); 94A: Brad of "Deuces Wild" (RENFRO); 96A: Noms de guerre (ANONYMS); 97A: Golfer's slicing tee shot? (DRIVE AROUND THE BEND); 102A: Describe in drawing (LIMN); 103A: Ties (EVENS); 104A: Crowd around, as a celebrity (MOB); 107A: Pope who met with Attila the Hun (ST. LEO I); 115A: 1974 Mocedades hit (ERES TU); 116A: Fix, as a green (RESOD); 117A: Ford 1925 "Tin Goose" aircraft, e.g. (TRIMOTOR); 118A: Vegas strategy (SYSTEM); 119A: Neural impulse carriers (AXONS); 120A: Sitcom sewer worker (ED NORTON); 1D: Sea cell (BRIG); 2D: Hard to come by (RARE); 3D: Kingdom south of Moab (EDOM); 4D: Prevail (WIN); 5D: Cast intro? (POD-); 6D: "__ the force ..." (USE); 7D: Hoodwink (BEFOOL); 8D: Play terribly (STINK); 9D: Trouser material (CHINO); 10D: Yell "Bon voyage!" to (SEE OFF); 11D: Searing utensil (PAN); 12D: Non-Rx (OTC); 13D: Your, of yore (THY); 14D: Rivet (ENGROSS); 15D: "Waiting on the World to Change" singer John (MAYER); 16D: Chafe (IRRITATE); 17D: Like salt (GRANULAR); 18D: Baloney (ROT); 19D: One in a flock (EWE); 24D: Start to cry? (CEE); 29D: Soldier's barked denial (SIR NO SIR); 30D: General heading (TREND); 31D: Maker of the V10K, the world's hardest watch (RADO); 32D: __ Hari (MATA); 33D: Tennyson work (IDYLL); 34D: Old photo tint (SEPIA); 35D: Unfettered (FREED); 36D: Sushi seaweed (NORI); 37D: Luncheon end? (-ETTE); 38D: Husband of Fatima (ALI); 39D: Fourth-qtr. month (DEC.); 40D: Predestined, with "be" (MEANT TO); 44D: Gambler's fund (STAKE); 45D: Ocean fliers (TERNS); 46D: Tolerate (ALLOW); 50D: New Ager John (TESH); 51D: Beatles' last album (LET IT BE); 52D: Writer Sholem (ASCH); 56D: Abbr. pertaining to origin (ESTD.); 58D: Gig fraction (MEG); 59D: To __: exactly (A TEE); 61D: Plateau (HIGHLAND); 62D: Foolishness (INANITY); 63D: Snorkel, e.g.: Abbr. (SGT.); 64D: Ed.'s workload (MSS.); 66D: Apprehends (NABS); 67D: Gets close to (NEARS); 68D: Harmful ray type (GAMMA); 69D: Spherical (ORBED); 70D: Sinn __ (FEIN); 75D: More likely to get hired (ABLER); 76D: "I'm stumped!" ("DUNNO!"); 77D: Big mess (SNAFU); 79D: Claire's baby, on "Lost" (AARON); 80D: Battery fluid (ACID); 81D: Peaty wasteland (MOOR); 82D: CuraÁao's chain (ANTILLES); 83D: Most weighty (HEAVIEST); 85D: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" composer (KERN); 86D: Vocal quality (TONE); 87D: Mix in oaters (TOM); 88D: Hist. class data (YRS.); 90D: Coffinite element (URANIUM); 95D: Had way too much (OD'ED ON); 96D: Preposterous (ABSURD); 98D: Ham it up (EMOTE); 99D: Super Bowl highlights? (TV ADS); 100D: "Talk to __": 2002 Almodóvar film (HER); 101D: Online reminder (ENOTE); 104D: Chef's protection (MITT); 106D: Alpine capital (BERN); 108D: Effort (TRY); 109D: Tax-deferral vehicle, for short (IRA); 110D: Bewitch (HEX); 111D: Japanese prime minister who succeeded Fukuda in 2008 (ASO); 112D: Gimlet choice (GIN); 113D: Insurance gp. (HMO).



Oooo Weee!
Got through it with just one snag... my AARON/AHN natick!

Julian Lim is a genius to put together these long golf puns whilst maintaining solid (and fresh) fill.

I sure didn't like ODED ON... a legit word, but far too slangy for me.

When I saw 59A "Start of a 1961 inaugural quote" (ASK NOT), I began to think the puzzle had the entire Kennedy quotation... but no!

Got ERES Tú (Mocedades song) from crosses, but I've never heard of it before.
Also I had forgotten about Beetle Bailey's Sergeant (SGT) Snorkel.
So, with those three obstacles to set me back, I didn't do so well timewise... but I did get the puzzle 100% correct and that's something to crow about. Speed was never my forte on Sunday puzzles.

Liked the TRIMOTOR clue... can anyone expound on this?

Happy Father's Day Y'all!
I'm going down to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra today to see (hear) my trumpeter son play in the Beethoven Festival (their final performance of this season). Then next week, the Ravinia season begins.


ERES TU is Spanish for "Touch the Wind"
I had to listen and get translation of the lyrics for this marvelous song--
Hope you also like it!

lit.doc said...

And, speaking of Crosswordese 101, SGT Snorkel's dog OTTO shows up fairly often.

Van55 said...

Pretty good puzzle, I thought. I reached some impasses that required me to put the paper away for awhile before returning, but eventually it all came together. Needed my wife's input to get the Lost baby, AARON, however.

I don't much like TRY as a synonym for "effort." I guess they are synonymous nouns, but I too often have heard the use of "effort" as a verb these days.

Anonymous said...

In the dictionary Famima's husband is listed as Bluebeard and her brother-in-law was ALI.

lit.doc said...

@Anon 10:37, the Bluebeard you read about is probably the character from a children's adventure story (I think it's in Tales of Mother Goose). Unrelated to the puzzle clue, which presumably ref's Islamic history.

Tinbeni said...

Liked that the grid started with one of my favorite places, a BREW PUB. We have several nearby with great food also.

WOW, what a great Father's Day puzzle.
The U.S. OPEN always ends on it (unless a playoff is needed) and being in Calif. I am looking forward to watching tonight.

Took up golf around age 30, played way too much and now I'm taking a sabatical. But I loved today's timely (Got that Swiss watch RADO in) theme puns. Good job Julian Lim.

C-SPOT (not C-Note) was a WTF?
I have never heard it called spot.
'Out, Damned Spot, Out, I Say!"

ERES TU all via perps, DUNNO it, wouldn't recognize it if I heard it. Apparently it was a hit. OK, if you say so.

lit.doc said...

@Tinbeni, yeah, should be C-note. G-spot yes, C-spot no.

Tinbeni said...

Finally listened to the ERES TU clip.
Sounds vaguely familiar.
At that time I was in College, and a very serious student (probably hard to believe I was ever serious about anything). Thanks!

LOL at your G-spot comment.
If you spend the C-Note ...

abnorma said...


I remember "Eres Tu" very clearly as it was a hit song while I was in college. I majored in Spanish and "Eres Tú" means "You are".