SUNDAY, March 28, 2010 — Pamela Amick Klawitter (syndicated)

Theme: "From the Product Department" — Theme answers are familiar phrases with names of fruit hidden in them.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Chancellor Angela Merkel leads it (GERMAN GOVERNMENT).
  • 32A: Bologna location (DELI MEAT COUNTER).
  • 54A: 1989 Fred Savage comedy (LITTLE MONSTERS).
  • 70A: Houdini et al. (ESCAPE ARTISTS).
  • 91A: Proving ground NW of Vegas (NEVADA TEST SITE).
  • 105A: 50:1 bet, e.g. (EXTREME LONG-SHOT).
  • 122A: Striped reef dweller (EMPEROR ANGELFISH).
  • 112A: A different one is hidden in each of this puzzle's seven longest answers (FRUIT).
Everything Else — 1A: Pamplona parlor (SALA); 5A: 1912 Nobelist Root (ELIHU); 10A: New Balance rival (ASICS); 15A: Ancient symbols of Egyptian royalty (ASPS); 19A: 2005 A.L. MVP, familiarly (A-ROD); 20A: They get carried away (REPOS); 21A: Vietnam's capital (HANOI); 22A: First name in "Popeye"? (SWEE'); 26A: Clue (LEAD); 27A: Historical records (ANNALS); 28A: Oft-named period (ERA); 29A: __-a-brac (BRIC); 30A: Cathedral feature (APSE); 31A: Rise (STAND); 36A: Top cards (ACES); 38A: Radio CD players (DJS); 39A: "Mad Men" airer (AMC); 40A: Tubs with jets (SPAS); 44A: "Shall we?" response ("LET'S"); 46A: Internet commerce (ETAIL); 49A: Truman's Missouri birthplace (LAMAR); 57A: Tussaud, for one (MADAME); 58A: Firenze's land (ITALIA); 59A: Luau fare (POI); 60A: Friend of Rover (FIDO); 62A: Neural impulse conductor (AXON); 63A: 1983 self-titled debut album (MADONNA); 65A: Pigged out (on) (OD'ED); 68A: Ristorante dessert (TIRAMISU); 73A: Do covers (HAIRNETS); 77A: Con __: spiritedly (BRIO); 78A: Furniture movers (CASTERS); 83A: Salinger character who said "I prefer stories about squalor" (ESME); 84A: Ply a scythe (REAP); 86A: School name follower in many addresses (EDU); 88A: Eye maliciously (LEER AT); 89A: Car shoppers' options (LEASES); 95A: Olive Garden specialty (PASTA); 96A: Had an effect on (FAZED); 97A: Bigfoot cousin (YETI); 98A: Come across as (SEEM); 99A: Genealogically based men's gp. (SAR); 101A: "Norma __" (RAE); 103A: Rave partner (RANT); 117A: Ditzy waitress on "Alice" (VERA); 118A: Trompe l'__ (OEIL); 119A: Winter coat (ICE); 120A: Sault-Marie filler (SAINTE); 121A: Dhow sailor (ARAB); 126A: Diana's escort (DODI); 127A: Lingerie shade (BEIGE); 128A: "__ a Grecian Urn" (ODE ON); 129A: Heavy reading? (TOME); 130A: Crossed (out) (EXED); 131A: "Consequently ..." ("AND SO …"); 132A: Jane of "Father Knows Best" (WYATT); 133A: NY Giants lineman Chris (SNEE); 1D: Epics (SAGAS); 2D: Ain't like it oughta be? (AREN'T); 3D: Doone of Devon (LORNA); 4D: Hyper? (ADMAN); 5D: Coastal raptors (ERNS); 6D: Something to shake or break, so to speak (LEG); 7D: NYSE launch (IPO); 8D: Ramshackle home (HOVEL); 9D: PIN relative (USER ID); 10D: Philip of "Kung Fu" (AHN); 11D: Carnival dance (SAMBA); 12D: Like helium (INERT); 13D: Like dunce caps (CONICAL); 14D: "The Big Bang Theory," e.g. (SITCOM); 15D: Lewis lion (ASLAN); 16D: Used a broom (SWEPT); 17D: Veggies in a porridge (PEASE); 18D: Passover feast (SEDER); 24D: "Flash of Genius" actor (ALDA); 25D: Certain aircraft engine (RAM JET); 32D: Regard (DEEM); 33D: Prohibit, legally (ESTOP); 34D: Right on a mapa (ESTE); 35D: Golden State sch. (UCLA); 37D: Spot removers (CLEANSERS); 40D: Unlikely (SLIM); 41D: Gyro bread (PITA); 42D: The slightest bit (A TAD); 43D: Manche department capital (ST.-LÔ); 45D: Poke around (SNOOP); 47D: Corgi comment (ARF); 48D: Last Supper query (IS IT I); 50D: Sistine Chapel ceiling figure (ADAM); 51D: Modest skirt (MAXI); 52D: Cookie guy Wally (AMOS); 53D: Eye care brand (RENU); 55D: Sheets and such (LINEN); 56D: Hit back? (SIDE B); 57D: Sermon subject (MORTAL SIN); 61D: Record (DISC); 64D: French play part (ACTE); 66D: Kernel holder (EAR); 67D: Did a dishwashing chore (DRIED); 69D: Plus (ASSET); 71D: Yoga position (ASANA); 72D: USA __ (TODAY); 73D: Troubleshooting menu (HELP); 74D: Cruising, maybe (ASEA); 75D: "__ shocked as you are!" (I'M AS); 76D: Musical symbol (REST); 79D: Alec D'Urberville's slayer (TESS); 80D: Northern terminus of I-79 (ERIE); 81D: Matter of interest? (RATE); 82D: Apple projection (STEM); 85D: Candy originally from Austria (PEZ); 87D: Unborn, after "in" (UTERO); 90D: Effortlessness (EASE); 92D: Offscreen friend in "Ernest" films (VERN); 93D: Slowly, to Liszt (ADAGIO); 94D: Coup d'__ (ETAT); 96D: Citizens (FREEMEN); 100D: Lab slide critter (AMOEBA); 102D: Third-party account (ESCROW); 104D: Nonstick cookware brand (TFAL); 105D: Dodge (EVADE); 106D: Copy (XEROX); 107D: Diamond deal (TRADE); 108D: Beyond gung-ho (RABID); 109D: Oily compound (LIPID); 110D: Designer Cassini et al. (OLEGS); 111D: Intoxicating, as wine (HEADY); 113D: Breaks in relations (RIFTS); 114D: Strike caller (UNION); 115D: Shout upon arrival (IT'S ME); 116D: Little laugh (TEHEE); 120D: E-mailed (SENT); 123D: Vintage auto (REO); 124D: Museum funder: Abbr. (NEA); 125D: Figured out (GOT).



Ho-hum puzzle and writeup... 13:24 online. Back to "too-easy" LAT, but NYT is no better.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed doing this puzzle.
Sometimes the answers to the clues are too far fetched and at times, seem to go against good grammar or current usage.

Van55 said...

Unlike JNH, I thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle. It seems to have almost no trite answers. I didn't think the theme answers were strained at all. Fresh and fun throughout for me.

@JNH: Rex's directive to you to be more terse is just one man's opinion. Bring back the old JHN.

a regular said...

No, please don't.

shrub5 said...

A bit of difficulty at 10A (ASICS). Thought the clue "New Balance rival" was referring to a type of margarine/spread, but later realized no, that's Smart Balance. Had no idea was ASICS is; looked it up and it is an athletic shoe brand (as is New Balance).

Took me a while to get Hyper? = ADMAN. Oh, hyper = one who hypes, not the adjective meaning frenetic.

Had a little chuckle at Winter coat = ICE. It filled itself in so I didn't get the chance to try FUR?

I enjoyed doing this puzzle this AM; figured out the theme but it only helped by the time I got down to EMPEROR ANGELFISH where I could see part of orange. Thanks for a tasty puzzle, Pamela.

Tinbeni said...

The fruit at the end of one theme word, start of another made this an easy Sinday.

110D Designer Cassini, etal. OLEG is the only one I've ever heard of, with an 'S' was a stretch.
ST LO clued other than a WWII ref. was great.
Liked that RANT showed up after yesterday.

ASANA, ASLAN, ESME, RENU & TFAL were all new to me (GOT via crosses).

I'd rate the puzzle ... BEIGE.

@a regular: Hmmm, nothing about the puzzle

@JNH: I still need help with plants and music. Miss your clips, photos and humor.

@Orange: Sorry, front moved in early. UV Index = 0

Argyle said...

Correction: "From the Produce Department"

Not as funny as an ANON who reported that in Springfield, MA, the title was printed as "From the Police Department".


@Tinbeni & Van55
I'm afraid not... Rex is the boss man here and also I guess I've pissed off too many anonymouses.
I'm a man of peace and life is too short to be dealing with these juvenile commenters who just like to flame others... saw enough of that the last few days... made me ill ! Blogs should be friendly places!!!

lit.doc said...

I completely agree with @Puzzle Girl’s write-up, and would add only two “yeah, ok, we’re on Planet Crossword, but…” cavils. 17D: The plural of “pea” is “peas”. 129A: has anyone ever seen the city referred to as anything but “Saulte Ste. Marie”?

CrazyCat said...

I'm with @Tinbeni and @JNH on this one. BEIGE with a side of FRUIT. Only real problem I had was the New Balance Rival. First had AVIAS, then ADIDA, finally got ASICS.

LOL@Shrub 5 "Smart Balance."

@JohnsNeverHome - I agree with @Tinbeni and @Van55.

So today we have the AMOS cookie guy I was thinking of yesterday for Famous AMOS. His first name is Wally. I don't think I knew that. New fact of import to HOARD in my aready cluttered brain.

Gomer said...

First time commenter - just wanted to say I've enjoyed JNH's postings. I was a little shocked by the recent critisism - is this stuff that important? If people cannot get along in a forum as light as this, what hope is there for reasonable discourse on issues that matter? I became a CW fan about 18 mos. ago and agreed w/ Tinbeni's comments last week re: practice and repetition. 13 minutes, JNH? - wow. Today's was definitely not a "10", but still beats workin'. Where's PG on Sundays?

JaJaJoe said...

LOL'd about 2Down "Ain't ... oughta be" AREN'T and 73Across HAIRNETS as "Do covers".

Upon reading the 53Down hint "Eye care brand" for B&L's ReNu, which also supplements natural tears, I heard via WWDTMe "this'll bring a tear to your eye...".

While now regularly having LIPID testing of my blood, 109Down "Oily compound" reminds me of the oiled-sawdust used by my Dad as a sweeping-aid, which he called "compound".

@lit doc may wanna see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pease_pudding

CrazyCat said...

@lit.doc PEASE porridge hot, PEASE porridge cold, PEASE porridge in the pot etc, etc, etc.

@Gomer Hi and welcome. You would think that. Or if someone doesn't want to read a certain commenter's comment, they could just scroll down and be done with it. It's just a puzzle.

I'm not sure, but I think it would be a reasonable guess that PG is spending time relaxing and having fun with her family on Sundays. There usually aren't that many comments on Sunday to warrant a whole big write up.

mac said...

Very decent Sunday puzzle with no real problems. Tried to get Reichstag or Bundes-something into 23A.... Needed a lot of crosses for emperor angelfish!

Tinbeni said...

Did I commit a MORTAL SIN earlier with my typo of Sunday as Sinday?

I agree re:Sunday and the "write-up."
The puzzles and themes are fairly straightforward.

John: Rex suggested "shorter" not terse.
The Anonymouses should grab a handle and 'get in the discussion.'
Plus, I remember you once saying that 1/3 of the fun was the puzzle, 1/3 coming here and learning from our hosts and the final third was making/reading the comments.

(I added an additional third re: my avatar)

CrazyCat said...

@Tinbeni 10 Hail Marys and a Scotch with ice and soda for your egregious typo.

RASTA said...

I actually did very well on today's puzzle, suprising myself.

I really was waiting for some one to stick up for @JNH.
being a new blogger I didn't think it was my place. I also
hope @JNH that he adds a little more back to his comments, especially since other people write books for comments themselves.

Good to see @Tibeni, Van55 & CCL saying nice things to JNH and agree with Gomer completely!

Thanks @ Tibeni & CCL for your kind words and encouragement last week.

I myself will not comment any more

lit.doc said...

@JaJaJoe and @CCL, thank's for engaging toeday's Picayune Points of Grammar thread. In the true spirit of same (which is "in the context of crosswords, none of this really matters but ain't it fun to fuss about"), my riposte is as follows:

JJJ's link yields "Pease pudding, sometimes known as pease pottage or pease porridge, is a baked vegetable product, which mainly consists of split yellow or Carlin peas, water, salt, and spices, often cooked with a bacon or ham joint. (In Middle English, "Pease" was treated as a mass noun, similar to "oatmeal" and the singular "pea" and plural "peas" arose [in modern English] by back-formation.

So the usage is ME, as is the nursury rhyme, which I wouldn't have fussed about at all had the clue included something like "old style" or however it's usually phrased.

Ohandbytheyway, welcome to the conversation, JaJaJoe. Don't think I've seen your handle on a post before.

FWIW, the Captcha Overlord tells me I'm taking a cheep shot here.


Well I now know who all the friendly folks are... thanks y'all.

Tinbeni said...

Stay in the discussion.
Fresh ideas, like learning a new word, is always a plus.

hazel said...

C'mon JNH - no sulking on the blog!!

And don't go thinking you know who ALL the friendly folks are based on the friendly ones who have come to your defense here. Alot of people just like crossword puzzles and a community of similarly-minded people - and just don't care to take sides during these little skirmishes that seem to occasionally pop up.

If you want to say something, just say it. I think the blog team were just trying to point out the "less is more" rule of etiquette about posting. I happen to agree with that rule, but if you think less is good, and more is better, go for it. I (that is noone) HAS to read it any of it - I can skim, scroll, lighten up, let it go, and then move on without even breaking a sweat.

I definitely prefer a jolly rambler to a sulky one-liner.

C'mon where are you going for breakfast???? Inquiring minds need to know! <:)

Rube said...

@JNH, I just got to the Sunday Puzzle and the comments. As you may remember, I applauded your efforts before your recent dust-up, and I still appreciate your comments.

I forgot to mention that I too thought DimeSTORECOWBOY. Seemed natural, but doing the puzz in ink I waited for crosses to confirm... nope.

It's late. Off to Tuesday's puzzles.