SUNDAY, March 21, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn

THEME: "And Sign Here" — A rebus puzzles in which an ampersand stands for the letters AND.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see the write-up of today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Dick Clark's flagship (AMERICAN B[AND]ST[AND]).
  • 48A: Company that merged with Nabisco (ST[AND]ARD BR[AND]S).
  • 62A: Peet or Plummer (AM[AND]A).
  • 67A: Irving Berlin's first big hit (ALEX[AND]ER'S RAGTIME B[AND]).
  • 85A: Desert (AB[AND]ON).
  • 91A: Unimpeded perspective (GR[AND]ST[AND] VIEW).
  • 94A: Hero's heartthrob (LE[AND]ER).
  • 118A: Like lovers on a park path (WALKING H[AND] IN H[AND]).
  • 9D: Insipid (BL[AND]).
  • 12D: Tristram of literature (SH[AND]Y).
  • 36D: Screen's Kowalski (BR[AND]O).
  • 39D: Sacker of Rome (V[AND]AL).
  • 42D: Dressing variety (THOUS[AND] ISL[AND]).
  • 47D: Leader dubbed Mahatma (MOH[AND]AS G[AND]HI).
  • 59D: Provisions (VI[AND]S).
  • 82D: Marlowe's creator (CH[AND]LER).
  • 92D: Shaw title character ([AND]ROCLES).
  • 107D: Ramble (ME[AND]ER).
  • 114D: Huarache (S[AND]AL).
Everything Else — 1A: Old Egyptian charm (SCARAB); 7A: Native Israelis (SABRAS); 13A: Hogs the sofa (SPRAWLS); 20A: Yokohama drama (KABUKI); 21A: Red in the face (ABLUSH); 22A: Put right (IRON OUT); 25A: Canyon near Malibu (TOPANGA); 26A: Hanoi holiday (TET); 27A: Valletta's nation (MALTA); 28A: Tot stuff (TOYS); 30A: Addams Family uncle (FESTER); 31A: "What --- could I do?" (ELSE); 33A: Inlet (RIA); 34A: Recycling receptacle (BIN); 35A: Critic Roger (EBERT); 37A: Big horn (TUBA); 39A: Nice life (VIE); 40A: Scull session sticks (OARS); 41A: 20 dispensers (ATMS); 45A: Pinnacles (ACMES); 51A: Come in third (SHOW); 52A: Chest (THORAX); 54A: "Rumor --- it ..." (HAS); 55A: London greeting ('ELLO); 56A: "Twelfth Night" twin (VIOLA); 57A: Baseball honcho Bowie (KUHN); 58A: First name in stunts (EVEL); 60A: Plum kin (SLOE); 61A: Beast's beloved (BEAUTY); 63A: Edge (RIM); 64A: Memo abbr. (ATTN); 65A: Stole from an animal? (FUR); 66A: Plea asea (SOS); 72A: Small sts. (PLS.); 74A: Plaines preceder (DES); 75A: Yard sale stipulation (AS IS); 76A: Blunder (ERR); 77A: Imperil (RISK); 80A: "Lyin' Eyes" group (EAGLES); 82A: Cut short (CROP); 83A: Novelist Janowitz (TAMA); 84A: Tennis great Arthur (ASHE); 86A: "Moonstruck" Oscar winner (CHER); 87A: E-file agcy. (IRS); 88A: Wanness (PALLOR); 90A: Silver salmon (COHO); 95A: Satie or Estrada (ERIK); 96A: Romance novelist Victoria (HOLT); 97A: Hit head-on (RAM); 98A: Some MP3 players (RCAS); 100A: Legree's creator (STOWE); 102A: Hector, to Hecuba (SON); 103A: Campy wrap (BOA); 104A: Meager (SLIM); 108A: Sprints (DASHES); 111A: Campus mil. org. (ROTC); 113A: Some sisters (AUNTS); 115A: Put away groceries (ATE); 116A: Hurriedly (IN HASTE); 121A: In a tangle (SNARLED); 122A: Timeworn (AGE-OLD); 123A: An American, in Paris? (YANKEE); 124A: Features of some locks (KEYPADS); 125A: Fight back (RESIST); 126A: One of thrash metal's Big Four (SLAYER); 1D: Emulate Apolo Ohno (SKATE); 2D: Spin for Sasha Cohen (CAMEL); 3D: Helps in crime (ABETS); 4D: Capek classic (RUR); 5D: Tamiroff of "Topkapi" (AKIM); 6D: Baking soda, in brief (BICARB); 7D: Sleigh driver of note (SANTA); 8D: "Waterloo" quartet (ABBA); 10D: More out of practice (RUSTIER); 11D: First name in sports cars (ASTON); 13D: Perch (SIT); 14D: Claim (PROFESS); 15D: Roundup participant (ROPER); 16D: Oscar role for Ingrid (ANASTASIA); 17D: Tom Petty's "I --- Back Down" (WON'T); 18D: Olympic racer (LUGE); 19D: Asterisk (STAR); 24D: False name (ALIAS); 29D: St. Trinian's creator Ronald (SEARLE); 32D: Everlasting (ETERNAL); 34D: Slant (BIAS); 38D: Dos Passos trilogy (USA); 40D: Football-shaped (OBLONG); 43D: Very, to Verdi (MOLTO); 44D: Moves with the music (SWAYS); 45D: It's an Aleutian (ATKA); 46D: Buddy (CHUM); 49D: Ampersand for and, e.g. (as herein) (THEME); 50D: River mouths (DELTAS); 53D: Thermopylae victor (XERXES); 56D: "Billy Budd" captain (VERE); 60D: Word with mall or mine (STRIP); 61D: Trumped-up charge (BUM RAP); 64D: Classify (ASSORT); 65D: Solid (FIRM); 68D: Adam's site (EDEN); 69D: Least done (RAREST); 70D: Rib (TEASE); 71D: Without a Wacoal, say (BRALESS); 72D: Dove's cry? (PEACE); 73D: Toil (LABOR); 78D: Sneaker or loafer (SHOE); 79D: "Beloved Infidel"'s Deborah (KERR); 81D: "Get a move on!" (LOOK SHARP); 83D: Crop (TRIM); 86D: Boast (CROW); 87D: Nobelist Pavlov (IVAN); 89D: Chicken-king link (ALA); 91D: Wrote under wraps (GHOSTED); 93D: Mistreat (WRONG); 99D: Everly Brothers' "--- Clown" (CATHY'S); 101D: Edison contemporary (TESLA); 102D: Phase (STAGE); 103D: Cake type (BUNDT); 105D: Gangling (LANKY); 106D: "... --- wed" (I THEE); 108D: Frisbee, e.g. (DISK); 109D: Bancroft or Boleyn (ANNE); 110D: One-horse carriage (SHAY); 112D: Man --- (OWAR); 113D: Feels fluish (AILS); 117D: Mag. wheels (EDS.); 119D: Garden-pond fish (KOI); 120D: Concert finale? (-INA).


JIMMIE said...

Very clever CW Sylvia. I did not know that an ampersand was fair game but when I got Thousand island dressing early on, it finally came to me. Wow!

Thanks, PG!

*David* said...

The puzzle is defined as an ampersand fill but could be looked at as a rebus with the letters AND in it, which was the way I filled it in. I prefer the AND fill-in to a symbol, which seems like apples and oranges in comparison. Never expected it which was why I kept on circling the theme fill until I got to BRANDO.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the reveal clue:
49D [Ampersand for and, e.g. (as herein)]
...with the answer THEME.

Thanks, PG!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia: This is a crossWORD puzzle not some form of hieroglyphic anagram mishmash. Your puns lack humor AND intelligence, your use of obscure personages is boring and you lack any sort of cleverness with your clues. BORING! You need to find another line of work - perhaps writing banal scripts for television ads?

Orange said...

Anonymous 1:28: Your meanness is not elevating the discourse here.

Tinbeni said...

Let me first say I normally abhor rebus puzzles.

But I like to use the ampersand when I am writing non-formal emails, comments etc.

This was a hoot. Maybe my favorite rebus ever.

This was interesting & clever.