07.24 Sun

July 24, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Inserting a Little Humor" — The letter string PUN is inserted into common words and well-known phrases and names.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: Jack-o-lanterns, in a manner o' speakin'? (PUNKIN FOLKS).
  • 29A: Departed from part of Pakistan? (LEFT PUNJAB).
  • 37A: Tabloid headline about a singer being fined? (CHER PUNISHED).
  • 53A: Rudely removed Lurch from the "Addams Family" set? (PUNTED CASSIDY).
  • 56A: Where to buy green hair dye and body chains? (PUNKMART).
  • 69A: What the 97-pound weakling blamed his physique on? (PUNY CHROMOSOMES).
  • 83A: Online columnists? (E-PUNDITS).
  • 85A: TV series about an irrepressible lawman? (SPUNKY MARSHAL).
  • 99A: "Always serve ___" (dog soiree advice?) (CAT PUNCH COLD).
  • 108A: Cause of a Peugeot's flat tire? (LE PUNCTURE).
  • 118A: James Bond after a week without a shower? (A PUNGENT OO7).
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Everything Else 1A: Abbr. on a platter (ASCAP); 6A: Old hat (DATED); 11A: Tooth's partner (NAIL); 15A: Simple puppet (SOCK); 19A: Hyphen's cousin (SLASH); 20A: Watson of "Angela's Ashes" (EMILY); 21A: "Free Willy" subject (ORCA); 22A: Leonid's successor (YURI); 25A: Daisy supporter (STEM); 26A: Sack dress creator (DIOR); 27A: Certain 113 Across (SGT.); 28A: Like some editions (LATE); 31A: Archers take it (AIM); 32A: More bananas (BATTIER); 36A: Substantial (MEATY); 41A: In check (AT BAY); 44A: Wander (ROVE); 45A: Without ___ (insouciant) (A CARE); 46A: Plaintiffs (SUERS); 47A: Hair-raising stuff? (GEL); 50A: Chemist's ending (-ENE); 51A: Her, in Hamburg (IHR); 59A: Corned beef dish (HASH); 60A: Away from the wind (ALEE); 61A: Inns and stores: abbr. (ESTABS.); 62A: Inns (LODGES); 66A: Maximas and Stanzas (NISSANS); 72A: Brimming (REPLETE); 75A: Slot machine symbols (SEVENS); 76A: How much there is to go when the white flag comes out (ONE LAP); 80A: Cuba, por ejemplo (ISLA); 81A: Self-satisfied (SMUG); 91A: ___ glance (AT A); 92A: Everyday article (THE); 93A: Like Lamb or Bacon: abbr. (ENG.); 94A: Buy alternative (LEASE); 95A: Sanitation worry (ECOLI); 97A: Name from Chinese history (CHOU); 98A: Howard and James (DEANS); 102A: Asteroids creator (ATARI); 105A: I problem? (EGOTISM); 107A: Olive shaped like a stringbean (OYL); 111A: Actress Skye (daughter of 1960s singer Donovan) (IONE); 113A: Mil. category (NCO); 116A: Ideal for cacti (ARID); 117A: Santa ___, Calif. (ROSA); 122A: Rock climber's grip (CRAG); 123A: Inventory listing (ITEM); 124A: Virtuous (MORAL); 125A: Sound (AUDIO); 126A: Carol of "Taxi" (KANE); 127A: Hiring-firing type (BOSS); 128A: On edge (TENSE); 129A: Pool member (STENO); 1D: Lethal hissers (ASPS); 2D: Belt (SLUG); 3D: "Got other plans, sorry" ("CAN'T"); 4D: Pipe up, perhaps (ASK); 5D: Charles's dad (PHILIP); 6D: Adroit (DEFT); 7D: Of simple organisms (AMOEBIC); 8D: "___ next time ..." (TIL); 9D: Wapiti (ELK); 10D: Functional opening? (DYS-); 11D: Long time follower? (NO SEE); 12D: Forgeries of a sort (ART FRAUDS); 13D: Rapper-turned-actor (ICE-T); 14D: Nightingale's symbol (LAMP); 15D: Opera house city (SYDNEY); 16D: Message board? (OUIJA); 17D: Zagreb native (CROAT); 18D: Bruno of "City Slickers" (KIRBY); 24D: Cinema whale (NAMU); 29D: Eye shade? (LID); 30D: Amherst sch. (U. MASS.); 31D: Word with "so!" or "not!" (ARE); 33D: Pronto, briefly (ASAP); 34D: "No ___ traffic" (THRU); 35D: New driver, often (TEEN); 37D: Fancy flapjack (CRÈPE); 38D: Baseball's Wagner (HONUS); 39D: Happening (EVENT); 40D: Voice-over: abbr. (NARR.); 42D: Electronic dance music (TECHNO); 43D: Lingerie buy (BRA); 46D: Add zing to (SEASON); 47D: River of monsters? (GILA); 48D: "Paradise Lost" setting (EDEN); 49D: Caustic solutions (LYES); 51D: Permeate (IMBUE); 52D: "It ___ been easy" (HASN'T); 54D: A Sunday crossword usually has one (THEME); 55D: Mouthed off to (SASSED); 57D: Kotter portrayer (KAPLAN); 58D: Mom's forte (TLC); 63D: Skeptic's comment (OH SURE); 64D: Wine residue (DREGS); 65D: State VIP (GOV.); 67D: "Too rich for my blood" ("I'M OUT"); 68D: Medicinal shrub (SENNA); 70D: Toady (YES-MAN); 71D: Compass pt. (SSE); 72D: Elevation (RISE); 73D: It has action highlights (ESPN); 74D: Leak fix (PLUG); 77D: Often numbered print (LITHO); 78D: Dramatist Fugard (ATHOL); 79D: Assumed name: abbr. (PSEUD.); 82D: The good-hands people? (MASSEUSES); 84D: ___ in the neck (PAIN); 86D: Anne or Robert (KLEIN); 87D: Verily (YEA); 88D: Canned-soup instruction (HEAT); 89D: Play opening (ACT I); 90D: Chops (LOPS); 96D: Some Chevys (LUMINAS); 97D: 1/4 of M (CCL); 98D: The Internet's Matt (DRUDGE); 99D: Iowa college (COE); 100D: Scoop holder (CONE); 101D: "The Lion King" villains (HYENAS); 102D: Partner of alas (ALACK); 103D: Earth word (TERRA); 104D: Of bees (APIAN); 106D: Fat units (GRAMS); 109D: Tot spot (CRIB); 110D: Baum bow-wow (TOTO); 112D: Eye (OGLE); 113D: Lymph ___ (NODE); 114D: Quarter, e.g. (COIN); 115D: 5 hrs. before noon, in the service (O7OO); 118D: Total: abbr. (AMT.); 119D: The Baltimore Ravens are named in his honor (POE); 120D: Caterer's vessel (URN); 121D: Carter's discovery (TUT).


CoffeeLvr said...

I liked the lone rebus with "7" in the SE. Fortunately, I have seen Mr. Reagle do this sort of trick before.

Finished with one error that I was too lazy to look for, and let AcrossLite show it to me: ISLe crossing KAPLeN. @PG, I think if Gabe had been an Across entry instead of a Down I would have seen the error myself. I suffer from the same vertical dyslexia you have complained about.

Doing this puzzle on Saturday helped me with 4A in the NYT: ASCAP. Always a little unsure of the sequence of letters.

Tom said...

Solved this puzzle online, but couldn't get the clock to stop, which indicated something was wrong. It turned out that I had to replace the number 7 in the SE corner with an 'S' to stop the clock and hear the annoying fanfare.

Lo and behold, on this web site I find "A PUNGENT 007," just like I had originally solved it online. Not too happy about that glitch.

CP said...

Perfect Sunday Puzzle. MR always makes me smile, brightens my day! Finished on second crack when I came home from church. Gotta love a puzzle with "Lurch" as a clue. Best answer by far: PUNYCHROMOSOMES. Remember Charles Atlas' 97 pound weaking ads from comic book days. Here's the ad:

*David* said...

Good to see the constructor embrace the essence of what his puzzles represents. Pretty easy puzzle, moved through it with no real obstructions.