07.10 Sun (calendar)

July 10, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Ra-puns-el" — Each theme answer is a possible puntastic name for a hair salon.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: Name for a salon (DYE HAPPY).
  • 24A: Name for a salon (HAIR SHE BLOWS).
  • 29A: Name for a salon (CALIFORNIA CURLS).
  • 44A: Name for a salon (TOTALLY CLIPS).
  • 48A: Name for a salon (COMB ON OVER).
  • 60A: Name for a salon (SHEAR ELEGANCE).
  • 68A: Name for a salon (THE COIFETERIA).
  • 84A: Name for a salon (MANE STREET).
  • 86A: Name for a salon (SOPHISTICUTS).
  • 98A: Name for a salon (SCARLETT O'HAIRAS).
  • 106A/111A: Name for a salon (HANNAH AND HER / SCISSORS).
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CoffeeLvr said...

Another punny Reagle to mark the weekend. Not much else to say.

Steve said...

Funny, I picked up the print edition today for the first time in a while because Merl commented on here a couple of weeks ago that not all his puzzles are pun-based (I was getting kinda bored with the same stuff all the time).

So .. it's another pun puzzle. Guess my timing is off.

Just one comment otherwise - seems that the "S" on the end of the SCARLETT O HAIRA answer is a only there to make it fit the grid.

Steve said...

Actually, I now see that the "S" is the possessive, not the plural. My bad.

JaxInL.A. said...

Aw, no write-up? I thought this was fun, and I get a kick out of Merle's puns, generally.

These punny names, though, are closer to real life than usual. Here in the 'hood of L.A., where there are more hair salons than fast food joints (which is saying something), there's a SHEAR ELEGANCE on Manchester. We've got a SOPHISTICUTS in Long Beach (and there are others in at least four states), and a MANE STREET in nearby Glendora. CALIFORNIA CURLS are an actual style of loose, tousled tresses.

There is a real COIFfETERIA (with two Fs) in Michigan. Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont and Alabama all have TOTALLY CLIPS hair salons, and pet owners with a penchant for puns can get Fifi trimmed at TOTALLY CLIPS in Kentucky and Australia. Wilton, NH has a shop called DYE HAPPY, though I could not tell whether they do hair, rugs, or make metal forms.

Perhaps Merle should go into the naming business with Andrea Carla Michaels?

The puzzle had lots of fun fill, but I'm outta time, so gotta leave it there.

*David* said...

A little too punny fo rme and I didn't get some of them which made the solve longer then is should have been. LEAL and PRAXIS, OK if syou say so.

hmj said...

The instant I saw "Merl Reagle" and "Puns" I put the puzzle in the trash.

Anonymous said...

Took 2 days - couldn't solve it - too punny for me (no pun intended??). Couldn't find PRAXIS anywhere. HANNAH pun really stretches it!