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S U N D A Y (calendar)
January 9, 2011
Sylvia Bursztyn

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

As you may have heard, Sylvia Bursztyn, who created this puzzle, passed away December 30. You can read the L.A. Times obituary here. I know Sylvia will be missed.

Theme: "Light Work" Puns relating to light.

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Lighting guru? (DR. FILAMENT).
  • 25A: Lapses in light? (LUMEN DROPS).
  • 48A: Better lighting line? (SUPERIOR CORD).
  • 72A: What lit Mary's way in the dark? (A LITTLE LAMP).
  • 95A: Lighting peddler's conveyance? (FIXTURE WAGON).
  • 117A: Lighting store? (BULB MARKET).
  • 121A: Yank that gets the wire out of the wall? (PLUG WRENCH).
  • 33D: Switches stuck on low? (FROZEN DIMMERS).
  • 38D: "An amount of power, is that right?" ("WATTAGE YOU SAY?").
Everything Else — 1A: Seizes (GRABS); 6A: Queen who loved Aeneas (DIDO); 10A: Thing to do (TASK); 14A: Pastrami's place, often (ON RYE); 19A: "That's ---!" (A WRAP); 20A: Bath stream (AVON); 21A: Lateral intro (EQUI-); 22A: Indy champ Bobby (RAHAL); 27A: Lacking body (LIMP); 28A: Taco chip dip (SALSA); 30A: Turn off (VEER); 31A: Cradle to grave (LIFETIME); 35A: Florence's --- Palace (PITTI); 37A: Attract (DRAW IN); 41A: Eliza's 'iggins ('ENRY); 42A: Hip joint (COXA); 44A: Native American ears (MAIZE); 46A: Put on the boards (STAGE); 47A: Glop (GOO); 51A: Mount near Messina (ETNA); 52A: European blackbirds (OUZELS); 54A: Tonic go-with (GIN); 55A: Calamitous (DIRE); 57A: Rugrat (TOT); 58A: Shorthand pro (STENO); 59A: Flight to the ER (MEDEVAC); 63A: Set against (COMPARE); 65A: City near Vesuvius (NAPLES); 67A: It has banks and flows (RIVER); 69A: Some oranges (OSAGES); 70A: Current letters (AC/DC); 75A: Noodge (PEST); 76A: Resolute (GRITTY); 78A: More furtive (SLIER); 79A: Tom of "Happy Days" (BOSLEY); 81A: Tec (GUMSHOE); 83A: Turtles ingredient (CARAMEL); 85A: "Get ---!" (A ROOM); 88A: "Stand" band (REM); 89A: "You're not the boss ---!" (OF ME); 91A: Guy's date (GAL); 92A: Ill-treat (MISUSE); 93A: Grade sch. (ELEM.); 100A: Spread (SOW); 101A: Gymnast Kerri (STRUG); 103A: Tropical vine (LIANA); 104A: Reformer Jacob (RIIS); 105A: Galleria (MALL); 106A: Network (SYSTEM); 108A: Vogue (TREND); 110A: Some salmon (SOCKEYES); 112A: Show horse (ARAB); 114A: Movie shots (TAKES); 116A: Crowd noise (ROAR); 126A: "Be-Bop- ---" (ALULA); 127A: Leisure (EASE); 128A: Novelist Hoag (TAMI); 129A: Hi or bye on Lanai (ALOHA); 130A: Poe bird (RAVEN); 131A: Env. abbr. (ATTN.); 132A: RN's device (HYPO); 133A: Rookies (TYROS); 1D: Wander (GAD); 2D: Presidential inits. (RWR); 3D: "Ruff" kin (ARF); 4D: Tony winner Pearl (BAILEY); 5D: Divvy up (SPLIT); 6D: Give the floor a quick clean (DAMP MOP); 7D: "--- had it!" (I'VE); 8D: Puts on (DONS); 9D: Available (ON TAP); 10D: Satellite of 1962 (TELSTAR); 11D: Living in water (AQUATIC); 12D: Bottom line (SUM); 13D: Ukraine's capital (KIEV); 14D: Directives (ORDERS); 15D: Tell (NARRATE); 16D: Pi follower (RHO); 17D: Pie hole (YAP); 18D: Golf champ Ernie (ELS); 24D: Friend, to Flavius (AMICUS); 26D: Beatty of "Deliverance" (NED); 29D: Star vehicle (LIMO); 31D: Kid's building blocks (LEGOS); 32D: Desk tray words (IN/OUT); 34D: Critical interpretation (EXEGESIS); 36D: Big name in sportswear (IZOD); 39D: Disregards (IGNORES); 40D: Most spiffy (NEATEST); 43D: Like Death Valley (ARID); 45D: Idle, Ambler or Burdon (ERIC); 48D: Sty food (SLOP); 49D: It can be a drag (INERTIA); 50D: Wilts (DROOPS); 53D: Passes (ENACTS); 56D: Type measures (EMS); 59D: Blanc or Brooks (MEL); 60D: More nasty (VILER); 61D: Middling (AVERAGE); 62D: Framable frame (CEL); 64D: Documentation (PAPERS); 66D: Let go (LAY OFF); 68D: Gargantua's creator (RABELAIS); 70D: Attack first (AGGRESS); 71D: Harshness (CRUELTY); 73D: Pampering, for short (TLC); 74D: Gretchen who played Bettie Page (MOL); 77D: However, briefly (THO); 80D: Been in bed (LAIN); 82D: Jannings of old movies (EMIL); 84D: Bryn --- (MAWR); 86D: "--- Mio" (O SOLE); 87D: Whimpers (MEWLS); 90D: Way out (EXIT); 92D: Gorky Park locale (MOSCOW); 94D: Inconstant (MUTABLE); 96D: Most pucker-producing (TARTEST); 97D: Like leftovers (UNEATEN); 98D: Major, for one (RANK); 99D: Designer Armani (GIORGIO); 102D: From Frankfurt (GERMAN); 105D: Just (MERELY); 107D: Calf call (MAA); 109D: Third dimension (DEPTH); 111D: Gold standard (KARAT); 113D: La --- Tar Pits (BREA); 115D: Do in a dragon (SLAY); 117D: Slot machine symbol (BAR); 118D: Spat end (-ULA); 119D: Murray Schisgal play (LUV); 120D: Comics' Krazy one (KAT); 122D: Ballpark fig. (UMP); 123D: Scand. land (NOR); 124D: Comedian Margaret (CHO); 125D: Features (HAS).


mac said...

I don't usually do the LAT Sundays, but this one I had to solve as an homage to Sylvia. Her work will continue to delight so many people.

ddbmc said...

RIP, Ms. Bursztyn! You were a witty constructor, clever wordsmith and delightful punster. Give our regards to Dan Naddor! :)

Captcha: glatshi. Not "glatshi" is gone!

Peter said...

Thank you, Sylvia Bursztyn, for many, many years of elegant and witty diversion. I will miss you.

Kathy said...

Rest in peace Sylvia. You have served us all so well. I will miss sharing a part of you every Sunday.

Mike said...

I still don't get the clue "Dr. Filament"

Anonymous said...

I, too, shall miss Sylvia's puzzles.

Mike, think "Dr. Phil"

hmj said...

So two people "built" her crosswords, huh? No wonder the clues and the answers quite often seemed non-homogeneous. All that aside, may God rest her soul.