01.30 Sun

S U N D A Y January 30, 2011
Merl Reagle (calendar)

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Aliens!"

Theme answers:

  • 23A: One dressed in ragged clothes (TATTERDEMALION).
  • 28A: Resident of a Missouri city (SEDALIAN).
  • 30A: Orgiastic (BACCHANALIAN).
  • 41A: Like Cate Blanchett or Geoffrey Rush (AUSTRALIAN).
  • 51A: Breed of horse used in show jumping (WESTPHALIAN).
  • 60A: Like bats, cats, and rats (MAMMALIAN).
  • 84A: Shaw show (PYGMALION).
  • 90A: Orgiastic (SATURNALIAN).
  • 103A: Of a Roman satirist (JUVENALIAN).
  • 112A: Certain churchgoer (EPISCOPALIAN).
  • 116A: A-list screenwriter (and crossword fan) who won an Oscar for "Schindler's List," Steven ___ (ZAILLIAN).
  • 123A: Long word for a long word (SESQUIPEDALIAN).
  • 72A: Space traveler whose first five letters, spelled backward, are oddly appropriate (NEIL ARMSTRONG).
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Everything Else 1A: Quarreled (HAD A SPAT); 9A: Meager (SCANT); 14A: Miss America (1959) who became a film and TV actress, Mary Ann ___ (MOBLEY); 20A: Dusk, old-style (EVENTIDE); 21A: Roger's follower (WILCO); 22A: Narcotic (OPIATE); 25A: City SSW of Jerusalem (HEBRON); 26A: Small island (AIT); 27A: Mon follower (AMI); 36A: Ancien régime VIP (ROI); 37A: It fell to earth in March 2001 (MIR); 39A: Said twice, it means "enthusiastic" (RAH); 40A: Oil source (OLIVE); 45A: Rock discoveries (ORES); 47A: ___ budget (ON A); 48A: Dollywood's state: abbr. (TENN.); 50A: City in Tuscany (SIENA); 54A: Customs (USAGES); 58A: 48 Across neighbor (ALA.); 59A: Bob Hope's "home" for 70 years (NBC); 64A: Lethal coiler (COBRA); 67A: Cartoon squinter (MAGOO); 69A: Lethal coiler (BOA); 70A: Aside from that (ELSE); 71A: Rap sheet letters (AKA); 77A: Instrument for Clarence Clemons (SAX); 78A: Royal wife, in Raipur (RANI); 80A: The "bad" lipoprotein (LDL); 81A: Mark for an aside: abbr. (PAREN.); 82A: Get used (to) (ADAPT); 87A: Commotion (ADO); 88A: Shout across the border (OLÉ); 89A: Carol start (ADESTE); 96A: Tony-winning Tracy Letts play, "August: ___ County" (OSAGE); 99A: Suit option (VEST); 101A: Boxed bunch (SET); 102A: Concerning (IN RE); 107A: Austen heroine et al. (EMMAS); 109A: "In excelsis ___" (DEO); 110A: Part of a Jedi's name (OBI); 111A: Ticket window transaction (BET); 120A: ___ funk (IN A); 121A: Asian automaker (KIA); 122A: Too good to ___ (BE TRUE); 130A: He played Yogurt in "Spaceballs" (BROOKS); 131A: ___ belli (act of war) (CASUS); 132A: Example (INSTANCE); 133A: Band instrument (CORNET); 134A: Breathing problem (APNEA); 135A: Lit into (ATTACKED); 1D: Worked (up) (HET); 2D: Burt and Kirk's love interest in "Seven Days in May" (AVA); 3D: Separates (DETACHES); 4D: Prank (ANTIC); 5D: It means "chest" (STETHO); 6D: Part of a circle equation (PIR); 7D: Say further (ADD); 8D: Shot enabler (TEE); 9D: Turbaned one (SWAMI); 10D: Tiny hairs (CILIA); 11D: Ring master, once (ALI); 12D: Sgts., e.g. (NCO'S); 13D: Printer refills (TONERS); 14D: Sweater material (MOHAIR); 15D: German car name (OPEL); 16D: Actress Andersson or Besch (BIBI); 17D: Wyoming city (LARAMIE); 18D: British student (ETONIAN); 19D: Hankering (YEN); 24D: Peacock, e.g. (MALE); 29D: Little Dorothy (DOT); 30D: Furrowed part? (BROW); 31D: Swiss river (AARE); 32D: "Welcome to Waikiki" ("ALOHA!"); 33D: 1492 vessel (NINA); 34D: Of grandparents (AVAL); 35D: A Bobbsey twin (NAN); 38D: Cell stuff (RNA); 42D: Coin word (UNUM); 43D: Sailing, old-style (ASEA); 44D: Glove fabric (LISLE); 46D: Dressing-room door symbol (STAR); 48D: Diminutive drum (TABOR); 49D: Include (ENCOMPASS); 52D: Strategy (PLAN); 53D: Teri in "Young Frankenstein" (INGA); 55D: Sword, to a Brit (SABRE); 56D: Start of an O'Neill play (A MOON); 57D: U.S. agent (G-MAN); 61D: Rick agonizes over her (ILSA); 62D: Straightaway, briefly (ASAP); 63D: The following (NEXT); 64D: Complain (CARP); 65D: Acceptable (OKAY); 66D: Boom alternative (BANG); 67D: Just-right skirts? (MIDIS); 68D: Earmark (ALLOT); 73D: A model publication (ELLE); 74D: Begin contemporary (SADAT); 75D: Victory pace (TROT); 76D: Dressy do (GALA); 79D: PR concern (IMAGE); 83D: House of lox (DELI); 85D: Mideast gulf (ADEN); 86D: St. Petersburg's river (NEVA); 88D: In store (ON TAP); 91D: Drew Carey's mil. outfit, once (USMC); 92D: Italy's San ___ (REMO); 93D: Pen filler (INDIA INK); 94D: Nevada's mysterious ___ 51 (AREA); 95D: Source of sign shine (NEON); 96D: Pepe's peeper (OJO); 97D: Very, very cold (SUB-ZERO); 98D: Lindbergh, e.g. (AVIATOR); 100D: Hydrocarbon finish (-ENE); 104D: Least klutzy (ABLEST); 105D: Island freebie (LEI); 106D: Minnesota lake (ITASCA); 107D: Actor Morales (ESAI); 108D: He played Oddjob in "Goldfinger," Harold ___ (SAKATA); 113D: Arouse, as interest (PIQUE); 114D: "Made ___" (IN U.S.A.); 115D: Lavender flower (LILAC); 117D: De-wrinkle (IRON); 118D: New Testament saint (LUKE); 119D: A tide (NEAP); 122D: Network on the telly (BBC); 124D: Nine-digit ID (SSN); 125D: Ms. Zadora (PIA); 126D: Depend end (-ENT); 127D: Mar. switch-over (DST); 128D: Crackerjack (ACE); 129D: Actor Beatty (NED).


Anonymous said...

Really fun puzzler. Learned many new (l-o-o-n-n-g-g)words. One problem: You can't consider a BOA a "lethal" coiler, in the sense of cobras or asps (which have venom). All they do is smother their prey with loving hugs.

JIMMIE said...

Long unknown words such as TATTERDEMALION, SEDALIAN, and WESTPHALIAN gave me trouble but got by crosses after the Alien clue was used. Biggist head scratcher was 53d where I wanted garr but already had NEILARMSTRONG. Who remembers Garr's role name, INGA?


Thanks, PG.

David said...

Some great words but too many oddities such as SEDALIAN and ZAILLIAN for it to be as fun as it could've been.

Anonymous said...

I miss Sylvia