06.21 Tue

June 21, 2011
Norma Steinberg

Theme: Incoming Puns — Theme answers are familiar phrases about money clued wackily.

Theme answers:

  • 21A: Honky-tonk owner's income? (JOINT RETURN).
  • 56A: Actor's income? (PART PAYMENT).
  • 3D: Trawler's income? (NET PROFIT).
  • 36D: Librarian's income? (HUSH MONEY).
Today we've got a cute twist on some pretty dry phrases. Except for one: HUSH MONEY is kinda cool. I'm not a big fan of PART PAYMENT. In my head, it's PARTIAL PAYMENT, so that one threw me a little.

  • 16A: They can take a yoke (OXEN). This literally made me chuckle.
  • 20A: Cassandra's gift, for short (ESP). I guess you could say she was something of a SEER (70A: Fortuneteller).
  • 43A: Take a mulligan in golf, say (RETRY). Whenever I see the word "mulligan" I think of the old "Mulligan Stew" videos they showed us back in elementary school a hundred years ago. It was all about the four food groups, which I guess don't exist any more? Not entirely sure how that all works.
  • 49A: Political commentator Maddow (RACHEL). I'm a big RACHEL fan. Some might even say I'm obsessed with her. Those people are just grumpy.
  • 68A: Oscar winner Witherspoon (REESE). I'm gonna guess she won an Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter in "Walk the Line." No time to look it up, but I'm pretty confident. That's my final answer.
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 47A: Fencing weapon (ÉPÉE).
  • 13D: Without stopping (ON END).
  • 22D: "Golden Boy" playwright Clifford (ODETS).
  • 37D: "Night" author Wiesel (ELIE).
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Everything Else 1A: Pained expression (WINCE); 6A: City in Peru or Ohio (LIMA); 10A: Disallow (VETO); 14A: Standard of excellence (IDEAL); 15A: Satan's doing (EVIL); 17A: __ dish: lab item (PETRI); 18A: Direction indicator (VANE); 19A: Legends and such (LORE); 24A: Byways (ROADS); 26A: Sampled (TASTED); 27A: Dress (in) (CLOTHE); 29A: Rumple, as hair (MUSS); 31A: 47-Across handle (HAFT); 32A: Numbers for Noah (TWOS); 34A: Early anesthetic (ETHER); 39A: Pierre's significant other (AMIE); 40A: Cut off (SEVER); 42A: Govern (RULE); 45A: Workshop gadget (VISE); 46A: Altai Mountains' continent (ASIA); 51A: Spiral-shelled mollusks (SNAILS); 55A: Capital between Eugene and Portland (SALEM); 59A: Org. that advises the president in financial planning (OMB); 62A: "We try harder" sloganeer (AVIS); 63A: Praise (LAUD); 64A: "Rubber Duckie" singer (ERNIE); 66A: Consider (DEEM); 67A: Marseilles miss: Abbr. (MLLE.); 69A: Ultimatum ender (ELSE); 71A: Watch surreptitiously (SPY ON); 1D: Use a dust rag on (WIPE); 2D: Bad day for Caesar (IDES); 4D: Wheels, so to speak (CAR); 5D: Hebrew prophet mentioned during 55-Downs (ELIJAH); 6D: Casual brand (LEVI'S); 7D: Tennis great Lendl (IVAN); 8D: Condition like new (MINT); 9D: Warns (ALERTS); 10D: Electrical units (VOLTS); 11D: Remove from text (EX OUT); 12D: __ Haute, Indiana (TERRE); 23D: Comfort (EASE); 25D: Aquatic frolicker (OTTER); 27D: Sear (CHAR); 28D: Hobbling (LAME); 29D: Film (MOVIE); 30D: Functions (USES); 33D: "__ Only Just Begun": Carpenters hit (WE'VE); 35D: Smidgen (TRACE); 38D: Tangible (REAL); 41D: Aired again (RERAN); 44D: Cry from the litter (YELP); 48D: Biblical poems written partly by King David (PSALMS); 50D: Changes (ALTERS); 51D: Gardening tool (SPADE); 52D: Bellybutton (NAVEL); 53D: Sign of spring? (ARIES); 54D: "Who's there?" reply (IT'S ME); 55D: Passover meal (SEDER); 57D: Clinton's alma mater (YALE); 58D: Stubborn animal (MULE); 60D: Sushi bar soup (MISO); 61D: "How've you __?" (BEEN); 65D: Salesperson, briefly (REP).


Neville said...

I'm just grumpy - I thought of you immediately when I saw the Maddow clue. Immediately!

There are five food groups now according to the government, and most of them are pie shaped. I am glad to know that apple pie is perfectly acceptable to eat still.

Tuttle said...

Fun and fast. Two minor nits though.

HAFT is technically correct for the grip of an EPEE or any other tool, but "hilt" is more precise as the grip of a sword in particular. It also fits with "limp" for 28D which confused me for a minute.

Cassandra's "gift" was not precognition, a form of ESP, it was the gift of prophecy. A divine process that involves a reciprocal relationship with a deity rather than a psuedo-scientific parapsychological trait. She didn't perceive the future, that was Apollo's job, she just received information from the god about the future.

Then again, these aren't exactly hard scientific terms.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't "Without Stopping" be NOend?

HUSH MONEY is the best in the grid. I imagined the librarian getting paid cash behind the unused stacks in the basement.

C said...

Teflon solve today. I did not know that there is a Lima, Ohio, for some reason, I am pretty happy to know this fact now. I don't know why.

I do not know of this Rachel person except thru SNL (TiVo is the only way I would watch the show) so the SNL references and the crossword clue are a bit lost on me.

Hmm, for a Tuesday, a lot of 'I do not know' ...

Nighthawk said...

Mostly smooth solve. Only stumper/writeover was Orcas for OTTER.

HUSH MONEY was my fave too. JOINT RETURN a close second.

@Tuttle- spot on about the sword parts, any way you slice it.

CoffeeLvr said...

@Tuttle, isn't it great how word lovers care about precision in word choice. Two great examples from you today.

I had a moment of confusion when 11D appeared from the crosses; just didn't look right. But certainly in the language. I would write "cross out" in most cases, maybe use "X out" in email or such.

Really like seeing LAUD crossing PSALMS; feels just right.

I knew all the geography right away, thanks to assorted life experience. BTW, LIMA Ohio is pronounced like the bean, not like the Peruvian capital. Just like Cairo, IL and Versailles, MO. I know there are more, but none are popping up in my mind right now. Back to this puzzle, since there is only one 4 letter continent, I didn't need the rest of the clue; that's good because I don't remember those mountains.

I wish I had solved today's puzzle faster; I was trying to win the CASH BONUS or even the big PRIZE PACKAGE. Insert tasteless politician joke here (see 65D)

Anonymous said...

You are correct about Reese...

"Best Actress 2005 for Walk the Line"
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reese_Witherspoon. Walk The Line: Home of The ...www.answerbag.com/q_view/675642 - Cached - Similar

Anonymous said...

I chuckled at HUSH MONEY. I did it first [random attack] and so it set the stage for the others, which thus shared in the chuckle-ish feeling. I very much liked this one. I don't quihble as much as most of you guys do. Probably because I'm sorta new to the game and it all fascinates me.

mac said...

Yes, hush money was my favorite, too. Liked this whole puzzle, and Rachel Maddows as well.

brainylagirl said...

EXOUT made me wince. HUSHMONEY was cute.

Agree with Tuttle, HILT would've been more precise an answer.

Gareth Bain said...

I agree hush money is the best entry. It's also the one that's not quite the same as the others. Consider bar owner gets their money from their joint. Fisher gets money indirectly from nets. Actor gets money for playing parts. Librarian does not get money by hushing people, unless working for the mob on the side. But really that's a trivial complaint anyway...

Ruth said...

I'd rather see "orthopedist's income" for "Joint Return". :) Just me being medical.

Duane said...

Seemed like a few more than normal letter "v's" in this puzzle. I counted 6. I'll take hilt over haft anyday.

Victoria Hoffer said...

Loved this puzzle, but since people who do crosswords are sticklers for correctness, I must point out that Elijah is not mentioned in Psalms--not even once!

Ron W said...

To sisterV Elijah is related to the 55down clue which the answer is seder not 40down

Steve said...

Tri-timezone solve for me today - couple of minutes @ LAX, a few more changing planes at ORD and put in the last couple in a cab from LGA.

Only gripe is HAFT - to me, it's a tool handle, specifically an ax(e). I could forgive a hammer, but not a sword.

Victoria Hoffer said...

Ron W is right; I, suffering from shingles, was tired and therefore careless. Elijah is, indeed mentioned during the seder! Thanks for the correction!