06.19 Sun (calendar)

June 19, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Read Any Good T-shirts Lately?" — Theme answers are witty phrases that might be seen on t-shirts.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: "My dog ___" (CAN LICK ANYONE).
  • 22A: "Rehab ___" (IS FOR QUITTERS).
  • 33A: "I see ___" (DUMB PEOPLE).
  • 40A: "Hysteria ___" (REPEATS ITSELF).
  • 52A: "I have the body of a god. Unfortunately, ___" (IT'S BUDDHA).
  • 59A: "He who laughs last ___" (THINKS SLOWEST).
  • 72A: "Where there's a will, ___" (I WANT TO BE IN IT).
  • 85A: "My other house ___" (IS CLEANER).
  • 91A: "On the highway of life, I chose ___" (THE PSYCHOPATH).
  • 98A: "I'm a menace ___" (TO SOBRIETY).
  • 115A: "I am in shape — ___" (ROUND IS A SHAPE).
  • 121A: "Practice safe food: ___" (USE CONDIMENTS).
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Everything Else 1A: Marsh emanation (MIASMA); 7A: Short form of a wd. (ABBR.); 11A: Radical '60s grp. (SDS); 14A: Starbucks subsidiary, familiarly (SBC); 20A: Name of eight Eng. kings (EDW.); 21A: Threatener of Dave in space (HAL); 23A: It often equals z (X TIMES Y); 25A: It might be scenic (ROUTE); 26A: Go-getter (DOER); 27A: Second finisher? (-ARY); 29A: Bedouin, for one (NOMAD); 30A: King's realm, once (CNN); 31A: Blueprint (PLAN); 35A: Elks' initials (BPOE); 37A: D-Day figure (IKE); 39A: Unpaid workers (SERFS); 46A: Co. with keywords (AOL); 47A: Anvil and stirrup site (EAR); 50A: Rejoices (EXULTS); 51A: Financial aid of a sort (LOAN); 55A: Store lane (AISLE); 56A: Trudge (PLOD); 57A: ___ blocker (BETA); 58A: Mitch and Noel's guitar pal (JIMI); 63A: Outdid (BESTED); 65A: Opening of an ode? (TRI-); 66A: Sprinted (RAN); 67A: Tie-score word (ALL); 68A: Texas city (ODESSA); 79A: Florida city, for short (BOCA); 80A: Instant-coffee brand (KAVA); 82A: Choir attire (ROBE); 83A: Part of a single or LP (SIDE A); 87A: Western writer's first name (ZANE); 88A: Becomes less green (RIPENS); 89A: Prop for the course (TEE); 90A: Former Eur. country (YUG); 94A: Isn't insensitive (FEELS); 96A: Campaign creations (ADS); 97A: Say no to (DENY); 102A: Santa ___ CA (ROSA); 104A: A high school dept. (SCI.); 107A: "According to the grapevine ..." ("I HEAR …"); 108A: Actress Pounder (CCH); 109A: Way to go (ROAD); 111A: Vermont's Allen (ETHAN); 113A: 1920s ballet star (PAVLOVA); 119A: Spleen (IRE); 120A: Triumph (WIN); 122A: Palindromic girl (NAN); 123A: Palindromic girl (SIS); 124A: British Anthony (EDEN); 125A: Cara and Castle (IRENES); 1D: Marsha or Perry (MASON); 2D: As a joke (IN FUN); 3D: Enormously (A LOT); 4D: King's address (SIRE); 5D: John Wayne cop film (MCQ); 6D: Half of a Heyerdahl title (AKU); 7D: Composer Bruckner (ANTON); 8D: Computing unit (BYTE); 9D: South African of Dutch descent (BOER); 10D: Time off, in mil. slang (R-N-R); 11D: Ben Kingsley gangster film (SEXY BEAST); 12D: Banned bug-killer (DDT); 13D: Viral disease with farm origins (SWINE FLU); 14D: Moe's other brother (SHEMP); 15D: ___ metabolism (BASAL); 16D: Glasgow's river (CLYDE); 17D: Like coins or wheels: abbr. (CIRC.); 18D: A slave of opera (AIDA); 19D: Biblical brother (ESAU); 24D: Bossy comments (MOOS); 28D: Pts. of hotels (RMS.); 31D: Puck purchases (POTS); 32D: French word or man's name (LES); 33D: Costa ___ Sol (DEL); 34D: Likely (PROBABLE); 35D: Casus ___ (BELLI); 36D: Invention papers (PATENTS); 37D: Dancer Duncan (ISADORA); 38D: Understanding (KEN); 40D: Actor Stephen (REA); 41D: Word on a door (EXIT); 42D: Word on a door (PUSH); 43D: Social problems (ILLS); 44D: Drill, for one (TOOL); 45D: Falsehoods (FIBS); 47D: Cut, paste, or delete, e.g. (EDIT); 48D: Sighing words (AH ME); 49D: Maraud (RAID); 53D: Asian holiday (TET); 54D: Vinyl spinners (DJ'S); 56D: Greek letter (PSI); 60D: Everest climber Jon who wrote "Into Thin Air" (KRAKAUER); 61D: Pale (WAN); 62D: Tricks into wrongdoing (ENTRAPS); 64D: Literary dropout? (ELISION); 67D: 1858 debater (ABE); 68D: Passing mention? (OBIT); 69D: Vial info (DOSE); 70D: Behold, to Brutus (ECCE); 71D: Actor Mineo (SAL); 72D: "___ changed, honest!" (I'VE); 73D: Toad feature (WART); 74D: Enormously (TONS); 75D: Word in old wedding vows (OBEY); 76D: Stingingly cold (NIPPY); 77D: Thought (IDEA); 78D: Shelter for Ringling's rings (TENT); 81D: Church of England followers (ANGLICANS); 84D: Silverish gray (ASH); 86D: They're often plucked (EYEBROWS); 87D: Letter from London (ZED); 88D: Big bird (RHEA); 92D: It's cut and dried (HAY); 93D: Electronics dept. buys (CD'S); 94D: Stable babe (FOAL); 95D: Short time (SEC); 98D: Hoop assist (TIP IN); 99D: Tara name (O'HARA); 100D: Deciding game, often (SEVEN); 101D: "No ___ traffic" (THRU); 102D: Hazardous gas (RADON); 103D: Frigg's hubby (ODIN); 104D: One-named western hero (SHANE); 105D: Cook and Hook, for ex. (CAPTS.); 106D: Dom Pedro's ill-fated wife (INES); 109D: Regretted (RUED); 110D: In the old days (ONCE); 111D: Salinger girl (ESME); 112D: "___ it hit me ..." (THEN); 114D: See 100 Down (VII); 116D: Verb ending? (-OSE); 117D: Reagan era proj. (SDI); 118D: Televise (AIR).


JIMMIE said...

Went great with a Dodger's game. I thought MIASMA was heavy and KAVA crossing with KRAKAUER since neither was familiar, nor was CCH Pounder, but all eventually crossed.

A menance TOSOBRIETY was precious.

Thanks again, PG.

Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle -I,too, solved it watching Dodgers finally win one. Baseball, beer and Merl - ah, what a life!

CoffeeLvr said...

I found this one of the funniest and most enjoyable Reagle's I've solved. Solved it last night, but had to wait until I solved the syndicated LAT this pm to come here.

I sure could wear some of those shirts.

CP said...

Enjoyable puzzle, got to later today. Everything was good except 1A MIASMA (had to look up the definition--nice to learn a new word).