05.30 Mon

May 30, 2011
Dan Schoenholz

Theme: Prime Time — Theme answers contain prime numbers.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: *Many a sports car, capacity-wise (TWO-SEATER).
  • 23A: *Genie's offering (THREE WISHES).
  • 39A: *Eisenhower became one in 1944 (FIVE-STAR GENERAL).
  • 49A: *Slurpee seller (SEVEN-ELEVEN).
  • 61A: When most top-rated shows are on, and a hint to the kind of numbers in the starred answers (PRIME TIME).
It's Monday, it's a holiday, and I have a hard time believing anyone's actually reading this, so let's make it quick. Cute theme. Nothing mind-blowing. Weird to see both A-LIST and A-ONE in the grid. (1A: Most-preferred invitees / 30A: Top-of-the-line). Weird that ABE is an answer (15A: Civil War prez) and "Abraham" is in the clue for SON (64A: Isaac, to Abraham). I always knew there was a difference between jealousy and ENVY, but I didn't know the key was the absence of resentment. (Is that true?) Let's see … what else? It's Monday, so there's not much to talk about. Cluing is, for the most part, straightforward and nothing is particularly sparkly. So get outside and enjoy the last of your weekend. I'll see you back here tomorrow.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 25A: Texas or Ukraine city (ODESSA).
  • 33D: Gold, in Guanajuato (ORO).
  • 36D: River to the Caspian (URAL).
  • 46D: Legal thing (RES).
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Everything Else 6A: Courteney of "Friends" (COX); 9A: Backyard lounging locale (PATIO); 14A: Atra or Sensor (RAZOR); 16A: Staples Center, e.g. (ARENA); 19A: Tears apart (RENDS); 20A: The last word? (END); 21A: Gets on in years (AGES); 22A: Town square centerpiece (STATUE); 25A: Texas or Ukraine city (ODESSA); 29A: "__ Miz" (LES); 31A: __ gin fizz (SLOE); 34A: Mistreat (ABUSE); 42A: "Funny Girl" composer Jule (STYNE); 43A: School restroom sign (BOYS); 44A: List in order of importance (RANK); 45A: Fury (IRE); 47A: Championships (TITLES); 55A: Dover's are white (CLIFFS); 56A: Require (NEED); 57A: Maple tree yield (SAP); 60A: Former "The View" co-host O'Donnell (ROSIE); 63A: "Some people swallow the universe like __": Stevenson (A PILL); 65A: Diner (EATER); 66A: Doled (out) (METED); 67A: Helpful contacts (INS); 68A: Plastered (DRUNK); 1D: Johnson of "Laugh-In" (ARTE); 2D: Croquet venue (LAWN); 3D: Phillips-Van Heusen brand (IZOD); 4D: Distress call letters (SOS); 5D: Alternatives to tricks (TREATS); 6D: Provide food for (CATER); 7D: Extremely overweight (OBESE); 8D: Gen-__: boomer's kid, usually (X'ER); 9D: Like much politics (PARTISAN); 10D: Geometry calculations (AREAS); 11D: Bowler's final frame (TENTH); 12D: All __ time: as a matter of course (IN DUE); 13D: Where to find dates? (OASES); 18D: Horrified (AGHAST); 22D: Nor. neighbor (SWE.); 24D: Mournful poem (ELEGY); 25D: Klutzes (OAFS); 26D: Attend to the job (DO IT); 27D: Jealousy without resentment (ENVY); 28D: Witnessed (SEEN); 32D: Designer's identification (LABEL); 35D: Ernie's Muppet pal (BERT); 37D: In one's right mind (SANE); 38D: Fraternal order (ELKS); 40D: Kramer's neighbor (SEINFELD); 41D: Hold in high regard (ESTEEM); 48D: "Most assuredly!" ("INDEED!"); 49D: Vamoose (SCRAM); 50D: Say "I do" without a big do (ELOPE); 51D: Come calling (VISIT); 52D: Submit tax returns online (E-FILE); 53D: Bankrupt energy giant (ENRON); 54D: Blood carriers (VEINS); 57D: In __: as originally placed (SITU); 58D: "You can say that again!" ("AMEN!"); 59D: Exec's car, say (PERK); 61D: Tire gauge meas. (PSI); 62D: Roofing material (TAR).


Anonymous said...

Us non-holiday Canucks are reading it...

quilter1 said...

I've tried to print it out three times and the right side of the page doesn't print. Ideas?

Sfingi said...

Had ole miz before LES Miz. Went to check the spelling and found out Sarah Palin is being called Ole Miz!

Didn't know there was an ARENA called Staples Center (sports, of course). Was trying to think of a term for strip mall, or for tower of printer cartridges.

Cute puzzle, a little mathy.

mac said...

Cute, easy puzzle. On a different day PG might be more critical of the oddities she mentioned!

Memorial Day in Manhattan. Enjoy your day!

CarolC said...

Prime numbers - love it! But then I'm a little mathy myself.

VirginiaC said...

I've been away for a week, missed the puzzle cuz I can't seem to get it on iPad - Not mathy OR techy! Nice to come home to an easy smooth puzzle!

CoffeeLvr said...

Nice misdirection. As I went down the puzzle I assumed the next number after TWO & THREE would be FOUR, although as I typed it I sort of remembered Ike ended up as FIVE*.

That central west block was the only one where I had trouble. Even after correcting Ike's rank, it took me a moment to see DOIT. Did not know there was an ODESSA in Texas. Did not know STYNE.

I'll leave everyone to their holiday or Monday. Heartfelt appreciation to any vets here.

CP said...

Consistently reading this blog has made me a much improved crossword puzzle solver. Can now tackle Friday puzzles and finish off Sunday puzzle as well. Monday-Thursday no problem. Still have to wrestle with Saturday puzzles; some clues are a bit much. Thanks PG and all contributors.

jN said...

The Los Angeles Lakers play in Staples Center.

Steve said...

How do you find a date at an oasis? I thought that's where water was?

Rube said...

Nothing much in the puzzle to comment about. Decided to check out @Sfingi's comment about "Ole Miz" Palin. It sure sounds good... I got 3 top hits on Google. But they were all from The Huffington Post! Maybe it'll catch on. Let's check back later.

Wouldn't exactly call this one "mathy". Now Fibonacci numbers would qualify. Or to really get carried away, how about the Euler sequence.

This is truly a day to be thankful.

JIMMIE said...

@Steve. Think of a date from a date palm tree.

A-ONE also includes a prime mumber.

Yea to all vets!

Vega said...

Hand up for being a little mathy, and I too liked that the number after three was five, not four.

Get outside? Hm, I even like hot weather but...

Nighthawk said...

Once, just once, I'd like to see RAZOR clued, rather than than to Atra or some other brand, to Occam's.

Loved the double whammy of SEVEN ELEVEN.

And the juxtaposition of FIVE STAR GENERAL with RANK and TITLE on Memorial Day is a nice touch.

SCRAM next to ELOPE next to VISIT was fun, as was CATER next to OBESE. And the oppositional far NW A-LIST with the far SE DRUNK is priceless, particularly if you're planning a holiday celebration today.

And any puz that works in SEINFELD is sparkly enough in my book. How 'bout a hug?

Very solid.

Anonymous said...

The difference between jealousy and envy is: You are jealous if you have something and are afraid you will lose it. You are envious if you DON'T have something and you want it. I, for example, envy all of you that are able to complete and even enjoy Friday and Saturday puzzles. I do learn stuff from you-all though. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I always read and enjoy the blog and had to comment on this puzzle. This time it's personal.

Les in Odessa, TX

tutu said...

Loved seeing Seinfeld, just did a puzzle that asked for Elaine's last name.
@CCL from last nite, what did you do with your old Beatles LPs? I would love to know.
Thanks again P.G. for writeup

three of clubs said...

Part of the reward of solving the puzzle is reading your commentary afterwards! Thanks...

mac said...

Hey, PG, pretty good turnout for a holiday!

Mary said...

Excellent turnout for a holiday! Adding my thanks for your commentary.

Sfingi said...

@Jimmie - 1 is not a prime. It's a special case.