05.15 Sun (calendar)

May 15, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Flip Sides" — Song titles in which one word is changed to its opposite.

Theme answers:

  • 22A: Song about someone who's easily entertained? (I GET A KICK OUT OF ME).
  • 38A: Song about a dachshund? (LONG SHORT SALLY).
  • 57A/64A: Theme song for "Divorce Court"? (YOU'VE MADE ME SO / VERY MISERABLE).
  • 87A: Song about Salieri's true feelings toward Mozart? (I THINK I HATE YOU).
  • 105A: Song to swear by? (I SAY A LITTLE CURSE).
  • 25D/50D: Song about holding one's liquor? (MOONSHINE ON / MY SHOULDERS).
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Everything Else 1A: Omega preceder (PSI); 4A: Old way to start a collect call (DIAL O); 9A: Cave in Spain famed for its prehistoric paintings (ALTAMIRA); 17A: It's filled with bills (ATM); 18A: 1984 Chicago hit, "Hard Habit ___" (TO BREAK); 20A: Logician (REASONER); 21A: Tuck's partner (NIP); 24A: Eyelets (GROMMETS); 26A: Neighbor of Cambodia (LAOS); 27A: Commotion (ADO); 28A: Norma McCorvey in a famous case (ROE); 29A: "Buddenbrooks" novelist (MANN); 30A: German article (DER); 32A: Doctor's suggestion (REST); 36A: Clerk's place (STORE); 41A: Creature creator Winston of sci-fi filmdom (STAN); 42A: "Fun, Fun, Fun" car (T-BIRD); 44A: Be on the same page (AGREE); 45A: Time-out of a sort (NAP); 46A: Spigoted servers (URNS); 47A: Reputation (NAME); 48A: Jobs involving roadies (GIGS); 49A: Whack, in the Bible (SMITE); 51A: A pop (EACH); 52A: Seventies supergroup (ABBA); 53A: Cracker's concern (SAFE); 54A: Composer Jule (STYNE); 55A: "Letter from an Unknown Woman" author Stefan (ZWEIG); 60A: Chiming-in denial (NOR I); 62A: Swift-boat setting (NAM); 63A: Old Testament book (RUTH); 69A: W.C. Fields's role in "The Bank Dick," Egbert ___ (SOUSE); 73A: Rock-shop curiosity (GEODE); 74A: Non-PC choices? (MACS); 75A: Ashcroft's predecessor (RENO); 77A: Apartment, e.g. (UNIT); 78A: Singer Lopez (TRINI); 79A: Put on the line (RISK); 80A: Fuzzily photographed craft (UFO'S); 81A: Took off (LEFT); 82A: Rule, briefly (REG.); 83A: ___ of relief (A SIGH); 85A: Creates a white blanket? (SNOWS); 86A: Numbers to crunch (DATA); 91A: Declares (AVERS); 93A: Damon or Dillon (MATT); 94A: Tour finish? (-IST); 95A: Israeli journalist Amira (HASS); 96A: Table scrap (ORT); 97A: Doors tune, "Love ___ Madly" (HER); 99A: Clerk's place (MART); 100A: Yacht lover's event (BOAT SHOW); 110A: D-Day VIP (IKE); 111A: Speed-setters at Indy (PACE CARS); 112A: Catherine the Great, for one (EMPRESS); 113A: Nonexistent (NIL); 114A: Tuna giant (STARKIST); 115A: Cutting room? (SALON); 116A: 115 Across stuff (GEL); 1D: Gut feeling? (PANG); 2D: Commotion (STIR); 3D: Consequence (IMPORTANCE); 4D: Venetian magistrate (DOGE); 5D: "Yeah, right" ("I BET"); 6D: Theater, dance, etc. (ARTS); 7D: Poet's meadow (LEA); 8D: City about which Gertrude Stein said, "There is no 'there' there" (OAKLAND); 9D: Biblical vessels (ARKS); 10D: "Seinfeld" uncle (LEO); 11D: Sigma follower (TAU); 12D: Fertility goddess (ASTARTE); 13D: Frame of mind (MOOD); 14D: Words before "penny" and "pound" (IN FOR A); 15D: ___ sleep (REM); 16D: Exist (ARE); 18D: Soft-boiler's need (TIMER); 19D: Wild ass of Asia (KIANG); 23D: Scams (CONS); 29D: Actress Jeanne (MOREAU); 30D: Tenacious (DOGGED); 31D: Makes a boo-boo (ERRS); 33D: Ocean phenomenon (EL NIÑO); 34D: Flintstone's boss (SLATE); 35D: Variety (TYPE); 36D: Soda accessory (STRAW); 37D: Sicilian smoker (ETNA); 38D: Bureaucratic no-man's-land (LIMBO); 39D: Port near Nazareth (HAIFA); 40D: Sonnet sections (SESTETS); 41D: Port Said's canal (SUEZ); 43D: 1965 hit, "___ Yours" (BABY I'M); 48D: ___ rays (GAMMA); 53D: Major retailer (SEARS); 54D: Mustangs' sch. (SMU); 56D: Alexander cut it, the ___ Knot (GORDIAN); 58D: Sweater style (V-NECK); 59D: Heretofore, once (ERE NOW); 61D: Toast choice (RYE); 64D: Juice choice (V-EIGHT); 65D: "It's a possibility" ("I MIGHT"); 66D: Ice skater Cohen (SASHA); 67D: Actor Kirby and shoe designer Magli (BRUNOS); 68D: 1965 Godard film, "Pierrot ___" (meaning "the madman") (LEFOU); 70D: Archeological job (UNEARTHING); 71D: Searches (through) (SIFTS); 72D: Henri ending (-ETTA); 73D: She's Anna in "Anna Christie," 1931 (GRETA); 76D: Bones (OSSA); 78D: In great shape (TRIM); 79D: Reformer Jacob (RIIS); 84D: Car topper, in Aspen (SKI RACK); 85D: Gamblers' methods (SYSTEMS); 88D: Odysseus's home (ITHACA); 89D: "___ does it!" (THAT); 90D: Country rocker Steve (EARLE); 92D: They're cast (VOTES); 98D: Ogler (EYER); 99D: ___ Helens (MT. ST.); 100D: Mr. Ives (BURL); 101D: Round, crunchy sweet (OREO); 102D: Org. (ASSN.); 103D: Word in a Haggard title (OKIE); 104D: Jack Benny catchword (WELL); 105D: Tape meas. (IPS); 106D: Waited, perhaps (SAT); 107D: Chou En-___ (LAI); 108D: 1040 reviewer, briefly (IRS); 109D: 1040 reviewer, briefly (CPA).


CarolC said...

PG, thanks for posting the answer. I especially liked YOU'VE MADE ME SO VERY MISERABLE for the Divorce Court theme song. I don't get the LONG SHORT SALLY reference but maybe it will come to me. Overall, enjoyed this one,

Steve said...

@CarolC - the song is "Long Tall Sally", the clue and the theme answer assume that dog's name is Sally, and she's a long and short dog - i.e. long in the body, and short in the legs

JIMMIE said...

Clever and fun as usual. I especially liked ISAYALITTLECURSE as opposed to "I Say a Little Prayer."

Thanks PG for the writeup.

*David* said...

I didn't really think through the theme as I was solving but it all came together. Real hmm answer was ASTARTE which I needed every cross to fill in. IPS equals ick.

Sherlyn said...

Yes I don't get L.A Times newspaper but this was great , thanks for sharing the crossword here!

JTH said...

A good and fun puzzle - I found the theme answers very humorous. I had a problem with several answers, but it all came together.
Way to go Merl - keep it up!

badams52 said...

When I saw the clue "Wild ass of Asia," I couldn't help but remember this article from last year.