SUNDAY, January 3, 2010 — Merl Reagle (calendar)

Hey, guys, sorry to do this to you, but you can jump on over to Orange's place for a write-up and answer grid for this puzzle.


JIMMIE said...

Thanks, Merl, for an entertaining and fun puzzle, siginificantly harder, I thought, than most, and very clever. All of the theme answers made sense, but I had trouble with MINUTESPLUSMOSTEL. But Orange pointed out the Zero factor.

Thanks Orange for a nice write-up.

JN said...

It's 60 minutes plus ZERO Mostel

I did a lot of googling.


Very nice Merle puzzle.
I love math puzzles.

PoolGuy said...

In addition to everyone else that the Times is laying off, did they include the copy editors for your puzzle? 12 Down says "Sleeps like a bear" and the answer is "hibernated". Shouldn't the clue have been "Slept like a bear"?

That aside, the puzzle was fun.