SUNDAY, January 10, 2010 — Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Addle Lines" — The letters LE are added to familiar phrases. Wackiness ensues.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see the write-up of today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: School of foolish talk? (PRATTLE INSTITUTE).
  • 36A: Sociable line of rulers? (MINGLE DYNASTY).
  • 58A: Evidence of cattle theft? (RUSTLE PROOF).
  • 80A: Gherkin in a class by itself? (PICKLE APART).
  • 98A: Chateau made of stucco? (PLASTER CASTLE).
  • 116A: INXS's ode to badgering? (NEEDLE YOU TONIGHT).
  • 16D: Fastball pitcher's universe? (A WORLD OF HURTLE).
  • 48D: Cheap laugh? (TWO-BUCK CHUCKLE).
Everything Else — 1A: Cyberbidders' site (EBAY); 5A: Breaks down (FAILS); 10A: Way to go (ROUTE); 15A: Beaver endeavor (DAM); 18A: Martial art Krav --- (MAGA); 19A: Pitcher of Borden milk? (ELSIE); 20A: Nettle (ANNOY); 21A: He played Obi-Wan (EWAN); 26A: Closing notes (CODA); 27A: Sunday paper extra (INSERT); 28A: Lesley of "60 Minutes" (STAHL); 29A: Wild ducks (MALLARDS); 31A: Winter apples (RUSSETS); 33A: Aussie non-flyer (EMU); 34A: Often free flyer (LEAFLET); 35A: U.K. record label (EMI); 41A: Help with the dishes (DRY); 42A: Stock phrase (NO PAR); 43A: Nostradamus, for one (SEER); 44A: Like some "vino" (SECO); 46A: "The Maltese Falcon"'s Mary (ASTOR); 49A: Burkina --- (FASO); 52A: Mary's follower (LAMB); 54A: "Baby Beluga" singer (RAFFI); 57A: Word with cow or company (TOWN); 61A: Restaurateur Toots (SHOR); 62A: Unfold (EVOLVE); 64A: Peace, to Matisse (PAIX); 65A: Calm (REASSURE); 67A: Steel girders (I-BEAMS); 69A: On the way (GOING); 72A: Media mogul Murdoch (RUPERT); 73A: Nonaligned nations (NEUTRALS); 75A: Good earth (LOAM); 77A: "No Exit" author (SARTRE); 79A: Engrave (ETCH); 84A: "The Good Earth" heroine (O-LAN); 85A: Role for Liam (OSKAR); 87A: Rancho hand? (MANO); 88A: Present (HERE); 89A: Mix (BLEND); 90A: 1963 role for Liz (CLEO); 92A: Prima donna (DIVA); 94A: Grenoble's river (ISERE); 96A: Pounder of "The Shield" (CCH); 102A: Afire (LIT); 105A: Toulouse- --- (LAUTREC); 107A: Link letters (URL); 108A: Order from the court (SUMMONS); 110A: Make inroads (ENCROACH); 112A: Delon of "Purple Noon" (ALAIN); 114A: "Ghost" session (SEANCE); 115A: Bogus (FAKE); 119A: Account (TALE); 120A: Arthritis med acronym (NSAID); 121A: River gamboler (OTTER); 122A: Zuider and others (ZEES); 123A: Composer Rorem (NED); 124A: Houston athlete (ASTRO); 125A: "You have --- in the matter!" (NO SAY); 126A: Celtic tongue (ERSE); 1D: Ottoman, for one (EMPIRE); 2D: Big-top big wheel (BARNUM); 3D: "Open" author Andre (AGASSI); 4D: "Bullitt" director Peter (YATES); 5D: Marker feature (FELT TIP); 6D: Pub pint (ALE); 7D: Mother of Horus (ISIS); 8D: Door topper (LINTEL); 9D: Snuffleupagus's street (SESAME); 10D: Banister (RAIL); 11D: Que. neighbor (ONT.); 12D: "E pluribus ---" (UNUM); 13D: Adds it all up (TOTALS); 14D: Places for laces (EYELETS); 15D: Coffee bar order (DECAF); 17D: More miffed (MADDER); 22D: Gross (NASTY); 24D: Small shake (TREMOR); 25D: Pounding sounds (THUDS); 30D: Stratum (LAYER); 32D: Big botch-up (SNAFU); 37D: Get (GRASP); 38D: Pound sound (YELP); 39D: Close (NEAR); 40D: Strong suit? (ARMOR); 42D: Hardly deadly (NON-LETHAL); 45D: Potluck staple (CASSEROLE); 46D: Had something (ATE); 47D: Reds (SOVIETS); 50D: He's a deer (STAG); 51D: Medley (OLIO); 53D: Afrikaner (BOER); 55D: Computer language (FORTRAN); 56D: Dander (IRE); 58D: Chart anew (REMAP); 59D: Shah of Iran, ultimately (EXILE); 60D: Goethe epic (FAUST); 63D: Alt. spelling (VAR.); 66D: Clean getaway? (SPA); 68D: Meager (SLIM); 70D: Early animal rescue activist (NOAH); 71D: Rubberneck (GAPE); 73D: Paleo- opposite (NEO-); 74D: Oodles (SCADS); 76D: Yankee great Roger (MARIS); 78D: Close (END); 81D: Make a muffler (KNIT); 82D: Popular song subject (LOVE); 83D: Takes five (RESTS); 86D: Dupe (REPRO); 89D: Weser River port (BREMEN); 91D: 1994 Mamet movie (OLEANNA); 93D: As --- of thumb (A RULE); 95D: Deceptive (ELUSORY); 96D: Like Kirk Douglas's chin (CLEFT); 97D: Promised land (CANAAN); 99D: Get into (ACCESS); 100D: Drawer of a sort (CRAYON); 101D: Moscone's predecessor (ALIOTO); 102D: More protracted (LONGER); 103D: Foot parts (INCHES); 104D: Fly around the Kalahari (TSE-TSE); 106D: Stuck up a banksia, perhaps (TREED); 109D: Indian corn (MAIZE); 111D: Pressure (HEAT); 112D: Designer Gucci (ALDO); 113D: Loony (NUTS); 117D: N, E, W or S (DIR.); 118D: Leaves for a drink (TEA).


Anonymous said...

Great puzzle really really loved it. Not as good as last weeks Cox Rathvon puzzle. That one was really clever. Would like to see more of that type in the NYT. Golfballman

JIMMIE said...

Very fun puzzle. Here in CA, TWOBUCKCHUCKLE means a lot because of the Trader Joe's influence. Didn't know FASO, OLAN, ZEES, but didn't need to.

Thanks, PG.

Anonymous said...

I actually was able to finish this one! I like that! sr

*David* said...

Relatively easy puzzle only had problems by LAUTREC/REPRO (ugh what an abbreviation) and OLEANNA crossing NSAID. I liked the INXS theme answer the most.