05.29 Sun (calendar)

May 29, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Fast Food for Thought" — Surnames that start with "MC" are clued as if the "MC" is a nonsense prefix (like many food items at McDonald's).

Theme answers:

  • 1A: "At weddings I always kiss the ___" (MCBRIDE).
  • 18A: "When friends need help, I get the ___" (MCCALL).
  • 19A: " 'Golden' is one of my favorite ___" (MCCULLERS).
  • 24A: "I always drive in the ___" (MCFARLANE).
  • 38A: "At pubs I always order a ___" (MCGINNIS).
  • 48A: "My favorite western is ___" (MCSHANE).
  • 52A: "At Thanksgiving, I'm the designated ___" (MCCARVER).
  • 57A: "I've started calling myself a '___ of letters'" (MCMAHON).
  • 68A: "Outside it might be ___ ..." (MCRANEY).
  • 71A: "... but a second later there won't be a ___ in the sky" (MCCLOUD).
  • 76A: "I once dreamt I was brought before a royal ___ ..." (MCCOURT).
  • 88A: "... and had to ___ before the throne ..." (MCNEILL).
  • 92A: "... and just like that, I was a ___! ..." (MCKNIGHT).
  • 96A: "... Then the ___ said she wanted to run away with me! ..." (MCQUEEN).
  • 109A: "... Love at first sight? No, she just didn't want to ___ any more! Then I woke up" (MCGOVERN).
  • 121A: "Anyway, my deadline's approaching. I better get ___" (MCCRACKEN).
  • 131A: "Otherwise, I'll just get ___ ..." (MCPHATTER).
  • 134A: "... sitting on my ___ all day" (MCCANN).
  • 139A: "Don't get me wrong — constructing crosswords is fun. What takes forever is the ___" (MCLUHAN).
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Everything Else 8A: La-la lead-in (TRA); 11A: Long tales (SAGAS); 16A: Was out of control (CAREENED); 17A: Pasteur's sci. (CHEM.); 20A: Cuisine mushroom (CEPE); 21A: In a creepy way (EERILY); 22A: German pronoun (ICH); 23A: Caustic cleaner (LYE); 26A: Each (A POP); 28A: Deny (DISAVOW); 31A: Corrida shout (OLÉ); 32A: Bounder (CAD); 35A: ___ Simbel (ABU); 40A: Layered rock (SHALE); 42A: James Cameron epic (AVATAR); 45A: Casual day: abbr. (FRI.); 46A: Half a Hungarian? (ZSA); 47A: Ms. Fitzgerald (ELLA); 50A: Play parts (ACT); 56A: Author Levin (IRA); 61A: Fine (A-OK); 62A: Badly or hardly (ILL); 63A: Hockey's Phil (ESPOSITO); 67A: ___'s Ice Cream (EDY); 70A: Jelly container (JAR); 75A: One with a record (CON); 80A: ET's craft (UFO); 81A: ___ a victory (EKING OUT); 86A: Palindromic name (ADA); 87A: Actress Sandra (DEE); 91A: Greek letter (PSI); 95A: Card game (GIN); 100A: Primary (MAIN); 101A: "You there!" ("HEY!"); 104A: Zodiac sign (LEO); 106A: Public protest (OUTCRY); 107A: Grant portrayer (ASNER); 111A: Lethal coiler (BOA); 112A: Trip segment (LEG); 113A: Simile center (AS A); 115A: Welcomer (GREETER); 117A: Busy centers (HUBS); 123A: WWII theater (ETO); 126A: Shar-___ (PEI); 127A: See 65 Down (ARABIA); 130A: Ex-Israeli P.M. (MEIR); 135A: Beer alternatives (ALES); 136A: Elbow grease (EXERTION); 137A: Recorder button (PAUSE); 138A: Polite wd. (PLS.); 1D: Like he-men (MACHO); 2D: Grand ___ (great vintage, in French) (CRU); 3D: Boxing ringer (BELL); 4D: Depend (on) (RELY); 5D: "That's all ___!" (I NEED); 6D: German article (DER); 7D: 107 Across et al. (EDS.); 8D: Winkler role (THE FONZ); 9D: Hocks again (REPAWNS); 10D: Of the U.S. (AMER.); 11D: Play parts (SCENES); 12D: Land measure (ACRE); 13D: Merry, to Mimi (GAI); 14D: Completely (ALL); 15D: Wily (SLY); 16D: "U.S.S.R.," to a Soviet (CCCP); 17D: This clue squared, plus itself (CCCVI); 18D: Lunch or brunch (MEAL); 19D: Soccer's Hamm (MIA); 24D: Ars ___ (sorcery) (MAGICA); 25D: Spanish article (LOS); 27D: Primrose, e.g. (PATH); 29D: World finance org. (IMF); 30D: "Beat it!" ("SCRAM!"); 32D: Hobbes's pal (CALVIN); 33D: Gene form (ALLELE); 34D: Very much (DEARLY); 36D: Lamb's lament (BAA); 37D: Coffee server (URN); 39D: Reddy's "___ Woman" (I AM); 41D: That actress (HER); 42D: French friend (AMIE); 43D: TiVo forerunners (VCR'S); 44D: Quickly, quickly (ASAP); 49D: CPR pro (EMT); 51D: "___, Hot Summer" (THE LONG); 53D: Machine part (CAM); 54D: Some bacteria (COCCI); 55D: Ohio city (AKRON); 58D: Dot follower (COM); 59D: Meter preceder (ODO-); 60D: Manhattan sch. (NYU); 64D: Eye, to Enrique (OJO); 65D: Asian nation, with 127 Across (SAUDI); 66D: Like some vbs. (IRREG.); 69D: Director Lee (ANG); 72D: Summa ___ laude (CUM); 73D: Ozone pollutant: abbr. (CFC); 74D: Neighbor of Md. (DEL.); 76D: Human or whale (MAMMAL); 77D: Music fan's container (CD CASE); 78D: Encrusting (CAKING); 79D: Mao's top army commander, Chu ___ (TEH); 82D: It merged with Air France (KLM); 83D: "Black gold" bloc (OPEC); 84D: Customer (USER); 85D: Like Tim (TINY); 89D: Actress Brennan (EILEEN); 90D: Like krypton (INERT); 93D: Compass pt. (NNE); 94D: Marijuana ingredient (THC); 97D: Male swan (COB); 98D: Status ___ (QUO); 99D: Orem's home (UTAH); 102D: Ovum (EGG CELL); 103D: Toy terriers (YORKIES); 105D: George's bill (ONE); 108D: Wisconsin city (RACINE); 109D: Put a dent in (MAR); 110D: Swerves (VEERS); 114D: Read quickly (SCAN); 116D: Drive back (REPEL); 118D: Muckraker's first name (UPTON); 119D: Has-___ (BEEN); 120D: Letter opener (SIR); 121D: CEO degrees (MBA'S); 122D: "Do I have to draw you ___?" (A MAP); 124D: Drive-___ (THRU); 125D: Solemn vow (OATH); 127D: Roadie's burden (AMP); 128D: Zenith rival (RCA); 129D: Puncture opening (ACU-); 131D: ___-sahib (MEM); 132D: 190 (CXC); 133D: Nogales aunt (TIA).


Anonymous said...

1 down is macho
26 across is apop

CoffeeLvr said...


(Also, Anonymous at 2:55pm is correct, per my solve in AcrossLite.)

JaxInL.A. said...

I wonder if someone can tell me, does Merl's puzzle always appear here on Sunday and not the CS puzzle? I did not realize that, if so.