S U N D A Y   December 5, 2010
Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "The Latest Fusion Restaurants" Restaurant puns.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Romantic German-French eatery? (STOLLEN QUICHES).
  • 27A: Uptown Japanese-German eatery? (HAIBRAU).
  • 35A: Jewish-Italian eatery? (MATZORELLA).
  • 47A: Spanish-Indian eatery with unusual artwork? (SALVADOR DELHI).
  • 56A: Czech-Middle Eastern sports eatery? (IVAN LENTILS).
  • 72A: Pennsylvania-Louisiana eatery? (PHILLY GUMBO).
  • 79A: American-Chinese eatery? (YANKEE NOODLES).
  • 95A: Japanese-Cuban eatery? (HAIKURUMBA).
  • 102A: Japanese-Italian eatery? (EEL DUCE).
  • 110A: Italian-English eatery for kids? (AMARETTO TEAPOT).
Everything Else — 1A: Hedge shrubs (PRIVETS); 8A: Slightly nuts (LOOPY); 13A: Café avec ___ (SUCRE); 18A: Cole Porter musical (ROSALIE); 19A: Red finally got one at Shawshank (PAROLE); 20A: Long-plumed waders (EGRETS); 24A: Sad state of affairs (PLIGHT); 25A: Mormon letters (LDS); 26A: Directed skyward (UPCAST); 28A: Dies follower (IRAE); 30A: Huge chapter in 20th cent. history (WW II); 32A: Word after keel or over (HAUL); 34A: Compromise (BEND); 38A: Rodeo prop (ROPE); 39A: Palm fruits (DATES); 40A: Soul, to Simone (AME); 41A: Dudley Do-Right's beloved (NELL); 42A: Rose, for one, in Rome (FIORE); 44A: Curly-tailed dog (PUG); 45A: Most miffed (MADDEST); 52A: Diner sign (EAT); 53A: Weasel's cousin (SABLE); 54A: Toast choice (RYE); 55A: Dr. J's first league (ABA); 60A: Christmas dessert (PIE); 62A: Mr. Thurmond (STROM); 64A: Like cranberries (TART); 65A: "Lorna ___" (DOONE); 66A: 1978 Peace Nobelist (SADAT); 68A: Christmas entrees (HAMS); 69A: "___ it goes" (AND SO); 71A: Make, as lace (TAT); 74A: Soap ingredient (LYE); 75A: Half of CXII (LVI); 77A: Name on a tractor (DEERE); 78A: Popular kitchen spray (PAM); 83A: Elvis's home (MEMPHIS); 87A: Intoxicated (LIT); 88A: Some keys have them (FLATS); 89A: Smart and then some (WISE); 90A: Pumpkin mo. (OCT.); 91A: Formal club: abbr. (ASSOC.); 94A: Roddick of tennis (ANDY); 98A: Horse halter (REIN); 99A: "___ Rhythm" (I GOT); 100A: Pager sound (BEEP); 101A: Cognac brand, ___ Martin (REMY); 104A: Son of Daedalus (ICARUS); 108A: Air rifle ammo (BB'S); 109A: Recommend (ADVISE); 115A: One on a quest (SEEKER); 116A: Taxes (LEVIES); 117A: Waldorf salad ingredients (WALNUTS); 118A: Slip cover? (DRESS); 119A: Have a conniption (FREAK); 120A: Accord of a sort (ENTENTE); 1D: Old phone trio (PRS); 2D: Go bad (ROT); 3D: Remote (ISOLATED); 4D: Juan of coffee commercials (VALDEZ); 5D: Building wings (ELLS); 6D: No-win situation? (TIE); 7D: VIP on the Hill: abbr. (SEN.); 8D: Secular (LAIC); 9D: Killer whale (ORCA); 10D: Ahs partner (OOHS); 11D: Abundance (PLETHORA); 12D: Response to a proposal (YES); 13D: Flower part (SEPAL); 14D: Aptly named fruit (UGLI); 15D: Game with pegs (CRIBBAGE); 16D: Contrition (REGRET); 17D: Natural-gas component (ETHANE); 19D: School attendee (PUPIL); 21D: Jewelry pieces (STUDS); 23D: Penn's pen, perhaps (QUILL); 27D: Color (HUE); 28D: Mosque official (IMAM); 29D: 1961 Edsels hit, "___ Lama Ding Dong" (RAMA); 30D: Took by force (WRESTED); 31D: Lash mark (WELT); 33D: Copied (APED); 36D: MacGraw's 1970 co-star (O'NEAL); 37D: 1954 Faulkner novel (A FABLE); 38D: Wander (ROVE); 39D: Guys (DUDES); 43D: Societal woes (ILLS); 44D: Meddle (PRY); 46D: Features of clunkers and junkers (DENTS); 47D: New Orleans player (SAINT); 48D: Cosmetics giant, L'___ (OREAL); 49D: M. Olsen was one (L.A. RAM); 50D: Weapon since '52 (H-BOMB); 51D: Retort to "You are not!" ("I AM SO!"); 53D: Greek portico (STOA); 56D: World Cup powerhouse (ITALY); 57D: Literary uncle (VANYA); 58D: "As You Like It" forest (ARDEN); 59D: Out (NOT IN); 60D: Ark groupings (PAIRS); 61D: Unfounded, as gossip (IDLE); 63D: Test, as a melon (THUMP); 66D: "Holy guacamole!" ("SHEESH!"); 67D: Makes presentable, as scribblings (TYPES UP); 70D: Soap ingredient, ___ acid (OLEIC); 72D: Trapper's trophy (PELT); 73D: Vegas frequenter (GAMER); 76D: One who looks Rover over (VET); 77D: 30 Across event (D-DAY); 80D: Yukon territory (KLONDIKE); 81D: ___ importance (OF NO); 82D: "Gramps" (OLDTIMER); 83D: Love of The Beach Boys (MIKE); 84D: Unpretentious (HOMESPUN); 85D: Silo weapon (ICBM); 86D: Hang around (STAY); 89D: Actress Dianne (WIEST); 91D: They may be gray (AREAS); 92D: Rated, in tennis (SEEDED); 93D: John Reid's steed (SILVER); 94D: Cheese sharpener (AGE); 96D: Borders on (ABUTS); 97D: Sophisticated (URBANE); 99D: Cake finishers (ICERS); 103D: Duct tape has many (USES); 105D: Bat's home (CAVE); 106D: Horne solo (ARIA); 107D: Smell awful (REEK); 108D: Orion feature (BELT); 110D: TV alien (ALF); 111D: Have markers out (OWE); 112D: Author Amy (TAN); 113D: "Master Melvin" of baseball (OTT); 114D: Half a fly? (TSE).


Anonymous said...

I don't get the Philly Gumbo one. Could someone explain the pun? Thanks!

Doug P said...

I had no clue on PHILLY GUMBO either. So I checked Amy's blog and helpful commenter Meem said there's something called "filé gumbo." New to me, but I can barely cook toast.

JIMMIE said...

Filet gumbo is from the Hank Williams song Jambalaya, I think.

Enjoyable puzzle and quite cute. I didn't know LAIC and thought SHEESH was poor, but the theme was extraordinary.

Thank you Merl, and, as always, PG.

Anonymous said...

DougP, thanks for the explanation! I've never heard of file gumbo, either.

JaJaJoe said...

Cross-wording last-resort?-)

hmj said...

You would have to be of the same ethnicity, cultural background, and genetic origin as Mr. Reagle to even come close to getting this stuff. It's really sad!