S U N D A Y   September 19, 2010
Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Five Ws and One H" Songs that start with question words.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 25A: "Who ---?" (CAN IT BE NOW).
  • 32A: "What ---?" (KIND OF FOOL AM I).
  • 50A: "When ---?" (WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN).
  • 68A: "Where ---?" (IS THE LOVE).
  • 85A: "Why ---?" (DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME).
  • 104A/112A: And a statement, with 112A, "How ---" (SWEET IT IS TO BE / LOVED BY YOU).
Everything Else — 1A: Ping kin (BLIP); 5A: "Titanic" trophy (OSCAR); 10A: Kristen's "Twilight" role (BELLA); 15A: Circle segments (ARCS); 19A: Bettor place (RENO); 20A: Nursery rhyme food (PEASE); 21A: Director De Palma (BRIAN); 22A: Hold sway (RULE); 23A: Stable fare (OATS); 24A: Seine city (PARIS); 27A: "Awake and Sing!" playwright (ODETS); 29A: "Stand and Deliver" star (OLMOS); 31A: Word with arts or accounting (CREATIVE); 36A: Talked on and on (DRONED); 37A: Necessitate (ENTAIL); 38A: Architectural Southern accent (VERANDA); 41A: Kingpin (BOSS); 42A: Pitfalls (TRAPS); 45A: Supporting (IN FAVOR); 47A: Kemo --- (SABE); 57A: The night before (EVE); 58A: Multitudinous (LEGION); 59A: Paces at races (TROTS); 60A: A.D. part (ANNO); 61A: Like some lines (DOTTED); 63A: Purple shade (PUCE); 65A: Pragmatic person (REALIST); 67A: Squirrel's find (ACORN); 72A: Largo and allegro (TEMPI); 73A: Prepare to fire (TAKE AIM); 75A: Taylor of "Mystic Pizza" (LILI); 76A: Tile art (MOSAIC); 77A: Fall setting (EDEN); 78A: Uttered, old-style (SPAKE); 82A: Carpet cleaner (VACUUM); 84A: Roman "numero" (TRE); 88A: Kernel (SEED); 89A: Places in a pyramid (ENTOMBS); 90A: Fresh (SASSY); 92A: Monk's hood (COWL); 95A: Sends abroad (EXPORTS); 98A: Cattle catchers (LASSOS); 102A: Veracruz's capital (JALAPA); 107A: Everything everywhere (UNIVERSE); 110A: Lord Vader (DARTH); 111A: Castor's sister (HELEN); 115A: Arctic explorer Robert (PEARY); 117A: Palenque people (MAYA); 118A: Robert of "The Sopranos" (ILER); 119A: Surpass (ONE-UP); 120A: Gave the glad eye (OGLED); 121A: Rapper turned TV cop (ICE-T); 122A: Organs with drums (EARS); 123A: Breaks (RESTS); 124A: Hoffmann offerings (TALES); 125A: Give over (CEDE); 1D: Poet Rupert (BROOKE); 2D: Opener (LEAD-IN); 3D: Focused (INTENT); 4D: Write a check for later (POSTDATE); 5D: Acr. from (OPP.); 6D: Words before Galilee or Tranquility (SEA OF); 7D: Producer Ponti (CARLO); 8D: "I, Robot" writer (ASIMOV); 9D: Do some cobbling (RESOLE); 10D: Telly network (BBC); 11D: Diamond stat (ERA); 12D: "The Mod Squad" role (LINC); 13D: Hideaway (LAIR); 14D: Put a stake on the table (ANTED); 15D: "Am not!" comeback ("ARE TOO!"); 16D: Encounters (RUN-INS); 17D: Garlic segments (CLOVES); 18D: Darned, say (SEWED); 26D: She played Yentl (BARBRA); 28D: Nice nightfall (SOIR); 30D: Mumbai attire (SARIS); 33D: Imperfect (FLAWED); 34D: "Olympia" artist (MANET); 35D: Construe (INFER); 39D: Belafonte classic (DAYO); 40D: "--- santé!" (À VOTRE); 43D: Potbellied pet (PIG); 44D: Berth places (SLIPS); 46D: York's river (OUSE); 47D: Tranquilized (SEDATED); 48D: Guacamole base (AVOCADO); 49D: Indicate (BETOKEN); 51D: Lummox (LOUT); 52D: Foot part (INCH); 53D: Bursts of laughter (GALES); 54D: Make Shrek move (ANIMATE); 55D: Motivate (INSPIRE); 56D: Spotted (NOTICED); 58D: Memorable Horne (LENA); 62D: Rock's Reznor (TRENT); 64D: Sushi's unagi (EEL); 66D: Bit of physics (ATOM); 68D: Ascribe (IMPUTE); 69D: As it happens (LIVE); 70D: Norway's patron (OLAV); 71D: Bad habits (VICES); 74D: "Help --- the way!" (IS ON); 76D: Swiss granola (MUESLI); 79D: "... like --- of chocolates" (A BOX); 80D: Politician Jack's kin (KEMPS); 81D: Nudge (ELBOW); 83D: Screen's Thurman (UMA); 86D: Protested like a Pomeranian (YELPED); 87D: "My gal --- hot ..." (Billy Lee Riley lyric) (IS RED); 88D: Affecting the whole body (SYSTEMIC); 91D: Obi, for one (SASH); 92D: Cooking oil type (CANOLA); 93D: Twist of fiction (OLIVER); 94D: Vacillates (WAVERS); 96D: Angela Lansbury cartoon character (TEAPOT); 97D: Italian liqueur (STREGA); 99D: Comfort (SOLACE); 100D: Did as told (OBEYED); 101D: House on the Hill (SENATE); 102D: Christie or Andrews (JULIE); 103D: Shady retreat (ARBOR); 105D: "I knew --- along!" (IT ALL); 106D: Stooges count (THREE); 108D: January 1 song word (SYNE); 109D: Potato spots (EYES); 113D: Loophole (OUT); 114D: FedEx competitor (UPS); 116D: Fabric meas. (YDS.).

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