Special Breast Cancer Benefit Puzzle

I posted this yesterday on my "Rex Parker" website, but thought some of you all might be interested as well — thank you. ~RP


Happy Birthday, Christina Applegate!

A couple of months ago, around the time of Lee Denim Day (a large single-day cancer fundraiser in early October), I started kicking around puzzle ideas. Challenge — how to write a puzzle in support of breast cancer research and care that wasn't a. a downer, and b. too boob-specific (nothing wrong with boobs, they're great, that's the point — just didn't want to be too spot-on). So nothing was clicking for me until ... I lit on the name of Christina Applegate's own Foundation. And then things began falling into place. I had an idea, then hit up Twitter for some suggestions of names that helped me create theme answers, and before I knew it (one afternoon), I had a 17x17 puzzle on my hands (thanks, Twitterverse, btw).

So here's the deal — if you enjoy the puzzle (below), or if you hate it so much that it inspires you to throw rotten tomatoes at me ... if it moves you in any way, please consider making a donation to Ms. Applegate's Foundation. I'm deliberately not telling you its name because its name is in the puzzle (is the basis for the puzzle, actually). So if you want a leg up on the puzzle, click here to go to her Foundation's homepage. Otherwise, do the puzzle first, and then check out her page. Her Foundation is dedicated to helping pay for advanced screening techniques for at-risk women who couldn't otherwise afford it.

So here it is. Please print it out, forward it to friends/family/anyone you know who enjoys crosswords, etc. I hope it brightens an already bright, long holiday weekend. Click here to read my write-up of the puzzle and comment on it if you wish.

Just click on "Print" on the puzzle image below, or go here (to Amy Reynaldo's crosswordfiend.com) to get a .puz (AcrossLite) version.

Star Turns


Unknown said...

So no solution for today's puzzle? :(

Tinbeni said...

RP - That was a tough (Saturday/NYT level plus) puzzle.
Nice theme ... once I figured out that without an 'R' the clue's answer's were obvious.

Donation made to "Right Action for Women." A very worthy organization.

Years ago I was the CFO for a very large women's health medical company (23 clinic's). (Note the company was large, The women, regular sizes.)

I was the only "non-doctor" man in the company, but my ladies got me on track and I still do the 3-day, 60 mile walk for breast cancer each year.

I had heard a little about Christine's situation, didn't know it was that serious. I hope her Org./involvement helps lots of women.

GLowe said...

I remember a story, maybe 30 years ago in the Reader's Digest funny (supposedly) true anecdotes:

"A new assistant in my law firm was struggling to learn legalese, sometimes with interesting results. I walked in one day and, after breifing me on all my messages, she said 'Oh yah, and your wife called. I can't remember whether she said 'equity', or 'inequity', but you're supposed to meet her in the den of it'".

Good puzzle, good cause.

Rex Parker said...

Thanks guys. Tell a friend. Solution and origin story forthcoming.



Coins adroppin' for RIGHT ACTION FOR WOMEN.
That was a super puzzle...and super difficult too, but I did get it all done (and correct I hope).
Thanks Rex, for providing that breast cancer awareness puzzle.

Christina Applegate, she's a class act.

Funny @Glowe story!

split infinitive said...

Rex; happy birthday. Thanks for your support and shout-out for Ms. Applegate's organization--my sister-in-law-in law (you read that right) and M-I-L equivalent are both breast CA survivors, one of them had curable metastases to another site, and both are well with great prognoses, in part due to organizations such as Christina's. that's why we support those foundations when/how we
can. Bottom line: Research means lives saved.

Thank you also for sharing the puzzle, which is still not solved yet. Maybe once the brandy wears off and coffee kicks in.

split & co.