SUNDAY, September 13, 2009 — Sylvia Bursztyn

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see the write-up of today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Music Fame" — Theme answers are names of songs (or, in one case, an album that is also the name of a song) that all end with a word that rhymes with fame.

Theme answers:
  • 17A/33D: "Gilda" number (PUT THE BLAME ON MAME).
  • 19A: Elvis hit (HIS LATEST FLAME).
  • 24A: Jim Croce hit (I GOT A NAME).
  • 34A/85A/111A: "South Pacific" song (THERE IS NOTHIN' LIKE A DAME).
  • 66A: Led Zeppelin album (THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME).
  • 119A: Fats Domino hit (AIN'T THAT A SHAME).
  • 37D: J. Geils Band hit (FREEZE FRAME).
Everything Else — 1A: Clobber (BASTE); 6A: Stallone's judge role (DREDD); 11A: Brenner or Donner (PASS); 15A: Judge Roy Bean's bailiwick (SALOON); 16A: Sowing machine (SEEDER); 21A: Unprincipled (AMORAL); 22A: Guarantee (ENSURE); 23A: Smidge (IOTA); 26A: Rock type (ACID); 27A: They're attractive (MAGNETS); 30A: --- Paulo (SAO); 31A: It's game (TAG); 32A: Cygnus star (DENEB); 36A: Notable lamp maker (TIFFANY); 39A: Prior to, to Prior (ERE); 40A: Top Ten and to-do (LISTS); 42A: Junket (TRIP); 44A: Montevideo Mrs. (SRA.); 45A: Go over again (RETRACE); 47A: One way to wax (POETIC); 49A: Give off (EXUDE); 53A: Good-humored (AMIABLE); 56A: Score half (DECADE); 58A: Two-piece top (BRA); 59A: Put on (STAGE); 62A: Melodies (AIRS); 64A: The gamut (A TO Z); 65A: NATO kin (OAS); 72A: Fix (RIG); 73A: At hand (NEAR); 74A: Cookbook amts. (TSPS.); 75A: Ruinous (FATAL); 76A: Verse opening (UNI-); 77A: Crackpot (MANIAC); 80A: Stock figures (BROKERS); 83A: Inventor Nikola (TESLA); 87A: Stockpiles (AMASSES); 91A: CPR specialist (EMT); 93A: "And --- conclusion ..." (SO IN); 94A: "Julius Caesar" setting (FORUM); 96A: No. pro (CPA); 97A: Finishes in front? (VENEERS); 101A: Beckett play (END GAME); 103A: Net receivables? (EMAIL); 105A: Lord of the ring? (ALI); 106A: Lats' neighbors (ABS); 108A: Soaps (SERIALS); 110A: " ... lamp --- my feet" (UNTO); 115A: This and that (BOTH); 116A: Solomon's asset (WISDOM); 118A: Winter's eave hanger (ICICLE); 122A: Tizzy (DITHER); 123A: Dressing vessels (CRUETS); 124A: Gene form (ALLELE); 125A: New Mexico art colony (TAOS); 126A: Japanese fencing (KENDO); 127A: Serves boos? (JEERS); 1D: Baby's berth (BASSINET); 2D: Refer indirectly (ALLUDE); 3D: Fly like an eagle (SOAR); 4D: Athabaskan emblem (TOTEM); 5D: Benz ending (-ENE); 6D: More adroit (DEFTER); 7D: Identify with (RELATE TO); 8D: Writer LeShan (EDA); 9D: Moore of the movies (DEMI); 10D: Remains at the bottom (DREGS); 11D: Cougar (PUMA); 12D: "This must weigh ---!" (A TON); 13D: Tiers of a cloud (STRATA); 14D: Tribal healer (SHAMAN); 15D: Earnest (SINCERE); 16D: Pits (STONES); 17D: Local lingo (PATOIS); 18D: Gray piece (ELEGY); 19D: Tumble (HEADER); 20D: Spectacle (SIGHT); 25D: Horse morsel (OAT); 28D: Befuddled (AT SEA); 29D: Fathered (SIRED); 35D: Lot of construction (SITE); 38D: Send by phone (FAX); 41D: Here, to Moreau (ICI); 43D: "Three Musicians" artist (PICASSO); 46D: Tatters (RAGS); 47D: Make waves? (PERM); 48D: Suffragist Carrie (CATT); 50D: Lusitania sinker (U-BOAT); 51D: Pinter's practice (DRAMA); 52D: Painter's prop (EASEL); 54D: Some ciudad sections (BARRIOS); 55D: Story (LIE); 57D: Quote from Homer (D'OH); 59D: Car bar (STRUT); 60D: Your of yore (THINE); 61D: Protection (AEGIS); 63D: Posed (SAT); 67D: PBS supporter (NEA); 68D: "Island in the Sky" writer (GANN); 69D: Library ID (ISBN); 70D: "JazzSet" network (NPR); 71D: Guff (SASS); 78D: Stub --- (A TOE); 79D: Double features? (CHINS); 81D: Playwright Capek (KAREL); 82D: Big bird (EMU); 84D: Grant or Greenwood (LEE); 86D: Beholden (INDEBTED); 88D: Tabloid fodder (SCANDALS); 89D: Apotheosis (EPITOME); 90D: Wilde tragedy (SALOME); 92D: Merchant (TRADER); 94D: Belief systems (FAITHS); 95D: D-Day beach (OMAHA); 97D: In force (VALID); 98D: Draw out (ELICIT); 99D: Khrushchev (NIKITA); 100D: Fed. loan agcy. (SBA); 102D: Small cavern (GROTTO); 104D: Iditarod entrant (MUSHER); 107D: Smooch (SMACK); 109D: Son of Seattle Slew (SWALE); 112D: Come back (ECHO); 113D: Pub round (ALES); 114D: Word on Irish stamps (EIRE); 117D: Wight, for one (ISLE); 120D: Sister or mother (NUN); 121D: Mahal of fame (TAJ).


GLowe said...

"One way to wax": POETIC...ame.

... or am I wrong?

A masterful cluer, Ms. Bursztyn. Methinks this does not represent her best grid, nontheless, "finishes in front", "verse opening" and "Net receivables" represent thoughtful ways to represent regular stuff.

Wayne said...

Once I figured out that all the theme clues ended in "ame", then I was in the game.

JIMMIE said...

Thanks, PG. I had looked at the blog at noon and found just the syndicated puzzle, so sat the paper aside to check it next Sunday, but now I don't have to.

Keep up the great work.