SUNDAY, August 16, 2009 — Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar puzzle)

Theme: "Way In" — Theme answers are familiars phrases with the letter string WAY inserted in them, creating new wacky phrases which are clued "?"-style.

Theme answers:
  • 20A: Headquartered in Tony territory? (BROADWAY BASED).
  • 36A: Paris' progress? (HILTON HEADWAY).
  • 53A: First metro? (SUBWAY ZERO).
  • 81A: Planks for us? (OUR GANGWAY).
  • 95A: All-around latitude? (GENERAL LEEWAY).
  • 115A: Mad for paved entrances? (DRIVEWAY CRAZY).
  • 17D: Boston airport's feature? (LOGAN'S RUNWAY).
  • 56D: Ornate interstate? (FANCY FREEWAY).
Everything Else — 1A: Big bunch (MASS); 5A: K.T. of country (OSLIN); 10A: Beam benders (PRISMS); 16A: AA offshoot (AL-ANON); 18A: Prefix with plasty (RHINO-); 19A: Germanic language (FRISIAN); 22A: Cannoli component (RICOTTA); 23A: Car nut (LUG); 24A: Say something (SPEAK); 25A: Potpourri container (POMANDER); 26A: Whoopi's "Ghost" role (ODA MAE); 29A: Be temporarily (ACT AS); 32A: Cash mach. (ATM); 33A: Night screecher (OWL); 34A: Pat the rocker (BENATAR); 40A: Nighttime noisemaker (SNORER); 42A: Straggle (LAG); 43A: Proust protagonist (SWANN); 44A: "Buzz off!" ("SCRAM!"); 46A: Glass bender's gas (NEON); 49A: Flinched, for instance (REACTED); 52A: Yahoo (LOUT); 55A: Bread boxes? (SAFES); 59A: War correspondent Peter (ARNETT); 61A: Christie or Karenina (ANNA); 62A: Veep after Hubert (SPIRO); 64A: Inn stock (ALE); 65A: Discounted (LOWERED); 67A: Jungfrau, for one (ALP); 69A: Token (NOMINAL); 71A: "Hooked --- Feeling" (ON A); 72A: Get --- in edgewise (A WORD); 75A: "--- yellow ribbon ..." (TIE A); 78A: Cylindrical drawer (PENCIL); 79A: Bialik of "Blossom" (MAYIM); 84A: Emmy winner Daly (TYNE); 85A: Dab of cream cheese (SCHMEAR); 87A: Awl, for one (TOOL); 88A: Direct elsewhere (REFER); 89A: Fasten, at sea (BELAY); 91A: Kind of bull or boss (PIT); 93A: "Ecstasy and Me" author (LAMARR); 100A: Operation Just Cause target (NORIEGA); 103A: Satisfied sigh (AAH); 104A: Murmur amorously (COO); 105A: "Taras Bulba" author (GOGOL); 107A: Finger-pointers (NAMERS); 108A: Great, in Great Britain (SMASHING); 111A: What "there is nothin' like" (A DAME); 113A: "Doo --- Diddy Diddy" (WAH); 114A: Dropping clues (HINTING); 120A: Takes to a party (ESCORTS); 121A: Waugh effort (NOVEL); 122A: Night flight (RED-EYE); 123A: Scabbard (SHEATH); 124A: Chasm (ABYSS); 125A: Polish articles (EDIT); 1D: Calf call (MAA); 2D: "Then what?" ("AND?"); 3D: Part sans silk purse potential (SOW'S EAR); 4D: Freak out (SNAP); 5D: Jerry of "Law & Order" (ORBACH); 6D: Hinduism's female principle (SHAKTI); 7D: Calais lily (LIS); 8D: August ending (-INE); 9D: Silent bid (NOD); 10D: Most mannerly (PRIMMEST); 11D: Costa --- (RICA); 12D: "Time --- My Side" (IS ON); 13D: Strike type (SIT-DOWN); 14D: 1987 John Sayles drama (MATEWAN); 15D: Cross (SNARLY); 16D: In for --- awakening (A RUDE); 19D: Latte topper (FROTH); 20D: McQueen movie monster (BLOB); 21D: Pro vote (YEA); 25D: Knock (PAN); 27D: Sea cow (MANATEE); 28D: Speck (ATOM); 30D: Cheer competitor (ALL); 31D: Showtime competitor (STARZ); 35D: Bausch & Lomb product (RENU); 37D: Arch types (OGEES); 38D: "That rocks!" ("AWESOME!"); 39D: Tzara's art (DADA); 41D: Singer McEntire (REBA); 44D: Downhill event (SLALOM); 45D: Solar eclipse sight (CORONA); 47D: Have (OWN); 48D: Zola demimondaine (NANA); 50D: Klee contemporary (ARP); 51D: Mint (COIN); 53D: Brood (STEW); 54D: 1945 summit site (YALTA); 57D: "The Graduate" girl (ELAINE); 58D: Realtor's client (SELLER); 60D: Mine transport (TRAMCAR); 63D: Cordlike (ROPY); 66D: Dire destiny (DOOM); 68D: Stout serving (PINT); 70D: Stopgap (INTERIM); 73D: Compunction (RUE); 74D: Hang over (DRAPE); 76D: Self (EGO); 77D: Mil. truant (AWOL); 80D: Part of Fiji, e.g. (ISLE); 82D: "Peer Gynt" composer (GRIEG); 83D: Shepard in space (ALAN); 86D: Fragrant perennial (HYACINTH); 88D: Adjective with "avis" (RARA); 89D: Like "Jabberwocky"'s boy (BEAMISH); 90D: Embellish (ENHANCE); 92D: Brace (TWO); 94D: Well-off (MONEYED); 95D: Deep cuts (GASHES); 96D: Pines (LONGS); 97D: Fireplace fodder (LOG); 98D: Century plants (AGAVES); 99D: Sings "The Lonely Goatherd" (YODELS); 101D: Chew the greenery (GRAZE); 102D: Grayish (ASHY); 106D: Word with common or criminal (LAW); 109D: Plato's portico (STOA); 110D: Trumpeter Al (HIRT); 112D: Stable female (MARE); 115D: CODIS focus (DNA); 116D: Knock over (ROB); 117D: Green climber (IVY); 118D: Latin 401 (CDI); 119D: On Soc. Sec. (RET.).


mac said...

Nice extra puzzle! A surprise. Was surprised to see Frisian as a Germanic language: in Holland it is a dialect in the province of Friesland.

Anonymous said...

Dutch is a Germanic language too.

GLowe said...

Just so's I don't get accused of being in the wrong room again, whereTF is this cwp from?

OK, I'm just in the wrong room.

Al said...

@GLowe, click on the CALENDAR SUNDAY link from the puzzle page...

Carol said...

I like the bonus puzzle. Thanks for writing it up.