Heads-up on Chicago Tribune "Puzzle Island"

Some of you do the L.A. Times crossword in the Tribune. This week's Sunday Trib will have a four-page puzzle section they're calling "Puzzle Island." I don't know what sort of puzzles they'll be, but I'm going to buy the paper to find out. (I'll also be buying the Sunday New York Times because the Magazine section will have my first NYT crossword! It's a joint effort by me and a more seasoned constructor, Tony Orbach.)


eileen said...

Hey Orange! Congrats! What a huge/super/great accomplishment! I too will purchase this Sunday's NYTs but I hope your puzzle won't be too hard!
Just kidding, heck I sometimes find Tuesdays hard in cwp-land.

Truly I am anxious to see your inaugural puzzle. I'm sure it will be great.


mac said...

My Sunday Times will be on the doormat at 6.30! Congratulations, and I'm looking forward to doing it.

Anonymous said...

Lynda RN said
Congrats Orange - Will be anxiously awaiting your debut puzzle in the NYT Sunday. I don't do the NYT puzzle but will try out yours. Like Eileen I hope it won't be too hard for the beginners.
Lynda RN

PJB-Chicago said...

Great news, Orange! Am planning on buying a NYT later this
morning---if you hear screaming close to Lake Michigan (Old Town, right here in "the second city") then you'll know it was too hard! Otherwise, if you hear fireworks, it's either (A)-my perpetually drunk neighbors, or(B) me celebrating your success, soberly!
Now, I have to rest up for the puzzle-athon!

Anonymous said...

I always buy a Sunday Chi Trib JUST for the puzzles. July 5 THERE WAS NO Puzzle Island or and Arts or Travel section either. I chekced 2 other stroes in my neighborhood. The manager at one store admitted there was a problem with the special insert not being included. So I have wait until next Sudnay hoping the TRIB has cleaned up their act. I know they have had to make cut backs but this was ridiculous!