SUNDAY, May 17, 2009 (calendar puzzle) — Sylvia Bursztyn

We don't actually blog this puzzle, but we post the grid, the theme and the rest of the clue/answer pairs. You can sure talk about it in the comments....

Theme: "Centered" (or "C Entered") — Each theme answer is a familiar phrases with a C entered in it creating a new wacky phrase which is clued "?"-style.

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Split at night? (CLEAVE IN THE DARK).
  • 33A: Fido's lounger? (CHAIR OF THE DOG).
  • 53A: Antique fastener? (TIFFANY CLAMP).
  • 77A: Thrilling sensations in the woods? (FOREST CHILLS).
  • 92A: Goal of a radio host's rivals? (CRUSH LIMBAUGH).
  • 111A: Declaration of the intolerant? (I'M CLOSING MY MIND).
  • 16D: Whence art objects? (FROM THE CRAFTERS).
  • 42D: Flexible shipping container? (ADJUSTABLE CRATE).
Everything Else — 1A: Phrase for a duke (HIS GRACE); 9A: Virgo's brightest (SPICA); 14A: Emmy winner Woodard (ALFRE); 19A: Sofa style (SECTIONAL); 20A: Ho Chi Minh Museum city (HANOI); 21A: "WarGames" org. (NORAD); 24A: Grimm character (GNOME); 25A: Small type (AGATE); 26A: Hammer/sickle (TOOLS); 27A: Chuck Connors role (RIFLEMAN); 29A: Travis Bickle vehicle (TAXI); 30A: I hope, in Latin (SPERO); 32A: Least littered (TIDIEST); 37A: "Me! Call on me!" (OH! OH!); 40A: Coach Parseghian (ARA); 43A: Subsidy (AID); 44A: Hi, in the Andes (HOLA); 45A: "Would you like to see ---?" (A MENU); 46A: Packing material (WADDING); 48A: Hot stuff (CHILI); 50A: Skunk (POLECAT); 52A: Suva's land (FIJI); 56A: ER personnel (RNS); 57A: Appropriate (USURP); 59A: Dodge compacts (NEONS); 60A: Beethoven opus (EROICA); 62A: High-tech beams (LASERS); 64A: Top secret org. (NSA); 65A: Valise (BAG); 67A: San --- State Beach (ONOFRE); 70A: Line around the world (TROPIC); 72A: Mystiques (AURAS); 74A: Bar (ESTOP); 75A: Nest egg option (IRA); 81A: Danson and Turner (TEDS); 82A: Hands in (SUBMITS); 84A: "Orlando" author (WOOLF); 85A: HOMES component (ONTARIO); 87A: Bay (INLET); 88A: Galileo's birthplace (PISA); 89A: --- long way (GO A); 90A: Raimi or Rayburn (SAM); 91A: Pipe part (STEM); 98A: Forces (COMPELS); 100A: Corrupt (TAINT); 101A: To be, to Bardot (ETRE); 105A: Roomy tote (CARRYALL); 107A: Uniform material (CHINO); 109A: Early TV's Stu (ERWIN); 110A: Oil well firefighter Red (ADAIR); 115A: "Ciao!" (LATER); 116A: Grant's "Father Goose" co-star (CARON); 117A: Anapestic poems (LIMERICKS); 118A: Novel (FRESH); 119A: Sarcastic (SNIDE); 120A: Grows together (ACCRETES); 1D: Wyeth subject (HELGA); 2D: Alpinist's implement (ICEAX); 3D: Interference (STATIC); 4D: Room to move (GIVE); 5D: Wade adversary (ROE); 6D: "Wheel ..." buy (AN I); 7D: Trot kin (CANTER); 8D: "Independence Day" station (EL TORO); 9D: Author Silverstein (SHEL); 10D: Paw parts (PADS); 11D: Words before flash or fix (IN A); 12D: Bullfight (CORRIDA); 13D: Japanese martial art (AIKIDO); 14D: Perspective (ANGLE); 15D: Like Tillotson's town (LONESOME); 17D: Vishnu incarnation (RAMA); 18D: Fall site (EDEN); 19D: Fitzgerald's forte (SCAT); 23D: Filly's foot (HOOF); 28D: Newton fruit (FIG); 30D: Abraham, Martin or John (SAINT); 31D: Hybrid language (PIDGIN); 32D: Purposeful (TELIC); 34D: "Bali ---" (HAI); 35D: Dilutes (THINS); 36D: Sacred (HOLY); 38D: Put --- act (ON AN); 39D: Shanties (HUTS); 40D: Terrible (AWFUL); 41D: Mikhail's wife (RAISA); 45D: Skiing style (ALPINE); 47D: More critical (DIRER); 48D: Corp. VIPs (CFOS); 49D: Mandlikova of tennis (HANA); 50D: Course goal (PAR); 51D: "Typee" sequel (OMOO); 54D: Sticks around the house? (FENCE); 55D: On the up and up (LEGAL); 58D: Return (PROFIT); 61D: --- Rica (COSTA); 63D: Espy (SPOT); 65D: Bob of the 1950s Braves (BUHL); 66D: Music mogul Mardin (ARIF); 68D: Watts Towers builder (RODIA); 69D: Derby town (EPSOM); 71D: Return letters (IRS); 72D: "... proud to be --- miner's ..." (A COAL); 73D: Catch phrase (SLOGAN); 75D: Mother of Horus (ISIS); 76D: Pipsqueak (RUNT); 78D: Emmenthaler (SWISS); 79D: Reggae's Peter (TOSH); 80D: Muzzle (SNOUT); 83D: Cerebral souvenirs (MEMORIES); 86D: It's game (TAG); 88D: Sleeping car (PULLMAN); 92D: Tax prep expert (CPA); 93D: Remains of bygone days (RELICS); 94D: "You know how ---" (IT IS); 95D: Pacific capital (MANILA); 96D: Like Steve Austin (BIONIC); 97D: Recluse (HERMIT); 99D: Gift of the Magi (MYRRH); 102D: Doubly (TWICE); 103D: Hockey venues (RINKS); 104D: Wraps up (ENDS); 105D: Baby whale (CALF); 106D: Purim's month (ADAR); 107D: Oaf (CLOD); 108D: Perfect (HONE); 109D: Gothic governess (EYRE); 112D: Nimes scream (CRI); 113D: Yukon mfr. (GMC); 114D: Clemenceau's sea (MER).

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