SUNDAY, April 26, 2009 (calendar puzzle) — Sylvia Bursztyn

THEME: "Odd Lot" — Theme answers are phrases that include a word for an odd number. The numbers progress from ONE to FIFTEEN.

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Spears hit ("BABY ONE MORE TIME"). I'm not going to include a clip of this. You're welcome.
  • 33A: Nursery rhyme group (FIDDLERS THREE).
  • 52A: Declaration of Independence drafters (COMMITTEE OF FIVE). I'm betting most of you can name two, possibly three of the five. I had to look them up.
  • 71A: Defendants of the 1960s (THE CHICAGO SEVEN). No doubt to the deep embarrassment of PuzzleMom, I only know one of these guys for sure. Yikes!
  • 90A: A "Star Trek" (DEEP SPACE NINE).
  • 104A: "Spinal Tap" phrase (THESE GO TO ELEVEN).
  • 2D: Sequel of 2007 (OCEAN'S THIRTEEN). Love this movie.
  • 47D: Time associated with Warhol (FIFTEEN MINUTES).

Not going to take a lot of time today because it's already late and I've got to get PuzzleDaughter to her soccer game. I didn't love this puzzle while I was solving it. It felt kind of like a Beach Book, ya know? Not something you would normally read, but perfectly acceptable to take along to the beach. I guess today I think of Sylvia Bursztyn as the Janet Evanovich of crossword puzzles. And that's not an entirely bad thing. Once I realized that the numbers progressed from ONE to FIFTEEN, however, I had a greater respect for the puzzle. I mean, that's pretty cool. Okay, you guys can talk about it in the comments if you want. I'll leave you with a musical selection inspired by 113A: Four seasons (YEAR), and see you back here Tuesday.

Everything Else — 1A: Ness or Tay (LOCH); 5A: Peter the reggae great (TOSH); 9A: Ewe's youngster (LAMB); 13A: Space (GAP); 16A: He-mannish (MACHO); 17A: Turkey part (ASIAMINOR); 19A: Sunny? (SOLAR); 21A: Something to lend or bend (ANEAR); 24A: Steps up? (STAIRWAY); 26A: Frets (STEWS); 27A: Swimmers with suckers (OCTOPI); 28A: Turkey female (HEN); 29A: Cash closer (IER); 30A: Rancho hand (PEON); 31A: Bluenose (PURITAN); 32A: Returns addressee (IRS); 37A: CIA forerunner (OSS); 38A: Necessitate (ENTAIL); 40A: George of "CSI" (EADS); 41A: Boosts (HOISTS); 43A: Shade (HUE); 44A: Hypotheticals (IFS); 45A: "You --- Me" (SEND); 46A: Way off (AFAR); 50A: Gramm/McGraw (PHILS); 57A: Lady's man (LORD); 58A: Tilling tool (HOE); 59A: After, in Avignon (APRES); 60A: Bellyached (BEEFED); 61A: Colony member (ANT); 62A: Get into (DON); 63A: Artoo, for one (DROID); 64A: Triumph (WIN); 65A: Blasted stuff (TNT); 66A: Freezes over (ICESUP); 68A: "Broom- ---" (HILDA); 69A: Turned on (LIT); 70A: Queens' --- Park (REGO); 74A: Bo Peep's loss (SHEEP); 75A: Gram lead-in (SONO); 76A: See 102D (OLIN); 77A: Iowa's state tree (OAK); 78A: Score half (TEN); 79A: "That --- my intention" (WASNOT); 82A: Hock (PAWN); 84A: Appeared (SEEMED); 87A: Farm mooer (COW); 93A: "--- Gotta Be Me" (IVE); 94A: Chess champ Karpov (ANATOLY); 96A: Month before Tishri (ELUL); 97A: Zip (NIL); 98A: Bitty bite (NIP); 99A: Bush expedition (SAFARI); 100A: Surprise victory (UPSET); 102A: Leeway (LATITUDE); 107A: Downed (EATEN); 108A: Classifies (SORTS); 109A: Official political policies (PARTYLINE); 110A: Shell out (SPEND); 111A: Mao --- -tung (TSE); 112A: "Take --- Train" (THEA); 114A: Try out (TEST); 1D: Old North Church light (LANTERN); 3D: Indian tea (CHAI); 4D: Appalls (HORRIFIES); 5D: Chaucer inn (TABARD); 6D: Key anthem opening (OSAY); 7D: Short relative? (SIB); 8D: Bumpkin (HAYSEED); 9D: White sale wares (LINENS); 10D: From the top (ANEW); 11D: Mabley of stand-up (MOMS); 12D: One of the Warners? (BRO); 13D: "The Teflon Don" (GOTTI); 14D: Onetime San Francisco mayor (ALIOTO); 15D: Gaucho's grassland (PAMPAS); 16D: Iron on the course (MASHIE); 18D: Outboard and electric (MOTORS); 19D: Classified (SECRET); 20D: Checks (REINS); 23D: Libertines (ROUES); 25D: "The Need for Roots" writer Simone (WEIL); 30D: Proto finish (PLASM); 31D: Joy's partner (PRIDE); 34D: Friday's creator (DEFOE); 35D: Turner Field, familiarly (THETED); 36D: Sharpens (HONES); 39D: "--- Lang Syne" (AULD); 42D: Call at home (SAFE); 44D: Pic to click (ICON); 45D: Fine furrows (STRIAE); 48D: Repay (AVENGE); 49D: Popular pasturage grass (REDTOP); 50D: Braids (PLAITS); 51D: Big chief (HONCHO); 53D: Brando (MARLON); 54D: Popular players (IPODS); 55D: Final notice (OBIT); 56D: Marsh (FEN); 58D: Arizona tribe (HOPI); 62D: "Obviously!" (DUH); 63D: Fingers (DIGITS); 64D: Sly signal (WINK); 67D: Garbage barge (SCOW); 68D: Billy the Dead End Kid (HALOP); 69D: Singer Rimes (LEANN); 70D: Syngman of Korea (RHEE); 72D: Brooklyn's --- Island (CONEY); 73D: Alpha or omega (VOWEL); 74D: Most unemotional (STEELIEST); 80D: Flips over (ADORES); 81D: Baseball boss Bud (SELIG); 82D: In a wan way (PALELY); 83D: With sharpness (ACUTELY); 84D: Tizzy (SNIT); 85D: Manifest (EVIDENT); 86D: Bank (on) (DEPEND); 87D: Play groups (CASTS); 88D: "Cat --- Tin Roof" (ONAHOT); 89D: Crisp cookies (WAFERS); 91D: Bygone Spanish coin (PESETA); 92D: More silly (INANER); 95D: Sample (TASTE); 100D: Four Corners state (UTAH); 101D: Tiny hole (PORE); 102D: With 76A, "Chocolat" costar (LENA); 103D: Wrapper's roll (TAPE); 105D: Elect (OPT); 106D: Tati's life (VIE).


mac said...

I agree with your assessment. The perfect order is great, though. We just got a little blase after doing Trip's beauty!

Unknown said...

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Orange said...

PuzzleGirl and Rex: Look, our first comment spam! (That last comment is copied from an Indian website for Lipton. No link, though? Spam FAIL.) Our baby's all grown-up now.