09.11 Sun (calendar)

S U N D A Y (calendar)

Today's Sunday calendar puzzle isn't posted on the L.A. Times website as of 11:00am Eastern today. I will check back later and if it shows up, I'll post it.


CoffeeLvr said...

@PG, I get this one directly off Merl Reagle's site. The advantage is that it is available at least as early as Friday.

*David* said...

Pretty odd solve for me there were no complete names that I recognized and instead figured it out off the crosses and how I knew the puns would play out. Took longer then normal and wasn't particularly enjoyable.

JIMMIE said...

It took most of the Dodger game to finish this one because of the combinations of all of the proper names, some being very cute, i.e. LOCKENESSMUNSTER, EASTONWEST, CAREYOAKIE, and BUCKKINNEAR.


Thanks for the try, PG.

butchkgs said...

this was a fun one for me, I got lucky by knowing most of the names but the pearlbuckkinnear thru me off because I thought that no way is Pearl Buck ever referred to without the S for her middle name so I tried Pearl Baily Kinnear which seemed quite funny to me also, but alas it t'was not to be. Merl is growing on me though! But my shaver has only one speed so that was kind of a tough one, All in all quite fun.

Anonymous said...

Too many esoteric names for me. SE corner did me in! Come on, Merl, give us geeks who don't salivate over pop culture icons a break!

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of nonsensical crap!