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S U N D A Y February 6, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Keep It Moving" — The letters GO are inserted into familiar phrases. Then … wackiness.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: What the producers of "Frida" said when they finally found someone to play her artist husband? (THE DIEGO IS CAST).
  • 31A: Practices for a dance contest? (WORKS ON ONE'S TANGO).
  • 47A: Daffy Duck's favorite game? (LOONY BINGO).
  • 53A: Fun-loving percussionists? (BONGO VIVANTS).
  • 69A: What it says on Donald Trump's money? (EGO PLURIBUS UNUM).
  • 87A: Eastern North Dakota? (THE FARGO SIDE).
  • 90A: Spanish cabbie's query? (WHERE AM I GO).
  • 101A: Whom Chiquita Banana can't resist? (SWEET TALKIN' MANGO).
  • 118A: Words preceding "... and have Samoa fun"? (COME TO PAGO PAGO).
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Everything Else 1A: Actress Gibbs who played the Jeffersons' maid (MARLA); 6A: VP before Agnew (HHH); 9A: Homey, e.g. (PAL); 12A: After some delay (AT LAST); 18A: Capable of erupting (ACTIVE); 20A: Music title (MAESTRO); 22A: Woodworking tool (SHAPER); 25A: Small and trim (PETITE); 26A: Mosaic piece (TESSERA); 27A: Genetic messenger (RNA); 28A: Info for a plane greeter (ETA); 30A: Like a dryer trap (LINTY); 35A: Lettuce variety (BIBB); 39A: Dickens kid (PIP); 40A: Light opener (TWI-); 41A: Shot spot (ARM); 42A: Beethoven's Third (EROICA); 45A: Mound stat (ERA); 56A: Lethal coiler (BOA); 57A: Singer Ives (BURL); 58A: Final curtain (END); 59A: Slangy denial (NAH); 60A: Veer off course (YAW); 61A: Word in the names of two baseball teams (SOX); 62A: Bottled spirit (GENIE); 63A: Mazatlán's state (SINALOA); 66A: Raccoon's kin (COATI); 68A: Chan portrayer Warner (OLAND); 72A: Reject rudely (SPURN); 74A: "Uncle Vanya" role (ELENA); 75A: Sickness carriers (TSE-TSES); 78A: Greek letter (THETA); 79A: Firing metaphor (AXE); 80A: Georg Solti's Windy City employer, 1969-91: abbr. (CSO); 82A: Hot time in FL (EDT); 83A: Spot checker? (VET); 85A: Create (MAKE); 86A: Sweet treat (PIE); 93A: 650 (DCL); 94A: Short cybermessages (ENOTES); 95A: ___ Robinson (MRS); 96A: Yahoo! rival (AOL); 98A: Russian name ending (OVA); 100A: See 108 Across (BART); 108A: Green Bay great (STARR); 109A: Granada grizzly (OSO); 110A: Henri or Jean, e.g. (NOM); 111A: Hogan dwellers (NAVAJOS); 116A: Cocktail area (LOUNGE); 121A: Saturnalias (ORGIES); 122A: Making up (for) (ATONING); 123A: Fly guys (AIRMEN); 124A: Urgent prompting (BEHEST); 125A: Tire-pressure letters (PSI); 126A: Hush-hush org. (NSA); 127A: Doctors' orders (DOSES); 1D: Dodge City name (MATT); 2D: "I ___ all over" (ACHE); 3D: Itinerary choices: abbr. (RTES.); 4D: Cap relatives (LIDS); 5D: Room with ___ (A VIEW); 6D: Med. plan (HMO); 7D: Broadway hit of 2003 (HAIRSPRAY); 8D: "___ monster, Gaston, you are!" ("Beauty and the Beast") (HE'S NO); 9D: Sch. affiliate (PTA); 10D: Hall of fame? (ARSENIO); 11D: Singer Lenya (LOTTE); 12D: Lethal coiler (ASP); 13D: "Behold ___ of God" (John 1:36) (THE LAMB); 14D: Mass language (LATIN); 15D: Mimic's thing (APING); 16D: Altercation (SET-TO); 17D: Low card (TREY); 19D: Architect Saarinen (EERO); 21D: Meager (SCANT); 24D: John Irving's T.S. (GARP); 29D: Strong ___ (AS AN OX); 32D: Ukraine's capital (KIEV); 33D: Night people (OWLS); 34D: "___ Little Tenderness" (TRY A); 35D: She played Lilith on "Cheers" (BEBE); 36D: Golf club choices (IRONS); 37D: Actress Beulah who played James Stewart's mother in "It's A Wonderful Life" (BONDI); 38D: Humongous (BIG); 43D: U.S. food giant whose brands include Banquet and Chef Boyardee (CONAGRA); 44D: Beach-movie star (AVALON); 46D: Seward's Alaska deal, 2 cents ___ (AN ACRE); 48D: Orchestra's tuner (OBOIST); 49D: Some girders (I-BEAMS); 50D: Ex-senator Sam (NUNN); 51D: Crossword diagram (GRID); 52D: Crowd's shout (OLÉ); 54D: Denny's rival (IHOP); 55D: Like some nails (TWO-INCH); 61D: VW predecessors? (S-T-U); 62D: Chowhound (GLUTTON); 64D: Asexual (NEUTER); 65D: Ex-premier Kosygin (ALEXEI); 67D: Humiliated (ABASED); 68D: Antsy (ON EDGE); 70D: Glob addition (-ULE); 71D: Tech-support caller (USER); 72D: Top Iranian, once (SHAH); 73D: Short dog, for short (PEKE); 76D: Broadway hit of 1980 (EVITA); 77D: Matzoh meal (SEDER); 78D: Procrastinator's abbr. (TMW.); 79D: ___ please (does one's best) (AIMS TO); 81D: Britain's House ___ (OF COMMONS); 84D: Bit of lab work (TEST); 86D: Section (PART); 87D: Snapped, as pictures (TOOK); 88D: Inventor's middle name (ALVA); 89D: Sad sound (SOB); 91D: Comes out (EMERGES); 92D: Awkward fellows (GALOOTS); 97D: Napkin material (LINEN); 99D: Siam visitor (ANNA); 101D: Buyer be where? (STORE); 102D: "Brideshead Revisited" author (WAUGH); 103D: Kovacs of early TV (ERNIE); 104D: Music pub. org. (ASCAP); 105D: Temporarily unavailable (NOT IN); 106D: Nuts (over) (GAGA); 107D: Roundish (OVOID); 108D: Undesirable roomie (SLOB); 112D: "This is definitely the work of ___" (A PRO); 113D: Traffic woes (JAMS); 114D: Curved molding (OGEE); 115D: Ponderosa trio (SONS); 117D: Founded: abbr. (EST.); 119D: Mock-innocent reply (MOI); 120D: The ___ Tour (PGA).

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Entertaining puzzle!! Great play on words.